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Matthew Asner has posted a picture of baseball Hall of Famer Rickey Henderson observing Sonya Thomas in the Golden Palace grilled cheese qualifier in San Diego in 2005. (That competition has id #1 in the contest database )    

Link Buffet: March 1, 2008

Tim Brown answers 10 questions on IFOCE com
Indian traveler will spend a week in Chennai to see if Dale Boone can help him get started in “Kollywood” film industry, Dale Boone advises him to watch out for poisonous frogs
Don Lerman hires 25 people to handle his fan mail
Article about March 7 Lake Tahoe sushi / extreme food contest
Video footage from 2006 NYC grilled cheese eating contest
More on Canada’s tallest man 18 pound burger attempt
Request for videos of diners eating 4 HDB in less than 2 minutes
Kana Kanisawa & friend purchase a lot of food from Seibu Department store then eat it (Part 1, Part 2)
Pictures of Tomoko Miyake’s convenience store meals from yama3 (See above)
Japanese pancake eating contest for women only – first prize is a million yen and a trip to Hawaii

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Golden Palace videos available on youtube

The eating contest videos on have been uploaded to youtube and can be viewed at


Post-buzzer Las Vegas video captures

The following video captures were taken from the video of the grilled cheese contest on the contest page at after the contest timer expired (around 2:20 – 2:26 in the video)


It is obvious from the video captures that Sonya has a significant amount (probably 1/4 to 1/2 a sandwich) outside her mouth after the contest is finished. I assume that the man with sunglasses and a notepad is a contest official and he apparently took no action after he saw the amount of food outside Sonya’s mouth.

If the chipmunking rule is going to be interpreted liberally, then Sonya has every right to take advantage of that interpretation, but IFOCE should clarify the details of that rule so other eaters can take advantage of it as well.

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SJ Mercury: Joey has a message for Kobayashi

The San Jose Mercury has an article about Joey Chestnut’s record breaking performance at the grilled cheese contest Saturday which ends with a message to Takeru Kobayashi:

“I hope he knows I’m working hard, and if I do beat him, he’ll know I was coming to get him.”

(Does anyone know what the prize money for the grilled cheese contest was? Joey won $2,500, but I have been unable to find what the other prize amounts were.)

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Las Vegas grilled cheese videos & gallery

Erik Denmark has a video of Eater X’s grilled cheese exhibition & Andrew Lane has a gallery by El Toro on their blogs.


Andrew Lane: Joey sets record w/47 GC sandwiches


ArenaBowl XX FanFest, Las Vegas, NV

1) Joey Chestnut 47 grilled cheese sandwiches – world record
2) Sonya Thomas & Pat Bertoletti 37 – tie
4) Rich LeFevre 35
5) Chip Simpson 33
6) Ron Koch 20
7) Erik “the Red” Denmark 17.5

Other results – not necessarily complete
Jason “Erbavore” Erb 15
El Toro 12.5
Andrew “Skinnyboy” Lane 10
Doug “Cerberus” Ecks 8

Tim Janus 18 in five minute exhibition against Arena Football player

Mike Justice 9 in amateur contest

updated 10:00 pm

updated June 11, 9:47 am – Marketwire has a press release and video about the contest.

updated 7:34 – Andrew Lane has a trip report (which is a must-see for females who have ever wondered what men’s bathrooms in Las Vegas look like)

Updated 8:43 PM – KESQ has an AP article about the contest

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New Poll: Best amateur grilled cheese performance

Tomorrow a potential $100,000 will be awarded if an amateur eater from Las Vegas eats more than 36.5 grilled cheese sandwiches in 10 minutes. The new poll asks if you believe if a feat is possible for the best amateur eater in North America.

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Competitive Eating mockumentary available on youtube

The 11th Hour, a sketch comedy group, has uploaded a 6 minute “mockumentary” about a female competitive eater to youtube at The video includes footage of last year’s grilled cheese finals at Venice Beach and Sonya Thomas and other IFOCE members make cameos.

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Illinois State Fair apparently drops 2006 goldenpalace grilled cheese qualifier

In this article about the events planned for the 2006 Illinois State Fair, it is stated that a horseshoe (something containing french fries and cheese sauce) eating contest will be held, apparently replacing last year’s goldenpalace grilled cheese qualifier. The article does not explicitly state that the grilled cheese contest is not scheduled, so it is possible that the fair could host two eating contests. If the contest does not take place at the Illinois State Fair, the 2006 goldenpalace grilled cheese circuit could either be held at other venues or be dropped completely.

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Urbanhonking Digest grilled cheese article

Liz and Krista have posted their article and photo gallery of Wednesday’s Grilled Cheese Bowl. A few interesting facts from their article:

  • Sonya was interviewed by 20/20 at the contest. I do not think she will appear on tonight’s episode
  • Cookie Jarvis will not appear on the “The Biggest Loser”
  • Eaters were required to use Planet Hollywood’s cups, clearing up the mystery about Humble Bob’s banned cups
  • Tim “Eater X” Janus will appear on MTV’s True Life which will air February 22
  • Sonya considers Ron Koch one of her top four rivals

Comments grilled cheese bowl results

Thanks Bubba Yarbrough, Liz & Eater X

updated 2:43 pm, full results added

Liz has posted some pictures on her blog

Update 7:41 pm CBS has a short article on the contest.

Updated 2/2 8:05 am
J$ of has a contest writeup with several pictures and a video of the pickle undercard between Brian Seiken and Kevin Lipsitz.

12:05 pm also has an article on the contest.

4:32 pm has an article, gallery and video of the contest

Humble Bob also has a gallery.

1st 26 $8000 Sonya “The Black Widow” Thomas Alexandria, VA
2nd 25.5 $4000 Joey “Jaws” Chestnut San Jose, CA
3rd 24 $2350 Patrick Bertoletti Chicago, IL
4th 20.75 $1500 “Humble” Bob Shoudt Royersford, PA
5th 20 $1000 Rich “The Locust” LeFevre Henderson, NV
6th 19.5 $900 Tim “Eater X” Janus New York City, NY
7th 19 $800 Eric “Badlands” Booker Copaigue, NY
8th 15 $600 Ed “Cookie” Jarvis Nesconsett, NY
8th 15 $600 Ron Koch Las Vegas, NV
10th 14 $250 “Crazy Legs” Conti New York City, NY
11th 11 Hall “Pretty Boy” Hunt Orange Park, FL

Congratulations to all competitors. Sonya has now won 4 of the last 5 contests, facing Joey Chestnut in all of them. Pat Bertoletti shows that his victory over Sonya and Joey was no fluke with a close third place. Good Luck to Joey, Rich and all the other Wing Bowl entrants Friday.

I am curious to hear how the sandwiches compared to the sandwiches in the qualifiers and how Charles Hardy’s rule limiting sandwich immersion to 5 seconds affected times.

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Eater X fights an abstract monkey to the death

Things did not work out very well for the last person to equate a monkey with a diminutive professional athlete from Washington, DC. After that analogy was made, the 1983-84 Redskins were destroyed in the Super Bowl. Is this an omen for Sonya in the Grilled Cheese Bowl tomorrow? 😉


Urbanhonking’s Digest Grilled Cheese Bowl preview

Liz Kellermeyer, author of an excellent article on December’s meatball contest, will report on Wednesday’s grilled cheese finals. She has posted a preview of the event and is requesting readers submit questions they would like her to ask the eaters.

Comments grilled cheese bowl site announced

The site and time for the grilled cheese finals Wednesday has been announced as the Times Square Planet Hollywood Spectators might want to arrive early, as Brian Seiken could appear on an undercard contest.


Eater X’s open letter to himself

The Whaler’s most recent blog entry contains an open letter from Tim “Eater X” Janus in which he describes his hopes and fears for the grilled cheese finals a week from today.

Comments Grilled Cheese Bowl announced

The final for the 2005 series of grilled cheese qualifiers, sponsored by the online casino has been scheduled. The event will take place on February 1 in New York City, two days before the Wing Bowl. $20,000 will be distributed to the entrants, with the winner receiving $8,000. Competitors will attempt to break Joey Chestnut’s record of 32.5 sandwiches in 10 minutes.

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Chandler AZ baked beans

(from Jed Donahue, who won the grilled cheese contest at the Southern California Fair, notched his second victory in a little over two weeks at the 84 Lumber Baked Bean contest at Chandler Arizona, eating 84 ounces of baked beans in 1 minute and 45 seconds. Rich LeFevre finished in second place with a time of 1:59.

Justin Mih, a student at UC-Irvine and runner up to Donahue in grilled cheese, came in 3rd with a time of 3:30 placing him on the roster of impressive collegiate rookies populated by Joey Chestnut, Patrick Bertoletti and Hall Hunt.

The East Valley Tribune has an article about competitive eating in general which mentions the contest.


Joey Chestnut breaks grilled cheese record in Phoenix

From IFOCE com todays results from the Arizona State Fair
1. Joey “Jaws” Chestnut (32.5 sandwiches) breaks Tim Janus’ mark by 1.5
2. Andy Dickman
3. John Riddle

The following qualifier winners will appear in next month’s finals which will be held at a location to be announced:

2005 Oct 22 32.5 Joey Chestnut Phoenix, AZ
2005 Aug 27 31 Tim “Eater X” Janus Lincoln, NE
2005 Oct 14 24.5 Eric “Badlands” Booker Columbia, SC
2005 Aug 21 21.5 Patrick Bertoletti Detroit, MI
2005 Aug 3 21.5 Sonya Thomas San Diego, CA
2005 Sep 3 21 Rich LeFevre Denver, CO
2005 Oct 10 20.5 Jed Donahue Perris, CA
2005 Oct 17 20 Hall “Pretty Boy” Hunt Raleigh, NC
2005 Oct 8 19 Ed “Cookie” Jarvis Little Rock, AR
2005 Sep 18 18.5 Ron Koch Salt Lake City, UT
2005 Aug 13 18 “Humble” Bob Shoudt Springfield, IL
2005 Sep 17 17.5 “Crazy Legs” Conti Oklahoma City, OK
2005 Sep 24 16 Leland Collins Albuquerque, NM
2005 Aug 10 11.75 Walter Hamilton Sturgis, SD

All members of the top 10 qualified except for recuperating Carlene Lefevre (and Kobayashi)

Click below to see a list of all known non-winning double digit results:
Read the rest of this entry »

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Column by So Cal grilled cheese competitor has a column (registration required) by someone who participated in last Monday’s grilled cheese contest at the Southern California Fair. He finished with 8 sandwiches, which he found rather unappetizing. There is also a video.


Phoenix grilled cheese preview

The Arizona Republic as a preview of Friday’s grilled cheese contest focusing on two local eaters.

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NC Grilled Cheese Results

Thanks Bubba Yarbrough:

Hall Hunt 20
Bubba Yarbrough 19
Frank Wach 17 1/2
Brian Subich 15
Larry McNeil 14 1/2

Congratulations to Hall “Pretty Boy” Hunt, whose win combined with a 2nd place finish in the SC contest nets him $1,500 for the extended weekend. The final grilled cheese qualifier in Phoenix on Friday is apparently Joey Chestnut’s to lose.

Updated 10/18 8:47 am The Greensboro News-Record has an article about the contest.

9:29 am the blog for WRAL TV has an entry (and a photo gallery) about the contest.

Comments (3) pictures and videos updated

The text on the page about the grilled cheese series has apparently not been updated since before Labor Day, but there are galleries and videos for more recent contests. Not all contests have videos and pictures. There is an unknown female competitor in the video from the Arkansas qualifier.


SF Verizon Wings Results

Rich LeFevre made a triumphant return to his previous hometown at the Verizon VoiceWing Buffalo wing contest in San Francisco, defeating Cookie Jarvis in double overtime on Saturday. This is the second double OT contest “The Locust” has been involved in this year (He lost to Sonya Thomas in the MTV popcorn contest in June.) Rich and Cookie’s regulation total of 4.92 pounds is considerably better than Joey Chestnut’s winning total of 4.51 from the Seattle contest. Three other competitors qualified for the finals in Boston, but are not listed. (From, no article currently available).

At the Mississippi State Fair Sunday, Buffalo Jim Reeves won the Krystal qualifier with 27 burgers. David Ray of Yazoo City almost won with 26 and John Anderson finished took third with 20. “Krazy” Kevin Lipsitz appeared, but finished out of the money. This article from the Clarion Ledger mentions the contest. (Updated 10/17 10:33 am)

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SoCar grilled cheese results

Thanks to Bubba Yarbrough

Eric “Badlands” Booker: 24.5 grilled Cheese, Copaigue, NY
Hall “Pretty Boy” Hunt: 17, Orange Park, FL
Don “Sugar Bear” Schaeffer 13, Myrtle Beach, SC
Loren “Bubba” Yarbrough 12.5, Newnan, GA
Larry “The Legend” McNeil 12.5, Atlanta, GA

Congratulation to Badlands Booker whose 24.5 sandwiches is the second best so far on the qualifying circuit. Booker’s victory makes the NC contest appear to be rather wide open, with Joe LaRue the highest ranked eater currently expected to attend.

Update 10/15 8:31 pm WLTX has an article and a video clip about the contest

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