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Bryan "Big Sexy" Beard offers his recollections about competing in the 2010 Nathan's finals to the Denver Post.
Crazy Legs Conti is the guest on the latest episode of the Fink Beats the Stomach podcast. At 1:02, he addresses the controversial 2010 Nathan's qualifier in Escondido, CA (and calls Dave Wagner a "douchebag" for uploading his contest footage.) He talks about the chaotic end of the most recent sweet corn eating contest at 1:09 and says he might not return to that event unless Bob Shoudt is banned.
Flashback: The last time the USA played Ghana in the World Cup in 2012, a Nathan's qualifier marked by controversy took place in Escondido, CA. (Deadspin post)
The MLE youtube page has a new highlight video from the 2010 Nathan's finals with original footage. The video does not mention Kobayashi's absence from the competition or his post-contest arrest.
Val Bromann has posted blog entries and galleries about the 2010 Nathan's Finals and its afterparty.
The Colbert Report did a segment on the 2010 Nathan's finals.
USA Today reports that 1.2% United States households watched the 2010 Nathan's finals (corresponding to 1.677 million viewers) This is an audience increase of about 400,000 from last year, and about the same number of viewers as in 2007.

More 2010 Nathan’s Finals links

Galleries: Deadspin | Gothamist | TimeOutNY | FireTheCannon
Deadspin blog entry titled “The 4th Of July Hot Dog Eating Contest Was Just A Big Old Mess Of Sweat And Vomit”
NY Time City Room blog entry
Yahoo MMA blog entry comparing Kobayashi to Fedor Emelianenko
Hungry Sisters blog entry and gallery
Val Bromann blog entries: Day 1
ESPN behind the scenes video, has interviews with Badlands Booker & Gravy Brown
Driven By Boredom blog entry & gallery about the afterparty for the eaters
Slate.com has a column by William Saletan

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Frogger561 has more videos of the Escondido, CA Nathan's qualifier.
The Military Times blog has an entry about Army Spc. Kristopher Adams competing in the Nathan's finals. update The New York Observer has a column by Adams' judge.
Ken Hoffman has a column for the Houston Chronicle where he describes serving as Juliet Lee's judge in yesterday's Nathan's hot dog contest. He recorded her total as 23 hot dogs (after giving her credit for three "chipmunked" hot dogs), but her official total is listed as 27.

Joey Chestnut Fourpeats Nathan’s, Kobayashi arrested after contest

update July 5 #2 CNN has a video of Kobayashi after his release. Kobayashi’s next appearance in court will be on August 5.
CalorieLab has a human translation of Kobayashi’s July 3 blog entry.

update July 5 The Associated Press reports that Kobayashi has been freed from jail and will have a court appearance today.

update 10:55 pm Some more links
An updated New York Daily News article
Yahoo News has an AP article with over 1000 comments
Deadspin has a blog entry with a video
Youtube has another video
New York Metromix has a gallery
“Kobayashi arrested” is #6 in Google Trends, over 8 hours after the incident
Gastroboy noted that someone claiming to be Kobayashi has started a twitter at http://twitter.com/FreeKobayashi

update 2:39 The New York Post has a more detailed article about Kobayashi’s arrest. (via gastroboy)

Two beefy men, wearing polo shirts with NYPD logos, stopped Kobayashi as he attempted to hop a barricade and reach Joey Chestnut after the San Jose, Calif., eating machine won his fourth consecutive Nathan’s title.

The muscle men put Kobayashi in a headlock and dragged him backstage. Witnesses said that it appeared Kobayashi had no ill intent and wanted to congratulate Chestnut.

update 1:42 The Associated Press reports that Takeru Kobayashi was taken into custody by police after he went on stage after the contest.

The results: Results #4 – #16 from the eating contest twitter
1) Joey Chestnut 54, fourth victory in a row
2) Tim Janus 45
3) Pat Bertoletti 37
4) Sonya Thomas 36
5) Bob Shoudt 34
6) Erik Denmark 32
7) Tim “Gravy” Brown 31
8) Allen “Shredder” Goldstein 28
9) Juliet Lee 27
9) Ben Monson 27
11) Sean Gordon 26.5
12) Eric “Badlands” Booker 24
12) Pete Davekos 24
14) Crazy Legs Conti 20
15) Bryan Beard 15.5
16) Krystopher Adams 11

12:53 Joey Chestnut wins comfortably

12:48 At the halfway point. Joey Chestnut has a comfortable lead. Rich Shea alludes to the controversial escondido qualifier.

12:43 The contest starts. “Joey Chestnut” and “dog eating contest” are twitter trending topics. Kobayashi is shown in the crowd.

12:28 The eaters’ entrances start

The Nathan’s commercial showed Kobayashi, Dale Boone & Cookie Jarvis.

Paul Page called Joey Chestnut “Joey Chitwood”.

It is official that Takeru Kobayashi will not compete. This will be the first finals without a Japanese competitor since 1996.

SillyAmerica, HungrySisters, Will Millender and Gothamist are live blogging

BadlandsBooker and the eating contest twitter have posted a lot of pictures.

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2010 Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest field

(Bumped & Modified originally posted June 27)

The following people won a slot in the 2010 Nathan’s finals by winning a qualifier. The second column is the number of hot dogs eaten in the qualifier (click on the names to see their contest history)

2010 May 6 29 “Big” Ben Monson Las Vegas, NV
2010 May 8 38.5 Eric “Badlands” Booker Foxborough (Boston), MA
2010 May 8 18 Bryan “Big Sexy” Beard San Jose, CA
2010 May 15 23 Peter “Pretty Boy” Davekos East Hartford, CT
2010 May 15 28 Tim “Gravy” Brown Newnan, GA
2010 May 29 40 “Notorious” Bob Shoudt Atlantic City, NJ
2010 Jun 5 29 Erik “The Red” Denmark Tempe, AZ
2010 Jun 6 12 Andrew Bosque Virginia Beach, VA
2010 Jun 12 34 Sonya “The Black Widow” Thomas Norfolk, VA
2010 Jun 13 23.5 Sean “Flash” Gordon Thackerville, OK
2010 Jun 19 13 Kristopher Adams Fayetteville, NC
2010 Jun 19 30 Pat “Deep Dish” Bertoletti Charlotte, NC
2010 Jun 26 46 Tim “Eater X” Janus Queens, NY
2010 Jun 26 25 Crazy Legs Conti Escondido, CA
2010 Jun 26 28.25 Juliet Lee Fishkill, NY

Allen Goldstein received a slot by leading the wild card standings. Here are the wild card standings according to results in the eatfeats datbase (qualifier winners not listed):

2010 May 8 28.75 Allen “Shredder” Goldstein Foxborough (Boston), MA
2010 May 15 27 “Jammin” Joe LaRue Newnan, GA
2010 May 29 25 “Buffalo” Jim Reeves Atlantic City, NJ
2010 Jun 5 25 Adrian “The Rabbit” Morgan Tempe, AZ
2010 May 29 24.5 Pat “from Moonachie” Philbin Atlantic City, NJ
2010 Jun 26 24 Micah “Wing Kong” Collins Fishkill, NY
2010 Jun 5 22 Damon “The Omen” Wells Tempe, AZ
2010 Jun 26 21 Brian “Dud Light” Dudzinski Queens, NY
2010 May 29 20 Dave “U. S. Male” Goldstein Atlantic City, NJ

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Gothamist has a blog entry and gallery from today's weigh in for Nathan's and JoeyJawsChestnut.com has a video from that event.
Sonya Thomas has posted her thoughts on the 2010 Nathan's finals. She does not expect Takeru Kobayashi to compete and believes she has no chance at victory because hot dogs are not her strong point.
Val Bromann has posted the Ultimate Guide to the 2010 Nathan's Finals to SillyAmerica.com.

Kobayashi: “They (MLE) are trying to take away my freedom”

Kobayashi did an interview with the New York Daily News, where he says restriction from competing in in non-IFOCE contests is the reason why he is not extending his contract.

“They want complete control over me,” he told the Daily News. “I just want to compete and do what I love. They are trying to take away my freedom.”

Kobayashi says that he is training as if he will compete Sunday

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923now.radio.com has a video and slideshow of Eric "Badlands" Booker's appearance on "Rollin w/ Nick Cannon" this morning where he coached Sarah Lee on how to eat 10 Nathan's hot dogs.
SportsBetting.com is taking Nathan's bets on Takeru Kobayshi and Hall Hunt. Hall Hunt did not qualify for the finals. update Gambling911 has removed Kobayashi, but retained Hunt.

ESPN: Kobayashi not scheduled to compete in 2010 Nathan’s

update The new poll asks what you think Kobayashi’s future in competitive eating will be.

ESPN Sportcenter recently announced that Takeru Kobayashi has failed to reach a contract agreement with Major League Eating and is not scheduled to appear in the July 4 contest. This will end his streak at 9 contests (6 victories) if he does not compete.

An official article has not been released. Use twitter search for “Kobayashi” if you need verification.

update Fanhouse has a blog entry raising the possibility that the contract dispute is a publicity stunt.

Deadspin has a blog entry with Richard Shea’s statement.

update #2 IFOCE.com has a post consisting solely of Richard Shea’s statement

update #3 The Wall Street Journal’s Metropolis blog has an entry noting that the MLE contract does not offer a guaranteed payout.

update #4 Kobayashi’s blog makes no mention of a contract dispute. The most recent entry (June 24) talks about received the book Tacky the Penguin from Crazy Legs Conti.

update #5 CSNBayArea has an interview with Joey Chestnut (link fixed, thanks gastroboy)

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Crazy Legs Conti wins Escondido Nathan’s qualifier

update July 1 The sports / athlete gossip blog Deadspin did a post about the controversy after receiving a tip from Dave Wagner “Sam” containing this quote from Rich Shea:

The officials at this particular qualifier reviewed Crazy Legs Conti’s eating area and determined a deduction should be made for detritus. After the deduction, Conti’s total was still enough to win the event. The ruling stands and Conti will compete in Coney Island on July 4th.

update June 30 Sammy Bee served as a contest judge and emailed a post contest picture of Conti’s plate & cups:

update June 29 Space Pirate Queen has a flickr gallery with videos of the contest

update June 28 pt 2 Runner-up Adrian Morgan has posted a comment.

update June 28 Dave Wagner has posted the uncut video to youtube Part 1 | Part 2

update #4 NC Times has an article

update #3 DL Wagner has a blog entry and video from the qualifier focusing on Crazy Legs Conti.

update #2 The OC Register has an article

update The MLE facebook has the top 5 (Part 1 | Part 2 )
1) Crazy Legs Conti 25
2T) Adrian Morgan 22
2T) Brian Subich 22
4) Damon Wells 21
5) Ron Koch 19
? Shawn Kirby 9

OCRegister has a preview of the Nathan’s qualifier in Escondido, California listing Shawn Kirby, Damon Wells, Crazy Legs Conti and Adrian Morgan as expected entrants.

Kevin Ross and Matt Cohen will also compete and did an interview on the Scott and BR show. (podcast)

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Juliet Lee wins Splashdown Park Nathan’s qualifier

update The Poughkeepsie Journal has an article

YNN has a video

3:36 The top 3 have been posted

1) Juliet Lee 28.25
2) Allen “Shredder” Goldstein 25.5
3) Micah “Wing Kong” Collins 24
? Drew Altavilla 6.5

Goldstein will be the wild card unless someone breaks 28.75 in the final qualifier in California (or the runner up in the first contest today exceeded that amount)

1:23 The contest has started

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Tim Janus wins 2010 NY Mets Nathan’s qualifier

update #2 The top 3

1) Tim “Eater X” Janus 46 HDB
2) Pat “from Moonachie” Philbin 22
3) Brian “Dud Light” Dudzinski 21
? Andrew Kossuth 10.5

BeautifulBrian.com has an article and video

update The MLE facebook reports Tim Janus won with 46 HDB.

The MLE facebook lists Tim Janus & Pat “from Moonachie” Philbin as expected entrants.

NYBD has a picture

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Pepto Bismol and Old Navy have been announced as co-sponsors of the Nathan's finals. Nathan's T-shirts will be available for sale at Old Navy locations. We will see if the new sponsors result in an increase of the contest purse size.
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