Genevieve Lupini will hold a blood drive in Olyphant, PA on December 28 in honor of her late father Phil Yazdzik, who received fame in the 1950's for his eating feats.

2018 Finkies Awards nominations

The Fink Beats the Stomach Podcast announces that they will hold their Finkies award ceremony at Flannery’s in Manhattan on January 13. The public can vote for the nominees who are: Read the rest of this entry »

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Australian rookie Jesse "Food Coma" Freeman is one of 30 nominees by Cosmopolitan Australia for Batchelor of the Year.
Times Herald Online has an article about Merlin Chestnut, father of Joey Chestnut, who works as a music teacher at Solana, CA Middle School. His students will perform a concert on December 20 at the 105 year old Empress Theater in Vallejo, CA.
King Schratz, famed for his big homemade meals on, announces he has started with restaurant challenges by attempting two El Hefe burrito challenges at Bubbakoo's in Wall, NJ.
The website for the Wing Bowl has been moved to and updated with information about Wing Bowl 26. The rules say that 4 people from outside the Philadelphia market area will be allowed to qualify via a stunt on streaming video and that all previous champions will get a bye. Three Wing Off qualifiers will be held at P. J. Whelihan's (dates have yet to be determined). The entrants list has also been updated with the current Wing Bowl 26 roster. Tickets officially went on sale today and Ric Flair will return as the celebrity guest.
Dan "Killer" Kennedy ate 12 cheesesteak pretzels in 8:15 this morning to qualify for Wing Bowl 26.
"Deep Fried Diva" Meredith Boxberger appeared in an ad for qīī , a tea that claims it improves oral health. She also did a testimonial video about the product.
"Beard Meats Food" produced a video where he attempted three of Donald Trump's typical McDonald's meals, which reportedly consists of 2 Big Macs, 2 Filet O Fish and a chocolate milkshake.
The Cube has an interview with Amazon Web Services CEO Andy Jassy about the wing eating contest his company held in Las Vegas that received recognition from Guinness as the largest wing contest. 3829 wings were eaten during the competition, with the winner consuming 59.
Josh Hockett will start the Big Bite Podcast, a new competitive eating podcast series. Erik "The Electric" Lamkin is expected to be the first guest. Other episodes will feature Randy Santel, Nate Figueroa, Naader Reda and Mitch Dombrowski.
The Las Vegas Sun has a list of food challenges offered by Sin City restaurants. Miki Sudo is mentioned as one of the challenge finishers.
The Hudson Valley WingFest will hold a King of the Wings contest in Poughkeepsie, NY on January 27 awarding $1047 to the winner. WWE Hall of Famer "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan will serve as MC. A circuit of eight qualifiers will start on January 5.
Men's Health has an article about King Schratz, who posts pictures of his 3000+ calorie meals on his instagram account has an article about Ethan Teske setting the house record for the 20 scoop Tornado Sundae at Two Scoops, in Anoka, MN.
The Watering Bowl in Denver will hold a 36 inch pizza challenge on Sunday awarding $500.
CBS officially announced the two-person teams that will compete on season 30 of The Amazing Race starting on January 3. Joey Chestnut and Tim "Eater X" will be competing as "Team Chomp". In an interview, Joey Chestnut says he hopes to show the world "that competitive eaters are the best at solving problems". (video interview)
A pre-sale for Wing Bowl tickets is now available (promo code: "WINGS"). The price has increased to $12.50. The official sale date is December 14. has an interview with Brazilian competitive eater Ricardo Corbucci, whose youtube channel Corbucci Eats recently surpassed 100,000 subscribers. (translated version) reports that Wing Bowl co-founder Angelo Cataldi has extended his contract with radio station WIP.
48 ounce steak eating contests are listed as part of "a toxic culture of sexual harassment" in an article by statnews about biotech hedge fund OrbiMed Advisors and its managing partner Sam Isaly. The company claims that the eating competition, which awarded $200 to the winners, were voluntary and were discontinued in 2013.
Leah Shutkever attempts to eat 10 pounds of cereal in her latest video.
Season 30 of The Amazing Race will run on CBS from January 3, 2018 to February 21, 2018. One of the two person teams will consist of Joey Chestnut and Tim Janus.
Registration will open Friday for the World Chili Eating Challenge in Orlando on February 17. Joey Chestnut and Miki Sudo have already been listed as expected entrants.
Raina Huang defeated the 4-time defending champ in yesterday's eating contest at the Tamale Festival in Indio, CA yesterday.
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