2006 Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest category

Youtube has a video of a CNN Headline News interview with former IFOCE employee Ryan Nerz about the 2006 Nathan's finals. He calls Joey Chestnut the top. A Crazy Legs Conti interview and hot dog eating exhibition follows. Unfortunately, Conti's claim in the interview that EMT on site makes competitive eating safe (or at least non-lethal) appears to have been disproven by last year's tragedy in Fresno.
The LA Times did a post in 2006 about "All You Can Eat", a competitive eating screenplay by Josh Heald, writer of Hot Tub Time Machine 2, (The project appears to have been tabled; it no longer appears on Heald's IMDB page). To research the script, Heald competed in the 2006 Nathan's Las Vegas qualifier where Joey Chestnut became the first American to hit 50 hot dogs. (The post claims that a competitor at that event fainted and needed to be removed by stretcher, which is the first I had heard about that incident.)