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The Daily Mail has an article about Nela Zisser's latest video where she eats a giant chocolate rabbit in 7:06. Earlier this month, Nela Zisser hit 100,000 youtube subscribers, probably the most for an English language channel by a female competitive eater.
"Furious" Pete Czerwinski produced a video where he commented on the recent competitive eating fatalities and talked about his own incidents. He described choking during a Guinness record attempt on live British television, which can be viewed online.
"The Real Food Savage" has started a youtube channel for his London eating challenges.
"Furious" Pete Czerwinski just passed 4 million subscribers on youtube.
A casting call has been placed for the upcoming UK-based youtube channel Girl vs. Food TV. Their first video will be released soon.
Charlene Sunny Williams has started a food challenge youtube channel. Her first video is the 28 inch pizza at Big Guy's in Charlotte.
Youtube has a video of Molly Schuyler's appearance on Omaha Morning Blend today. (link fixed)
Leah Shutkever has started a youtube channel. (via Beard Meats Food)

2007 women only wing contest at Trump Marina

Capture from a video of a 2007 women only wing eating contest held at Trump Marina in Atlantic City:

Donald Trump’s competitive eating timeline from November.

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2016 Christmas themed food challenge videos

Here are some recent Christmas-themed food challenge videos:

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Cornell Food and Brand Lab produced a video about the study claiming that males are more likely to overeat in social situations with footage of the mock eating contests used for research.
Daily Motion has a video of a recent noodle eating contest in Wuhan, China where a 53 year old woman ate 400g (.88 pounds) of noodles in 8 seconds.
Kobayashi's appearance on Italian television where he faced off against Vittorio Noschese to set the Guinness record for hamburgers eaten in three minutes can be viewed on youtube.
Pat Bertoletti is currently giving hot dog eating lessons on Facebook Live for the AV Club of The Onion.
Pat Bertoletti's appearance on America's Got Talent where he chugged 120 raw eggs has been uploaded to youtube.
"The Big Eat" a documentary about the 2005 Nathan's qualifier held in the United Kingdom, can be viewed on youtube.
Steven Schuster attempted the Don Juan Taco at Juan in a Million in Austin on NBC's First Look last night.
An outtake video from the competitive eating documentary "Hungry" has been uploaded to youtube consisting of hot dog eating contests between directors Jeff Cerulli and Barry Rothbart.
The full video of Tuesday's episode of Tosh.0 guest starring Kate Ovens can be viewed on youtube (starts around 5:15).
Kate Ovens appeared on yesterday's episode of Tosh.0 on Comedy Central (promo video).
Oxford University student GraceFitUK has uploaded a video of her attempt
Joey Chestnut has uploaded a video of him finishing a 5 pound Burritozilla at Iguana's in 1:41. Molly Schuyler took 1:32 in a recent contest and Matt Stonie needed 1:50 in a video.
A parody game show Joey Chestnut did promoting Sun Microsystems new server in 2008 can be viewed on youtube. The campaign was dropped due to "company branding issues".
ESPN's Sport Science segment about Nathan's hot dog eating contest can be viewed on youtube. update The link has been fixed, but the video is now private.
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