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Pedram "In Jaws We Trust" Esmaeelzadeh and Matthew "Ice Cream Buy the Pint" Schuster finished the Carnivore Challenge at Big Pie in the Sky in Roswell, GA.
Mayor Bloomberg's ban on large sweetened drinks in New York City has received a lot of publicity. The new poll asks where you think the Nathan's finals should move if they are banned by New York City. Big Pie in the Sky, seen in the Atlanta episode of Man vs. Food is the site for an article about the ban. update International Business Times has apparently been taken by an April Fools Day spoof about a forced switch to tofu hot dogs for the contest.
In the Eatocracy interview, Suzanne French says she was part of a team that finished the Carnivore Challenge at Big Pie in the Sky. An article in the Emory student newspaper mentions that a woman with plans for a television show finished the challenge. (Suzanne does not appear in the online wall of fame) Her WLOCE profile says that Suzanne also completed the Evergreen burger challenge, which was the Bust it Big burger at Cactus Jack's in Evergreen, CO according to a picture of the wall of fame by Andrew Lane.
WSBTV has a video about the Carnivore Challenge pizza at Big Pie in the Sky in Kennesaw, Georgia.
The Emory Wheel has an interview with the manager of Big Pie in the Sky Pizza about its Carnivore Challege who says that the most recent pair to complete the challenge (who are not yet listed on the online wall of fame) included a female who wants to start a "Woman vs. Food" show.
(from Eating Ed email) The online Hall of Fame for Big Pie in the Sky (Kennesaw, GA) has been updated to report that Paul Barlow was one of the members of the second team to defeat the Carnivore Challenge.
Anthony J Reganato has emailed that he and Erik Unger were the first team to complete the Carnivore Challenge pizza at Big Pie in the Sky on April 16. Their time was 31 minutes. A gallery of the challenge is available.

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