A Reuters video about the May 2010 wonton eating contest held in Singapore won by Joey Chestnut has been posted on youtube. The contest would be the final MLE event for Takeru Kobayasi, who says he expected to compete against Joey Chestnut in the 2010 Pizza Hut Chowl-enge (Pat Bertoletti would replace him at that contest.)

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  1. anonymous said

    March 2, 2013 @ 7:19 pm

    Competitive eating in the IFOCE used to be fun during the days of Krazy Kevin Jarvis Lerman Hardy and the other oldtimers.. Chestnut and Bertoletti took the fun out of the entire organization when they came along and passed their miracle juice to another cheater like Chip Simpson who passed the joint to Humble Bob. One day it will all come out so just wait and see

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