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Several IHOPs in northern Virginia will hold a pancake eating contest on February 19 in honor of National Pancake Day. reports that Kristin Avery ate 42 Pancakes in 25 minutes to win the IHOP Pancake Bowl for the Los Angeles region. The contest went into overtime after she tied with Naader Reda and another competitor by eating 31 pancakes in 20 minutes. (picture)    

2014 IHOP Pancake Bowl finals

update Feb 2
Portland, “Max Carnage”, 33
St. Louis, P.J. Brennan, 26, defeats Kyle Hanner  update Feb 3 Riverfront Times has a blog entry

update Results
Des Moines, Molly Schuyler, 59 in 20 minutes
Los Angeles 42 by unnamed woman
Fort Wayne, IN 33.5 (unnamed)
San Diego, Trevor Iordanides, 28
Chicago, Israel (no last name) 25
Rockford, IL Juan Mendez 19

Rich LeFevre competed in the Las Vegas contest (results have yet to be posted)

update Ryen says she ate 18 pancakes to set a house record (I am not sure if this was in a Pancake Bowl).

The Pancake Bowls held at IHOPs across the country should be starting soon. Naader Reda has produced a video about his qualification for the Los Angeles contest.

2012 post about the college pancake contests held at IHOP in the 1960s & 70s.

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The Daily Press reports that Naader Reda ate 40 pancakes at an IHOP in Victorville, CA, which qualfied him for the Pancake Bowl finals in Los Angeles.

Top IHOP AYCE pancake totals

Here are the highest publicized totals for pancakes eaten at an International House I have seen. Additional documented counts will be added to the list on request.

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IHOP Pancake Bowl qualifying ends today

update Molly Schuyler ate 70 pancakes to top a leader board.

Qualifying for the IHOP Pancake Bowl finals on February 1 ends today. A picture of a leader board (probably at a Las Vegas location) lists the top 3:

1) Miki Sudo 50 (probably IHOP AYCE female record)
2) Locust 45
3) Madame of Etiquette 18

The Big Eaters Club has a video of “Max Carnage” eating 43 pancakes.

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Alejandra B (17 pancakes) is the first woman I have seen at the top of a leader board for IHOP's Pancake Bowl.
Naader Reda has produced a video to promote his video project where people will record videos at IHOP during the AYCE pancake promotion.
Erik L has posted a video of him eating 35 pancakes, the highest total I have seen so far for IHOP's Pancake Bowl which closes on January 26.

IHOP Pancake Bowl rules

A poster about the IHOP Pancake Bowl lists the following prizes:

  • The first person at a participating location to eat 10 or more pancakes will get his or her meal for free
  • Some one who beats the current house record will get his or her meal for free
  • The person with the highest total for a restaurant as of January 26 will get a year of free pancakes
  • The top 10 totals as of January 26 in a participating metro region will compete in head to head “Pancake Bowl” contests on February 1 and the winner of those contests will receive a $500 IHOP gift card.
  • Sacramento, Des Moines, Knoxville, Chattanooga, Grand Rapids, Lafayette, IN and Rockford, IL are participating, it is not clear which other metro regions are holding contests.

update Los Angeles will also be holding a Pancake Bowl.

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To promote the return of All You Can Eat Pancakes to its menu, IHOP is holding the "All You Can Eat Pancake Bowl" until February 1. The highest scoring customer from each restauarant will win free pancakes for a year. has a list of 7 tips from Matt Stonie on maximizing buffet food consumption.
Hooters is challenging its customers to eat one million wings on Monday, when all you can eat wings will be available for $12.99.
Jamie McDonald ate 67 pancakes in 46 minutes in Kansas City this morning, which IHOP is recognizing as a chain record. (via Joseph McDonald)
The International House of Pancakes All-You-Can-Eat Pancakes offer will be available this month until January 27.
In the Las Vegas Sun, five writers attempt to eat as many items as possible from the new 500+ item Bacchanal Buffet at Caesar's Palace. The restaurant seats 600, has 25,000 square feet and reportedly cost $17 million.
Naader Reda announces he ate 43 all-you-can-eat pancakes at the Denny's in Victorville, CA last night.
Johnnie Excels reports he ate 41 all you can eat pancakes at Denny's last night.
Naader Reda has a blog entry about eating 15 plates of Olive Garden AYCE pasta in September. (The only other Olive Garden record I am aware of is Christine "olivejina" eating 8 plates in 2009).
Burger King Japan will offer a pizza size burger with a diameter of 22cm from December 8 to 25. (via Patrick Michels) The cost of the burger is 1,680 yen. Burger King Japan will also offer all you can eat (in 30 minutes) Whoppers the first two weeks of November.
IHOP is offering all you can eat pancakes for $4.99 in October. Children can get free scary face pancakes on October 28. (from Andrew Lane).
El Toro has emailed that Rich LeFevre has been prohibited from ordering Chicken Bonz' all-you-can-eat wings for $12.95. They have a sign saying that only Joey Chestnut and Kobayashi are not allowed to order AYCE wings.
On August 9, the Lancaster Barnstormers will hold a Fan vs. Food night and offer tickets including all you can eat food for $15. Several eating contests will also be held that night.
A press release announces that IHOP has resumed offering all you can eat pancakes for $4.99 until February 27.
A press release announces that the International House of Pancakes will offer all you can eat pancakes for $4.99 until the end of the month (via Andrew Lane).
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