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48 ounce steak eating contests are listed as part of "a toxic culture of sexual harassment" in an article by statnews about biotech hedge fund OrbiMed Advisors and its managing partner Sam Isaly. The company claims that the eating competition, which awarded $200 to the winners, were voluntary and were discontinued in 2013.
CNBC has a post about a wing eating contest held in Las Vegas Wednesday by Amazon Web Services. The 214 participants resulted in the competition receiving billing by Guinness World Records as the largest wing eating contest. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos mentioned the event yesterday, probably making him the richest person to be associated with an eating contest.
Mashable has a post and video about stretchable pants produced by Stove Top Stuffing intended for big meals like Thanksgiving.
"Furious" Pete Czerwinski appeared on Dragons' Den (the Canadian equivalent of ABC's Shark Tank) with a team seeking investment for New Age Performance's line of performance enhancing mouthpieces. Brian Shaw "The World's Strongest Man" was another member of the team. (video)
CBS has an article about the economics of competitive eating with quotes from Ed "Cookie" Jarvis and Gideon Oji.
The Onion has an article about Nike's new line of competitive eating apparel described as “specially designed to boost performance by absorbing barbecue sauce, blue cheese, ranch, and all manner of drippings to completely eliminate condiment-related discomfort during competitive eating events” has list of tips for restaurants about holding eating challenges. produced a video examining the issue of liability for competitive eating injuries and fatalities. The video has a clip of Brian Dudzinski training with water, but does not mention his 2014 hospitalization from that activity. has an article about the rivalry between Nathan's Famous and Feltman's hot dogs newly opened Coney Island Location.
In Dos Equis' new commercial for Cinco de Mayo, the "World's Most Interesting Man" competes in a spicy pepper eating contest. (Watch embedded video in article to bypass login for age restriction).
Nathan's Famous has been named the official hot dog of Major League Baseball, the first ever frankfurter brand to receive that title.
A chicken dinner will take place tonight in Elk Horn, IA to raise money for the aebleskiver eating contest in May. Several events are planned to obtain funding for the Major League Eating event.
Loot Ink has an interview with Kate Ovens titled "Is it Actually Possible to Turn Your Hobby into a Career?"

Flashback 2008: IFOCE produces Obama / Chestnut shirt

Flashback: In the summer of 2008, IFOCE produced a T-shirt with a Obama/Chestnut 2008 logo. Joey Chestnut wore the shirt briefly in 2008 on the Today Show after defending his Nathan’s title, but was forced to cover it up during his interview.

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Howard Lorber, Nathan's Famous chairman and economic policy adviser for Donald Trump, appeared on CNBC's Squawk Box Monday morning and predicted that the president-elect would be "more thoughtful" than his campaign rhetoric after inauguration. Black Lives Matter activist Shaun King has called for a boycott of corporations with owners or executives that publicly backed the Republican candidate; Nathan's Famous does not appear on his list of 12 companies.

Donald Trump & competitive eating chronology

A timeline listing the intersection of the worlds of competitive eating and the 2016 Republican presidential candidate follows:

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Capewood's Collections has a post about the Joey Chestnut, Matt Stonie and Sonya Thomas trading cards produced by Allen and Ginter.
The Guardian reports that Howard Lorber, chairman of Nathan's Famous, has been announced as a member of Donald Trump's economic policy team.
Brian Seiken is offering stakes in his potential poker winnings at the Borgata Summer Poker Open this weekend.
Money magazine has an article about competitive eater earnings which includes unsourced statistics that seem strangely familiar: $88K career contest winnings for Miki Sudo, , $220K for Sonya Thomas.

Sports Illustrated on post-MLE Kobayashi

Sports Illustrated has a long article on the state of Kobayashi’s post-MLE career and the devolution of his relationship with that organizaion. He is unwilling to go near Nathan’s Coney Island store despite living in Brooklyn. The article mentions plans for a big Chicago eating contest this year that fell through. Pat Bertoletti makes a cameo:
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Business Insider has a video of Yasir Salem showing how he eats five hot dogs in less than 60 seconds.
Over five years into his competitive eating career, a "Rookie Card" for Matt Stonie can be found in boxes of 2016 Leaf Sports Heroes.
Newsday has an article about Nathan's Famous centennial which reports that net income declined 81% after making interest payments to finance a bond to pay investors a $25 per share dividend.
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