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A video of Molly Schuyler's victory in a Highway 55 burger eating contest has been viewed more than 10 million times in less than 48 hours on Viral TRND according to Facebook statistics. (via 970WFLA) update April 1 Daily Mail has an article about the video

2017 Highway 55 Burgers

update The News & Observer has a contest report

The Hwy 55 facebook has a video of the contest end

Crabtree Mall has a facebook gallery

Derek Farley has a closeup contest video

1) Molly Schuyler 1:37 (new record)
2) Bob Shoudt
3) Darron Breeden
4) Dave Brunelli

The contest is expected to be broadcast on https://www.facebook.com/Hwy55burgers/

“Beard Meats Food” trip to NC is not the first trip by a bearded Briton to that region; Blackbeard was pardoned for piracy by the colonial governor in June 1718.

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The 2017 Hwy 55 Burgers eating contest will be an All Pro Eating event and take place May 20 at Crabtree Valley Mall in Raleigh, NC and award $2500/$1250/$500/$250. Previous contests were held at the NC Pickle Festival.
Molly Schuyler ate a 55 ounce burger meal in under 2 minutes to defend her Highway 55 Burgers title at the NC Picklefest in Mount Olive, NC today. update Contest video from Molly Schuyler.
Restaurant News has the field for Saturday's 55 (ounce burger) challenge at the NC Pickle Festival in Mt. Olive, NC sponsored by Hwy 55 Burgers, Shakes & Fries: defending champ Molly Schuyler, Joe Menchetti, Dave Brunelli, Dale Boone and amateur Joe Hinstro.
The Hwy 55 Burgers Five Five Challenge will take place April 23 at the NC Pickle Festival in Mount Olive, NC.
Whatson.ae has a list of Abu Dhabi eating challenges including Hwy 55's 55 ounce burger eating challenge.
Molly Schuyler finished the 55 ounce Hwy 55 Burgers challenge in 2:12 at the North Carolina Pickle Festival in Mount Olive, NC today, breaking the record previously held by "Furious" Pete Czerwinski (3:27).
Molly Schuyler has been announced as a competitor in Saturday's Five Five Challenge sponsored by Hwy 55 Burgers in Mount Olive, NC. Joe Menchetti will also compete; it does not appear "Furious" Pete Czerwinski will defend his title.
The Highway 55 Big A Burger contest will take place at the NC Pickle Festival on April 25. An invitation has been made to Molly Schuyler to compete for the $2500 first prize.
"Furious" Pete Czerwinski defended his title in the Highway 55 (formerly Big A) burger challenge eating contest in Mount Olive, NC. (The first announcement for this event on the company facebook / twitter was yesterday.) update April 27 "Furious" Pete has a video travelog of his day trip (no contest footage) Update May 8 Joe Menchetti was second with a time of 6:43 NewsArgus has a gallery and Furious Pete has a video of him doing the challenge in a restaurant
The Goldsboro News-Argus reports "Furious" Pete Czerwinski won today's "Big A" burger eating contest at the North Carolina pickle Festival in Mount Olive, NC with a record time of 2:43. Jamie McDonald was the runner up with a time of 2:54, ending an 11 contest winning streak.
The Minnesota Wild are holding a pizza eating contest before tomorrow's game against the Nashville Predators. Highway 55 Burgers are holding Big A burger challenge attempts during Carolina Hurricanes home games this season. Tweet #BigAonIce to be entered into the drawing for spots.
In his first contest of 2012, "Furious" Pete Czerwinski defended his Highway 55 Big A title in Mount Olive, NC, finishing the 50 ounce burger in a time of 3:39. (His time last year was 3:02) update May 2 NewsArgus.com has a gallery.
Andy's Big A Burger Championship will be held in Mount Olive, NC on April 28. The restaurant chain is changing its name to Highway 55 Burgers to facilitate expansion outside North Carolina.
A page on AndysBurgers.net announces that one fan will attempt the 50 ounce burger challenge during each Carolina Hurricanes home game and receive the following perks: "2 tickets and a parking pass and during the 1st half you will be introduced as 'tonights BIG A CHALLENGE contestant.'" (Hockey games have three periods.)
The facebook for Andy's Burgers announces that "Furious" Pete Czerwinski won today's Big A Burger eating contest with a time of 3:02, breaking Joe Menchetti's record of 4:29.

2009 Andy’s “Big A” Challenge finals April 22

The Wilson Times reports that this year’s 50 ounce “Big A” burger contest will take place on April 22 before the East Carolina / UNC baseball game in Greenville, NC. The contest will match the 10 fastest “Big A” finishers and qualifying closed at the end of March. Apparently there were only three days between the contest announcement and the close of qualifying.

NewsObserver.com reports
that Joe Menchetti will defend his title from 2008. Contest organizers would like to offer runner-up Joshua “Jabber Jaws” Currier a slot if they can get in touch with him.

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Andy’s Big “A” burger contest report

(from MosesNews) A press release about last month’s Big “A” burger contest at Andy’s Burgers, Shakes & Fries is now available at Carolina Newswire. The top 3 finishers:

1. Joe Menchetti, 5 minutes 15 seconds, $1000 prize
2. Joshua Currier, 5:45, Lumberton, NC, $500
3. Shayne Katrigis, 7:58, Charleston, SC, $250

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Kristin Day vs. the Big “A”

Reflector.com has a page dedicated to Kristin Day’s recent attempt at Andy’s Big “A” 50 ounce burger challenge. The page has 5 videos, a slideshow along with an article by Kristin, probably making Kristin’s meal the best documented burger challenge by a female since Kate Stelnick completed the 96er in January 2005.


Columnist to attempt Big “A” Challenge

Kristin Day has a column in reflector.com about her plans to attempt Andy’s Big “A” Challenge. She received advice from former moon pie champion Mort Hurst and will be posting videos of her training which will culminate in her challenge attempt.


Andy’s (Eastern NC) “Big A” burger contest, $1,000 prize

Qualifying for the Big “A” burger eating contest sponsored by Andy’s Cheesesteaks is taking place throughout the month of March. The eaters recording the best 10 times in March for that 48 oz. burger will receive entry into the finals that will take place on April 12 in Greenville, NC. The winner of that contest will receive $1,000. Andy’s Cheesesteaks are located throughout eastern North Carolina.

Contest rules – PDF


Eastern NC burger challenge

WECT.com has an article about a burger eating challenge at Andy’s restaurant in eastern North Carolina:

The challenge is this: eat 50 ounces of hamburger plus fries and a huge drink.

All that food must be consumed within 30 minutes or less. If a customer can eat it, the meal is free.

If the customer can’t finish the meal then they owe Andy’s $22.

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