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Michelle "Cardboard Shell" Lesco ate 150g of pasta in 26.69 seconds on to promote Oregano’s Pizza and St. Mary’s Food Bank’s “Carbs For A Cause” . The time broke the Guinness record of 41 seconds, which requires diners to use a fork and not lift the plate of the table. Youtube Video
Buzzfeed has compiled a list of 17 "incredible and disgusting" competitive eating records. has a post about the construction of a 1,774 pound burger by Mallie's in Southgate, MI, which has received Guinness recognition as the largest commerically available burger in the world.
Kevin "LA Beast" Strahle has uploaded a video of him breaking Don "Moses" Lerman's butter record of 7 1/4 pound sticks in 5 minutes.
On Wednesday, Kevin "LA Beast" Strahle received Guinness recognition for two records: most chicken nuggets eaten in three minutes (642.12 grams) and the Most Bhut jolokia peppers eaten in two minutes (121.9 g) has a report on Wayne Algenio's victory over Guinness record holder Greg Holder in the Carolina Reaper pepper eating contest at the New York City Hot Sauce Expo Sunday. reports that Filipino Ricardo “Rix Terabite” Francisco ate five burgers with 107 gram patties in a minute to break a record previously held by "Furious" Pete Czerwinski. The record attempt required eaters to only use one hand.

Fastest finishers of 70+ oz steak challenges

Bob Shoudt finished the Great Steak Challenge at Steak and Main in North East, MD in 12 minutes yesterday to set the men’s record. Here are the fastest times for finishing an official restaurant steak challenge with a precooked meat weight of 70 or more ounces that I have been able to find. Please let me know if I am missing any document challenges with a time of 12 minutes or less.

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Kobayashi's appearance on Italian television where he faced off against Vittorio Noschese to set the Guinness record for hamburgers eaten in three minutes can be viewed on youtube.
Scott Roberts has an interview with Greg Foster, who recently broke Wayne Algenio's record for eating the Carolina Reaper pepper.
KickerDaily reports that Rix Francisco ate 5 quarter pound burgers in Manila in a minute, a feat that was acknowledged by Guinness as a world record that broke a mark previously held by "Furious" Pete Czerwinski.
Nathan's Famous will line up 1916 hot dogs in Grand Central Terminal on September 2 to set a Guinness Record. Joey Chestnut will oversee the event.
Guinness has certified the 325 participants in today's eating contest at the Ohio State Fair as the largest field for an ice cream eating contest.
Runners World has an article on the history of the Beer Mile, an event where runners drink four 12 ounce beers while running a mile. Record holder James Nielsen sought advice from Joey Chestnut.
Guinness World Records has a clip from an Italian television program where "Furious" Pete Czerwinski and two challengers attempted to break the record for eating a 12 inch pizza (a fork and knife is required). The record has since been broken by Filipino Kelvin Medina with a time of 23.62 seconds.
Wayne Algenio received a Guinness World Record yesterday at the New York City Hot Sauce Expo in Brooklyn for eating 119g of Carolina Reaper peppers in 1 minute.
Matt Stonie ate 71 ribs in 5 minutes to set a MLE record at Homestead Speeeway in south Florida. update Nov 24 Press release | Matt Stonie interview
The Weekender has a report on Dave "The Termite" Wood's victory in the national Bar Louie Rock the Tot tater tot eating contest last month. His total of 4 pounds 2 ounces will be recognized as a Guinness World Record even though Molly Schuyler ate 6 pounds in 2013.
Matt Stonie reports that he will attempt to set the five minute rib eating record at Homestead Miami Speedway next weekend, which explains why he is not doing the Foxwoods turkey eating contest.
The Daily Herald has an article about Guinness world records held by Chicagoland residents with a section about Pat Bertoletti's eating records.
Metro and Express have articles about Adam "Beard Meats Food" Moran eating 17 Big Macs in an hour, which was certified by recordsetter as a a world record.
In honor of National Hot Dog Day, Guinness has a list of 5 frankfurter records. The largest ever hot dog eating contest was held in Valencia, Spain and had a field of 3189 competitors.
Mashable has a blog entry about a 1.595 km (almost 1 mile) pizza created in Milan, Italy that received a Guinness record for World's Longest Pizza.
Stephanie Wu has a facebook post on Spike's Junkyard Dogs Kennel Club record and the mystery about who holds the overall record for the chain. Matt Stonie ate 23 hot dogs in 2010.
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