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Link Buffet: August 9, 2008

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Link Buffet: August 4, 2008

  • Another review of the MLE video game
  • Article mentioning Samantha Brown’s participation in the Italian sausage eating contest
  • Ravioli contest in Providence Saturday
  • A Taste of Hamburg (PA) eating contest August 30
  • A possible European contest for “Furious” Pete: Pourcailhade La Fête du Cochon (PigFest) in Trie-sur-Baïse, France will have a boudin sausage eating contest on August 10


MLE video game secret “boss” character

A possible spoiler about the identity of the final “boss” character in the Major League Eating video game is available after the jump:
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Link Buffet: August 1, 2008

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Link Buffet: July 31, 2008

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“Battle Eating Sushi Gal” video game reports that a game called “Battle Eating Sushi Gal” will debut. Natsuko “Gal” Sone’s name is not mentioned in the article, so she probably does not endorse the game. The game will be free, but might be for cell phones only. No link is provided for online play.


Erik Denmark reviews MLE video game

Erik Denmark has posted a review of the Major League Eating video game to his blog. He is satisfied with his character’s appearance in the game:

My character has a fun look. My hair is super spiked; the bandana is obviously a signature of mine that I am glad they captured well. I like that my character is recognizable as me, in that the features do somehow look like mine (so I have been told) but also, some features are exaggerated, such as my elongated chin in the pre-match screen. I would obviously like my character to have more muscle mass and more capacity but okay reality gets in the way again.


Link Buffet: July 22, 2008

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Link Buffet: July 18, 2008

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WiiWare World reviews MLE game

WiiWare World has the first detailed post-release review of the Major League Eating video game which concludes:

Many people no doubt will get a kick out of MLE’s light-hearted and vaguely adolescent approach to competitive gameplay. It offers a unique blend of concepts wrapped around a somewhat distasteful premise and vulgar humour. But, most importantly, the core design works. It is surprisingly fun challenging your friends to virtual eating contests and the additional strategy offered by the power-ups keeps things interesting when they aren’t driving you crazy. The ability to turn off specific power-ups in order to recreate a standard eating contest would have been a nice option to have, but this was not to be. As it stands, the developers decided it was best to leave everything on the plate and invite gamers to accept a meal with perhaps one too many flavours.


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Link Buffet: July 16, 2008


MLE video game release thread

I will place reviews and other information about the Wii Major League Eating game in this post as they become available. The release time is scheduled at noon eastern.

Please place your gamer tags in the comments if you are interested in playing over the internet.

update Serious Eats has challenged other food blogs to online play.

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July 14 announced as release date for MLE game

A press release reports that the Major League Eating Wiiware game will be relased on July 14 as previously mentioned in a Ken Hoffman column.

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There will be a new competitive eating video game released in time for the Nathan’s finals. Page 2 on has a flash based game which involves clicking and dragging hot dogs moving at variable speed into an eater’s mouth.

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No pre-Nathan’s release for MLE video game reports that this week’s new download for the Wii will be the marble game, Magnetica Twist, making July 7 the earliest possible release date for the Major League Eating video game.

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Link Buffet: June 13, 2008

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Still no MLE game release

Kotaku reports that this week’s new downloadable games for the Wii are My Pokemon Ranch, a port of the 1980s arcade game Dig Dug and Bio Miracle Bokutte Upa, a less famous game from two decades ago. There are three more possible Monday release dates for the Major League Eating WiiWare game before the Nathan’s finals.

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Link Buffet: June 6, 2008

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Press release disses El Toro

The next press release for the Major League Eating video game is now available and contains mini-biographies of four of the game characters. El Toro’s career has the following synopsis:

El Toro has a big mouth, although it doesn’t seem to serve him well in competition. Fond of extravagant claims, personal attacks on other eaters and all sorts of theatrics, he is usually at the bottom of the pack at the end of any given contest. Other eaters see him as abrasive, offensive, and void of talent. He does, however, contribute to the sport by setting an example of what not do

A video from the watermelon contest promoting the MLE game containing an interview with Badlands Booker was also released today.

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New MLE game videos

WiiWare World has uploaded a new trailer of the Major League Eating video game to youtube.

Filefront has a video of people playtesting the game at Tuesday’s promotional event at Rockefeller Center. The blog entry says the game will be released in early June.


Watermelon contest on “The Today Show”

(from an email) Crazy Legs Conti and Tim Janus appeared on this morning’s edition of “The Today Show” and competed in a one minute watermelon eating contest and then demoed the Major League Eating video game. The video can be viewed online.

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The Village Voice reports on the WiiWare watermelon contest

The blog for the Village Voice has an entry about this afternoon’s watermelon eating contest at Rockefeller Center between Tim Janus and Crazy Legs Conti. Conti won the six minute contest by one bite. After the first contest completed, Conti and Janus had a virtual watermelon eating contest by playing the Major League Eating video game. The blog entry closes with an announcement that an article about Tim Janus and Crazy Legs Conti will appear in the Village Voice this summer. also has a report about the event.

update AppScout has a blog entry about the event with pictures and videos, including a recording of the performances of Beautiful Brian and Badlands Booker.

update #2 Serious Eats has a gallery and MTV has a blog entry.


MLE game not listed in May 19 releases

Nintendo has put out a press release about the WiiWare games that will be released today. The Major League Eating game is not included in that document.

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Erik Denmark discusses MLE video game

Erik Denmark has a blog entry about his appearance on the Groz & Gas radio show today, which is available online. Erik talks about the Major League Eating video game and his compensation for it. Like Pat Bertoletti, he is not clear about the terms of the royalty agreement. He will attempt to qualify for Nathan’s in Kansas City, but makes no mention of tomorrow’s gyro contest in Houston.

There is also a press release for the MLE video game with descriptions of four of the game’s characters.


Bertoletti: $500 + royalties for MLE game likeness

Pat Bertoletti appeared on the Steve Dahl show today. One of the subjects was the upcoming Major League Eating video game and the compensation received:

6:23 Sometime during this week there’s going to be a Nintendo Wii competitive eating game. There’s new software for he Wii where you can download games, including the competitive eating game. It’ll feature Patrick, Joey Chestnut, The Black Widow, Kobayashi and 6 or 7 other eaters.
6:24 Patrick’s character looks freaky because they went with his mohawk and mustache look. All of the eaters got some money and were told there’d be royalties depending on games sold.
6:25 It sounds like it’s about time for Patrick to get representation. He doesn’t like the way he looks in the game and now he’s probably not getting as much money as he should be getting. He should have gotten money up front against the royalties.
6:26 Every eater got $500 up front but there were no specifics about the royalties. It sounds like he got ripped off.
6:27 Patrick signed a contract with the IFOCE and they own his image. That contract is up next year. We might have to go in and Urlacher it.

The press release for the Houston gyro contest lists Joey Chestnut, Pat Bertoletti, Bob Shoudt and Erik Denmark as expected entrants.

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