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1st MLE Top 50 of 2018 released

MLE has updated its top 50 for the first time in 2018. The new top 10:

1) Joey Chestnut
2) Carmen Cincotti
3) Geoffrey Esper
4) Matt Stonie
5) Darron Breeden
6) Gideon Oji
7) Miki Sudo
8) Adrian Morgan
9) Michelle Lesco
10) Max Suzuki

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Possible updates to first 2018 MLE top 50

The MLE 50 top has yet to see a modification in 2018. Here are some possible changes when it is updated.

Possible New Entrants
George Chiger
Matt Hazzard
Katie Prettyman
Max Suzuki
Nick Wehry

Possible removals
Meredith Boxberger – retired
Nela Zisser – last MLE contest July 4, 2016
Scott Thomas – last contest Sep 17 2016
Micah “Wing Kong” Collins – last contest Oct 8 2016
Steven Schuster – last contest May 6 2017

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All Pro Eating has updated their top 20 list of independent eaters. Brandon "Da Disposal" Clark enters the roster at #7.

2018 Finkies awards winners

The Fink Beats the Stomach announced the winners of their “Finkies” awards for 2017, which were based on online polls:

Rookie of the Year: Rene Rovtar
Showman of the Year: Beard Meats Food
Male Competitive Eater of the Year: Joey Chestnut
Female Competitive Eater of the Year: Michelle “Cardboard Shell” Lesco
Emcee of the Year: Eric “Badlands” Booker

Darron Breeden did not agree with the Rookie of the Year choice. Molly Schuyler and Miki Sudo have yet to comment on the Female of the Year award.

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2018 Finkies Awards nominations

The Fink Beats the Stomach Podcast announces that they will hold their Finkies award ceremony at Flannery’s in Manhattan on January 13. The public can vote for the nominees who are: Read the rest of this entry »

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Listverse.com has a list of 10 Unappetizing Facts About Eating Contests.

MLE top 50 updated, Carmen Cincotti 2nd

The MLE top 50 has been updated. Here is the new top 10 (previous version in Google cache)
1) Joey Chestnut
2) Carmen Cincotti
3) Matt Stonie
4) Geoffrey Esper
5) Miki Sudo
6) Gideon Oji
7) Adrian Morgan
8) Darron Breeden (jumps from #17)
9) Michelle Lesco
10) Sonya Thomas

It appears the only new entrant was Jon Bello returning at #30, replacing Andrew Kossuth (former #49). (previous rankings in Google cache).

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1st big MLE rankings update of 2017

The first big update of the MLE top 50 for 2017 have been made
#17 Darron Breeden
#22 Derek Jacobs
#23 Juan Neave
#35 Pedram Esmaeelzadeh
#36 Sarah Reinecke
#49 Andrew Kossuth (suprising given that his last MLE contest was in 2015)

Out (cached results)
#25 BeeJay Alexander
#33 Larell Marie Mele
#44 Corey Fanguy
#46 Ben Do
#47 Ron Koch
#48 Lesley Ryder

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CompetitiveEating.com.au has a top 12 list for Australian competitive eaters.
Entrepreneur.com ranks "Furious" Pete Czerwinski #5 in its list of 9 top social media influencers marketers need to follow.
A podcast of last weekend's Finkie Awards presented by Fink Meets the Stomach has been uploaded.

2017 Finkie awards results

Here are the results from yesterday’s Finkies award ceremony at Bar 9 in Brooklyn organized by the Fink Beats the Stomach podcast.

Male competitive eater of the year: Joey Chestnut
Female competitive eater of the year: Molly Schuyler
Roomie / Rookie of the Year: Carmen Cincotti
Youtube Feat of the Year: Beard Meats Food
Mascot of the Year: Mr. Married Burgerman

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MLE top 50 end of 2016

The MLE top 50 has been updated. Here is the new top 10: (Previous rankings in Google cache)

  1. Joey Chestnut
  2. Matt Stonie
  3. Carmen Cincotti (Formerly #4)
  4. Miki Sudo (#3)
  5. Geoff Esper (#7)
  6. Gideon Oji (#5)
  7. Sonya Thomas (#6)
  8. Adrian Morgan (#9)
  9. Michelle Lesco (#10)
  10. Juan Rodriguez (#13)

Kevin “Quazy” Ambs (#19)
Scott Thomas (#35)
Doug Ecks (#45)

Bam Martinez (was #46)
Andrew Kossuth (was #47)
Eric Livingston (was #48)

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Fink Beats the Stomach will stream their nominees for the 2017 Finkies awards on youtube at 8:30 PM Eastern tonight.
Fink Beats the Stomach announces they will hold the second "Finkie" Awards for competitive eating at Bar Nine in New York City on January 14.

Draft Kings fantasy competitive eater salaries

In honor of National Hot Dog Day, Draft Kings posted ratings for six competitive eaters. Interestingly, Miki Sudo has a higher rating than Takeru Kobayashi.

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The MLE top 50 has been redone. Carmen Cincotti is now #4 and Gideon Oji is #5. No one has been added. (Via Wayne Algenio).
The new poll asks who you think should be ranked #3 in the next MLE top 50.
Stephanie Wu noticed that Joey Chestnut was moved to the top position in the MLE top 50 with Matt Stonie dropping to second. No other changes were made; Carmen Cincotti remains at #15.

Carmen Cincotti in MLE top 50, Brian Seiken out

Matt Cohen noticed that Carmen Cincotti was inserted at #15 in the MLE top 50, ejecting Brian Seiken from the bottom of that list. Eric “Steakbellie” Livingston and Ben Do remain ranked despite not competing since 2014.

Brian Seiken’s removal terminates the longest ranked streak in IFOCE / MLE history, which dates from at least February 2002 according to the Internet Archive

Crazy Legs Conti now appears to have the longest ranked streak, which dates from at least October 2002. (Eric “Badlands” Booker took a hiatus in 2007, breaking his ranked streak.)

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MLE top 50 updated, Tim “Eater X” Janus dropped

Michael Deitz noticed the MLE top 50 was updated today. Tim “Eater X” was ejected from the #4 position, ending a streak in the rankings of at least a decade. Other ejections are Scott Thomas (#35) and Marlene Wigginton (#43). New entrants are Steven Schuster (#22) Michael Dietz(#34) and Kassandra Zapata (#42).

It is interesting that Scott Thomas and Marlene Wigginton were removed when they had done competitions in the last 365 days. Eric Livingston and Ben Do have not competed since 2014.

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Finkies Awards results

Results for the first “Finkies” awards

  • Male – Matt Stonie
  • Female – Miki Sudo
  • Rookie – Goeff Esper
  • Upset – Michelle Lesco
  • Youtube Feat – Nela Zisser
  • Appreciation – Crazy Legs Conti

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Tracy "Mmm Mmm" Goode has compiled for Rake & Herald a list of his top 10 competitive eating moments of 2015. (I would have included Molly Schuyler eating 3 Big Texan 72 ounce steaks in 20 minutes).
Voting will close today for the "Finkies" competitive eating awards. Fink Beats the Stomach will host an awards ceremony later this month. update Jan 13 A poster for the event has been produced. (via Stephanie Wu)
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