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Molly Schuyler ate a 5 pound Burritozilla in 1:25 to defend her title at Iguana's in San Jose and win $1000. After winning the contest, she ate a 2nd Burritozilla in 2:20 to win a $100 bonus.
Molly Schuyler will attempt to defend her Burritozilla eating title and claim a $1000 prize at Iguana's in San Jose on Saturday. Her competition will be Edward Chin, Justin and Steve.
Food Paradise XL, about restaurants' oversized offerings, will debut tonight on the Travel Channel at 9pm. One of the meals will be the Burritozilla at Iguana's in San Jose.
Iguana's will hold a qualifier for its Burritozilla eating contest in San Jose on October 7. The finals on October 21 will award $1000.
Joey Chestnut and Matt Stonie were both at a San Jose area Iguana's Tacqueria for yesterday's Kevin Klein Live radio show. It does not appear either of them attempted to retake the five pound Burritozilla record from Molly Schuyler.
Joey Chestnut has uploaded a video of him finishing a 5 pound Burritozilla at Iguana's in 1:41. Molly Schuyler took 1:32 in a recent contest and Matt Stonie needed 1:50 in a video.
Molly Schuyler finished a five pound Burritozilla in 1:25 to win the first prize of $1000 in today's contest at Iguana's in San Jose. (video)
Iguana's will hold a Burritozilla eating contest awarding $1000 on October 1. A qualifier awarding spots to the top 4 finishers will take place in Campbell, CA on September 10.
Liverpool Football Club players Robbie Fowler and Luis Garcia both attempted the 5 pound Burritozilla at Iguana's Tacqueria in San Jose.
Dirtbag Dan reports that Edward Chin ate his Burritozilla in 4:10 to win today's contest at Iguana's in San Jose.
SanJose.com has a preview about Saturday's Burritozilla eating contest at Iguana's Taqueria. Dax Swanson, Jake Larry and Edward Chin are the finalists.
The next two qualifiers for the amateur Burritozilla eating contest that will award $1350 on July 18 will take place in San Jose on June 20 and June 27.
Iguana's will hold qualifiers for its Burritozilla eating contest in San Jose and Santa Clara on Saturday. The finals on July 18 will award $1350 ($1000 to the winner). The contest is amateur-only (that status is not defined).
Iguana's Tacqueria has posted pictures of two finishers of the Burritozilla in the early 2000s: Joey Chestnut and "mystery hot girl". The San Jose restaurant will hold qualifiers for a Burritozilla eating contest next month.
The Huffington Post and Mirror.co.uk have articles about Matt Stonie's latest video where he finishes the "Burritozilla" from Iguana's Tacqueria in San Jose in under 2 minutes. At the start of his competitive eating career in 2010, he needed 15 minutes to finish the five pound burrito.
Groupon is currently selling a coupon that can be redeemed for a five pound Burritozilla at Iguana's in the San Jose area. The cost is $11, a $10 discount from the list price of $21.
Jessica "Queen of Cuisine" has uploaded a video of her finishing the Burritozilla and 3 other videos: Tornado Sundae | Knucklehead chili dog | Matt Stonie finishes Grand Slam pancake
Cameron McKirdy produced a video of Eric "Badlands" Booker completing the five pound "Burritozilla" at Iguana's in San Jose in 5:15 before last year's Asparagus Festival contest. update Booker also produced a commercial for his new CD, Surf & Stillwell that will be released July 4.
MattyOle has uploaded videos to youtube consisting of a mashup of competitive eating television shows and attempts at the Burritozilla and Smokeeaters challenges in San Jose. Joey Chestnut provides commentary Part 1 | Part 2
Cameron "Consumption" McKirdy has uploaded his second video from his trip to Northern California with footage of Badlands Booker attempting the Burritozilla and the challenge pizza at Pizza Party.

Battle of the big burrito videos

“Furious” Pete Czerwinski announces that he has uploaded a video of him eating a 4 pound burrito recorded for a documentary

That video is embedded below with the Burritozilla video uploaded earlier this week to Joey Chestnut & Pat Bertoletti’s yardbarker blog.

update The video is not from the documentary

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Pat Bertoletti has posted a video of a Burritozilla eating contest between him and Joey Chestnut held the night before the funnel cake contest to his yardbarker blog.

PodcastStockton: Bertoletti wins at Asparagus Fest

update #5 Photocalpyse has a blog entry with some pictures

update #4 NBCChicago has an article

update #3 The top 5 from IFOCE.com & http://twitter.com/erikdenmark/
1 Pat Bertoletti 7 lbs 5.81 ozs.
2 Joey Chestnut in 7 lbs 2.81 ozs.
3 Eric “Badlands” Booker 5.0 lbs
4 Erik Denmark ?
5 Nate Biller ?

This ends Joey Chestnut’s 4 year winning streak at the Asparagus Festival

update #2 PodcastStockton has the first report: “And the winner is Patrick “Deep Dish” #asparagus. That’s a lot of asparagus! 7.581lbs in 10 minutes”

update http://twitter.com/PodcastStockton is also at the contest

Badlands Booker reports that he has arrived in California and finished the Burritozilla last night with a time of 5:15, so hopefully we will have real time contest updates on http://twitter.com/BadlandsBooker or http://twitter.com/erikdenmark

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The Wave Magazine has an article about San Jose eating challenges which mentions the Burritozilla and the Belly Buster Pizza. Reportedly 15 to 20 people a day have been ordering the Burritozilla since it appeared on Man vs. Food

Furious Pete eats 4 lb. burrito in 40 sec for documentary

“Furious” Pete Czerwinski reports he ate a four pound burrito in 40 seconds in a bodybuilding.com forum thread. The feat was recorded for a documentary about his life.

Another poster
in the thread says he saw Joey Chestnut and three friends (probably funnel cake competitors) eat Burritozillas at Iguana’s last night. The fastest time was 1:39.

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