2013 Hooter’s Wing Eating Championship category

Katherine Michelle announces Sonya Thomas won the Hooters qualifier in Augusta, GA by 40 wings and an unnamed competitior was DQed for reversing. The top 6: 1) Sonya Thomas 140 2) Badlands Booker 104 3) Damien Boykin 88 4) Bryan "Big Sexy" Beard (retired after contest) 76 5) Jason Cook 72 6) Don Potts 70
Sonya Thomas is expected to compete in tomorrow's Hooters wing qualifier in Augusta, GA.

2013 Panama City Beach Hooters qualifier

Article about Neil Sebree’s victories in Destin, FL ghost wing contests. He ate over 90% of what Joey Chestnut ate. If he can match that in a hot dog contest, it would correspond to around 65 hot dogs.

Results: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3
1) Joey Chestnut 140 wings
2) Neil Sebree (Freeport, FL) 128
3) Jon Bello 125
4) Sean Gordon 94
5) Yasir Salem 92
6) Henry Victoria 90
7T) Crazy Legs Conti 66
7T) Don Potts 66
9T) Steve Martin 52
9T) Dee Martin 52
11) Warren McFarland 46
12) Carol Jones 38

update Ryan Pinkerton thinks the contest sponsor is Buffalo Wild Wings

Joey Chestnut, Sean Gordon, Crazy Legs Conti and Yasir Salem are expected to compete in today’s wing qualifier. This will be the first qualifier for Joey Chestnut. He was announced as a competitor in last year’s qualifier in Miami, FL but did not compete there and apparently received a bye to the finals.

It will be interesting to see if this year’s circuit follows the pattern of most contests last year and only announces wing counts even though the results were supposedly based on total weight consumed. If the 2012 Olympics 100m men’s sprint was reported in a similar manner, the medalists might look something like this:

  • Gold: Usain Bolt 41 strides
  • Silver: Yohan Blake 46 strides
  • Bronze: Justin Gatlin 42.5 strides

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2013 Hooters circuit announced

A press release announces the 2013 Hooters wing eating circuit. There will be five qualifiers:

  • March 30 Panama City, FL
  • April 11 Augusta, GA
  • May 11 Terrell, TX
  • June 26 Las Vegas, NV
  • additional qualifier site to be named later

Finals: July 25, Clearwater, FL


The top 3 finishers in each Hooters wing qualifier will make the finals, which will be held in Clearwater, FL again in July.
The Dallas Observer reports that the Hooters wing eating circuit will return to the Real Texas Festival in Mesquite, TX on April 26 & 27. Contest details have not been posted on http://www.realtexasfestival.com/ yet. update The 2013 Hooters Wing circuit will start on March 30 in Panama City, FL.
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