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Johnnie Excel has a blog entry and video about breaking the record for the Pho 20 Challenge at OB Noodle House in Ocean Beach, California.
Harrah's Reno has made a commercial to promote its new Big Bowl noodle eating challenge.
Don Sturdy has a blog entry and gallery about Jessica "Queen of Cuisine" Abdul Hussain's challenge attempt at Pho Garden in San Francisco. Jessica's server claimed that no woman has completed the challenge, which is contradicted by a challenge attempt report from March claiming a woman held the house record (30 minutes) at that time (Joey Chestnut has since broken that mark). (Nancy Hua also claims to have finished the challenge in April)
Pho Vietnam in Southaven, Mississippi (south Memphis area) has a pho noodle challenge consisting of 2 pounds of noodles and 2 pounds of meat that awards $200 to a diner that finishes it in an hour.
The Bold Italic has an article about Zoneil Maharaj attempting the 4 pound noodle challenge at the Pho Garden in San Francisco after receiving coaching from Joey Chestnut.
Pho King Way will award $1000 to a customer that can finish its 6 dish challenge in under one hour. The restaurant has 3 Texas locations (2 DFW), 2 Southern California sites and an Albuquerque location.
C C Kung wrote a blog entry about a trip to Pho Garden in Mountain View, CA where he encountered Joey Chestnut setting the record for the pho noodle challenge (4 lbs. in 21 minutes). Pat Bertoletti posted to his facebook that he set the pho challenge record at Saigon in St. Paul, MN.
"Furious" Pete Czerwinski has uploaded a video of him eating almost 6 pounds of ramen noodles in 5 minutes.

Man vs. Food Feb 18 (Los Angeles) links

LA Times blog entry about the recording of the episode

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