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The latest Fink Beats the Stomach episode has an interview with Oliver Brooks, the stage master for the Nathan's finals.
Nathan's Famous is listed as the presenter for the Father's Day cap promotion for the June 21 Mets game, so the 2020 New York City Nathan's qualifier will probably be on that date. has a youtube video titled "How the Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest Became an ESPN Icon". The video contains a demonstration contest won by Badlands Booker in which George Shea catches Crazy Legs Conti cheating. ( blog entry)
Brazilian competitive eater Corbucci Eats announced his intention to qualify for the 2020 Nathan's finals in a video he posted today.

2019 Iowa State Fair Nathan’s qualifier

Results from live video

Official results (Des Moines Register gallery)
1 Brett Healey 32.5
2 Derek Hendrickson 28

1 Sophia DeVita 12.5
2 Rene Rovtar 7.5

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Adam Amin of ESPN is the guest on the latest episode of the Fink Beats the Stomach podcast.
Ethan Bauer of the Deseret News has an article about competing in last week's Nathan's qualifier in Salt Lake City. (video).

2019 Salt Lake City Nathan’s qualifier

Deseret News has a gallery

Winners via live video

Official results
1 Steve “The Rabbit” Hammond 32
2 Darrien Thomas 29
3 Derek Hendrickson 23.75

1 Katie Prettyman 14

Darrien Thomas, Derek Hendrickson, Steve Hammond and Katie Prettyman are expected to compete.

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George Chiger and Julie Goldberg competed in a Nathan's Famous hot dog eating contest on Fox & Friends this morning in observance of National Hot Dog Day. has an article (mostly behind a paywall) about Birgit Felden's victory in the 1984 Nathan's finals, the only time a female has had the highest overall total in a July 4 contest. She is now a professor of business in Berlin.
The NY Post has an article titled "The wild, outrageous and downright disgusting secrets of the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest". Tim Janus' claim of having "reversed" almost 10,000 times in his career is mentioned.
Registration is now open for two qualifiers for the 2019-20 Nathan's circuit: July 17 at a Salt Lake Bees game and August 10 at the Iowa State Fair in Des Moines.
A 1991 episode of the cable public access show Beyond Vaudville has an interview with Frank "Large" Dellarosa, the Nathan's champion of 1991 and 1992, (starts at 8:45). He says he broke a the overall contest record from 1959, which he calls the first year of the contest.
Plans were submitted for a Nathan's Famous in Bournemouth, England. Another location for the chain has been proposed in Southampton.
An Original Nathan's restaurant has been announced for Bournemouth on the English south coast. Could this result in the first UK Nathan's qualifier since 2005?
Howard Lorber, executive chairman of Nathan's Famous, will host a fundraiser for Donald Trump's 2020 reelection campaign later this week. The president is expected to appear at Lorber's home in Southampton, NY on Friday.
A yesterday's MLB All Star Game Fanfest in Washington, DC, the team representing the American League consisting of Joey Chestnut, Miki Sudo, Geoff Esper and Kevin Millar ate more Nathan's Famous hot dogs than the National League team composed of Matt Stonie, Carmen Cincotti, Michelle Lesco and Cliff Floyd. (video)
Registration is open for the first Nathan's qualifier of the 2018-19 circuit at the Iowa State Fair in Des Moines on August 11.

First 15 2017-18 Nathan’s qualifier winners

Fields for Saturday’s Nathan’s qualifiers have been announced: Jim Reeves and Crazy Legs Conti are expected at the St. Louis Cardinals ballpark while Steve Hendry and Mary Bowers will compete in Vallejo, CA. Katie Prettyman of Seattle will also compete.

This will probably make Gideon Oji and Yasier Salem the favorites for the final two qualifiers in Washington, DC and Queens, NY next weekend. Nick Wehry could be a dark horse.

Here are the qualifier winners for the previous 15 qualifiers in the 2017-18 circuit:
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Max Suzuki set Nathan’s debut record for 10 minute contests

David Kilimnick has a column for titled "Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest: The Legend of a Jewish Athlete" about competing in the 2003 Los Angeles Nathan's qualfier against Ray "The Bison" Meduna. (Qualifier winner Boyd Bulot is not mentioned.)
In his latest column for CultureMap, Ken Hoffman (who has served as a judge at the Nathan's Finals) has an interview with Joey Chestnut about the difficulty of obtaining restaurant-style Nathan's Famous hot dogs for training sessions. The sausages sold in supermarkets typically lack the "natural casing" consisting of segments of small instestines from sheep.
Ed Krachie, the 1995 & 1996 Nathan's hot dog eating champion, has a twitter at @edkrachie.
Marie Claire magazine has a twitter video about Miki Sudo's preparations for the Nathan's finals.
In the Harley Quinn issue to be released tomorrow, she will attend "NateMan's" hot dog eating contest. (Margot Robbie, who played Harley Quinn in the movie, ate 4 pounds of spaghetti to win an on-set eating contest.)
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