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Hungry, a film about competitive eating directed by Barry Rothbard and Jeff Cerulli, made Sports Illustrated's list of the 10 best unknown sports documentaries.
In a Journal Star interview, comedian Barry Rothbart answers questions about filming Takeru Kobayashi for his documentary Hungry.
Several videos of outtakes from the Hungry competitive eating documentary are available on youtube including clips of Pat Bertoletti, Brad Sciullo and Dave "US Male" Goldstein.
The Hundreds has a report on the taco eating contest held Labor Day in Redondo Beach, CA sponsored by Gringo Bandito Hot Sauce. The original count was Pat Bertoletti 141 tacos, Takeru Kobayashi 140 (Kobayashi won by 8 after debris deductions.) Naader Reda and shokutsuclub have videos.
Southern California Public Radio has an interview with Jeff Cerulli and Barry Rothbart about their documentary Hungry.
Takeru Kobayashi will appear and answer questions at the Los Angeles premiere of the documentary Hungry in Los Angeles August 30.
CityPages.com has an interview with Barry Rothbart about the competitive eating documentary Hungry.
Dave Wagner has a review of the documentary Hungry. He liked the film even though his video from the controversial 2010 Nathan's qualifier in Escondido was cut.
The Good Men Project has a review of the "Hungry" documentary.
The "Hungry" competitive eating documentary by Jeff Cerulli and Barry Rothbart was released on internet streaming services today. The film can be downloaded on iTunes for $12.99. update June 25 Kobayashi has links where the movie can be rented on amazon and vudu.
The competitive eating documentary Hungry will be available on iTunes, hulu and VOD platforms on June 24. (trailer)

Possible outtakes from “Hungry” documentary

At least two people were interviewed for the Hungry documentary that are not listed in the credits for the film. Perhaps the outtakes could appear on a DVD if one is produced.

Brightest Young Things has a positive review of the film.

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Takeru Kobayashi will appear on VH1's Big Morning Buzz at 10 AM today, presumably to promote the release of the documentary Hungry.
Pivot.tv has an interview with Barry Rothbart (starts at 37 minute mark), co-director of the documentary Hungry. Clips of Brad Sciullo from the film are shown during the segment.
The Queens Chronicle has an interview with Barry Rothbart about his documentary Hungry that will debut on November 15 at Doc NYC.

New simplified Hungry poster

A new poster for the competitive eating documentary Hungry which removes all images from the previous poster except for a hot dog. Credits are listed on the new poster; Takeru Kobayashi, Brad Sciullo and Dave Goldstein are the competitive eaters receiving billing.

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Hungry documentary website & film credits

The documentary “Hungry” will debut in two weeks at DOC NYC. A website for the film has been set up at http://www.hungrythefilm.com/.

The cast includes
Takeru Kobayashi, Pat Bertoletti, Dave Goldstein, Stephanie Torres, Joe LaRue, Brad Sciullo, Mike DeVito, Curtis Sliwa, Gersh Kuntzman, Sam Barclay, Crazy Legs Conti, Brian Subich, Pete Czerwinski, Jonathan Squibb and Tony Hawk. Brian Seiken is credited for his interview with Brad Sciullo.

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The competitive eating documentary "Hungry" will debut at DOC NYC on November 15 at 11:59 pm as part of its Midnight Docs series. Takeru Kobayashi is expected to attend the screening. A facebook page for the movie has been set up at facebook.com/Hungrythemovie (via IndieWire)
A new trailer for the "Hungry" competitive eating documentary focusing on Takeru Kobayashi and Brad Sciullo is available on youtube. The caption lists a release date this fall.
Dave "US Male" Goldstein's facebook fan page has the poster for the competitive eating documentary Hungry. Likenesses of Takeru Kobayashi, Joey Chestnut and Pat Bertolett appear in the image and the slogan is "The battle for competitive eating will not be televised."
Splitsider has an interview with comedian Barry Rothbart, co-producer of the upcoming competitive eating documentary Hungry. He makes the following claim about his film: "We actually started digging so deep that the league tried to sabotage our project on several occasions. It was like a spy movie." A release date is not provided.
Variety has an article about comedian Barry Rothbart mentioning his competitive eating documentary, "Hungry". A release date is not given.
It is the one year anniversary of the creation of a limited liability corporation for the upcoming competitive eating documtenary Hungry on March 27, 2012. Over one hundred corporations have the same Beverly Hills address as the documentary company, Klasky Csupo, animators of the first three seasons of The Simpsons is one of them.
It has been one year since the competitive eating documentary "Hungry" reached its $10,000 funding goal on kickstarter.com. In a January update, the film's producers say their project is almost complete and they have submitted it to several film festivals.
The right sidebar for the Kickstarter page for the competitive eating documentary Hungry lists an estimated date for the premier and DVD availability in August 2012. The project reached its funding threshold of $10,000 six months ago on March 13. update Barry Rothbart reponds: "Don't worry. The world is about to experience Hungry. And it will rattle Competitve Eating"
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