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Dave "Tiger Wings & Things" Brunelli ate a 4 pound Sicilian pizza this morning to qualify for Wing Bowl 22.
Molly Schuyler ate 9 pounds of cottage cheese in under 2 minutes to become the first person to qualify for Wing Bowl via internet streaming video. update Tickets are now on sale at Dimitry "Ukraine Traine" Shchupak also qualified today by eating 2 large burritos in studio. update #2 A video of Molly's stunt is available. update #3 A video of the WIP studio observing Molly's webcast is also available. update Dec 11 Wing Bowl 22 has been announced as a sellout
Tickets for Wing Bowl 22 will go on sale tomorrow at at 9 am and cost $10 The Sugar House Casino will host a kick-off broadcast tomorrow.
The Reading Eagle has a report on yesterday's in-studio "pie off" that awarded spots in Wing Bowl 22. (video)
Dave "US Male" Goldstein won an in-studio wing off this morning to become the first person to qualify for Wing Bowl 22. (gallery)
The Wing Bowl home page at currently has an unexpected banner advertisement sponsor

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Wing Bowl 22 to award $22,000 and two cars

The prizes for Wing Bowl 22 have been announced. The overall winner will receive $22,000, which surpasses the $20,000 first prize for the 2009 Krystal Square Off. (The Japanese Food Battle Clubs of 2000-2002 awarded a million yen (around $100,0000)). The local and collegiate winners will receive Chrysler 200s. Tickets will go on sale on December 10.

The contest rules can be accessed on the entry form. United States residents living outside greater Philadelphia can attempt to qualify by performing a stunt that will be streamed on skype or ustream.

Jamie McDonald, Jon Squibb, Takeru Kobayashi and Joey Chestnut will receive byes as previous champions if they want to compete. (Sonya Thomas is not listed as a bye recipent.)

update Dec 3 Jamie McDonald has announced he will defend his title and his goal is 320 wings.

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Wing Bowl 22 hopefuls can start calling in qualification stunt ideas on Monday. Ticket information will also be announced on that date.
The youtube channel for 94WIP has a teaser video for Wing Bowl 22. The contest page has been updated with a new logo, but has no other additional information about the January 31, 2014 contest.
Four floor passes to Wing Bowl 22 sold for $800 during Eagles Radiothon today.
Four floor passes to Wing Bowl 22 are up for auction at Eagles Radiothon (Item #40). The date of that contest will be January 31, 2014.
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