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PodcastStockton: Bertoletti wins at Asparagus Fest

update #5 Photocalpyse has a blog entry with some pictures

update #4 NBCChicago has an article

update #3 The top 5 from IFOCE.com & http://twitter.com/erikdenmark/
1 Pat Bertoletti 7 lbs 5.81 ozs.
2 Joey Chestnut in 7 lbs 2.81 ozs.
3 Eric “Badlands” Booker 5.0 lbs
4 Erik Denmark ?
5 Nate Biller ?

This ends Joey Chestnut’s 4 year winning streak at the Asparagus Festival

update #2 PodcastStockton has the first report: “And the winner is Patrick “Deep Dish” #asparagus. That’s a lot of asparagus! 7.581lbs in 10 minutes”

update http://twitter.com/PodcastStockton is also at the contest

Badlands Booker reports that he has arrived in California and finished the Burritozilla last night with a time of 5:15, so hopefully we will have real time contest updates on http://twitter.com/BadlandsBooker or http://twitter.com/erikdenmark

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The Wave Magazine has an article about San Jose eating challenges which mentions the Burritozilla and the Belly Buster Pizza. Reportedly 15 to 20 people a day have been ordering the Burritozilla since it appeared on Man vs. Food

Furious Pete eats 4 lb. burrito in 40 sec for documentary

“Furious” Pete Czerwinski reports he ate a four pound burrito in 40 seconds in a bodybuilding.com forum thread. The feat was recorded for a documentary about his life.

Another poster
in the thread says he saw Joey Chestnut and three friends (probably funnel cake competitors) eat Burritozillas at Iguana’s last night. The fastest time was 1:39.

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Chestnut vs. Bertoletti at Asparagus Festival

KCRA has a preview of the eating contest to be held at the Stockton Asparagus Festival next month. Joey Chestnut, Pat Bertoletti, Erik Denmark and Eric “Badlands” Booker are listed as expected entrants.

The San Jose Mercury has an article about the Burritozilla which mentions Joey Chestnut completing it in 3 minutes and 10 seconds on a recent episode of Man vs. Food

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Joey Chestnut finishes Burritozilla in 3:10

A twitter update reports Joey Chestnut finished a Burritozilla from Iguana’s Taqueria in 3 minutes and 10 seconds on tonight’s episode of Man vs. Food

updateFrom “I” comment – Skinnyboy has uploaded Joey Chestnut’s segment to youtube. Here are some captures from it:

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Man vs. Food March 4 (San Jose) links

Episode slideshow | picture of Joey Chestnut on TravelChannel.com

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Joey Chestnut on Man vs. Food home page

(From “I”/dogsarefunyes) A picture of Joey Chestnut, apparently eating a Burritozilla from Iguana’s Taqueria, is on the home page of Man vs. Food. Next week’s episode will feature restaurants from San Jose.

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Pat Bertoletti eating challenge results

Pat Bertoletti commented that he ate the 5 pound Burritozilla at Iguana’s Taqueria in San Jose in 1 minute and 41 seconds, breaking Joey Chestnut’s record. (Joey Chestnut may have since regained the record). Pat’s Burritozilla mark is included on the list of eating challenge results on deepdisheats.com which includes feats such as the 40 inch pizza (with a partner) at the Pizza Machine and the Tex-ass doughnut from Voodoo doughnuts in Portland, OR in 23 seconds which have not received much media attention.

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Joey Chestnut’s first victory

In 2004, Iguana’s Taqueria in San Jose held a contest in which $500 was awarded to the fastest finisher of a 5.25 pound “Burritozilla” burrito. Joey Chestnut would win that contest with a time of 4 minutes and 26 seconds, which would launch his competitive eating career. A yelp thread about the restaurant reports that Joey continues to train on Burritozillas. A picture of the burrito with a ruler shows it is about a foot and a half long.

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