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"Chilli Queen" Shahina Waseem has started her youtube channel with a video of her victory in the chilli eating contest at the Alexandra Palace Foodies Festival in London Saturday, her 19th straight win in a spicy eating contest.
Mary Bowers appearance (as the "Queen of Cupcakes") on last night's episode of The Gong Show on ABC can be viewed on youtube.
CBS Pittsburgh has a video about a customer who ran out of Olympos Gyros in Robinson TWP, PA after failing the restaurant's challenge that would have been free if finished.
Tokyo Drew has a video of Darron Breeden setting the record for a 6kg (13.2 lb) okonomiyaki challenge in a record 24 minutes. The previous record holder was Max Suzuki with a time of 30 minutes.
Furious Pete has produced a new video about Dale Boone in response to his controversial victory over Nate Figueroa in a hot dog eating contest in at the Titled Kilt in Boca Raton, FL.
Kevin "LA Beast" Strahle has uploaded a video of him breaking Don "Moses" Lerman's butter record of 7 1/4 pound sticks in 5 minutes.
Bob Shoudt produced a video of his appearance at "Gluttony Night" at a Reading Phillies game last week. He reports he ate 37 pounds of food over 4 hours.
Brandon "Da Garbage Disposal" Clark, runner-up in the St. Louis Nathan's qualifier, has started a youtube channel.
Yuka Kinoshita just hit a billion total views for her youtube channel.
Erik "The Electric" Lamkin has uploaded a video of him attempting to eat 60,000 calories over 60 hours.
Eric "Badlands" Booker appeared on Fox 46 Charlotte to promote tomorrow's Nathan's qualifier at the 600 Festival, so presumably he is the favorite for that competition. Ronnie Hartman will also compete.
Matt "Sweet Tooth" Cohen appeared on WBIR yesterday to talk about competing in the Nathan's Finals.
Takeru Kobayashi produced a video for the Checkers fast food chain of him eating as many french fries as possible in a minute.
Moeno Azuki won yesterday's "Battle of Big Eaters: Queens Match". The program televised on TV Tokyo can be viewed on oogui ch.
Kevin Love of the Cleveland Cavaliers is the most recent participant in First We Feast's Hot Ones wings of death challenge.
Ramsey Hilton has started a bicycling trip where he will tour the country and do restaurant challenges for the next three moonths. He plans to travel down the east coast to Miami during the tour. produced a video examining the issue of liability for competitive eating injuries and fatalities. The video has a clip of Brian Dudzinski training with water, but does not mention his 2014 hospitalization from that activity.
In Dos Equis' new commercial for Cinco de Mayo, the "World's Most Interesting Man" competes in a spicy pepper eating contest. (Watch embedded video in article to bypass login for age restriction).
The Daily Mail has an article about Nela Zisser's latest video where she eats a giant chocolate rabbit in 7:06. Earlier this month, Nela Zisser hit 100,000 youtube subscribers, probably the most for an English language channel by a female competitive eater.
"Furious" Pete Czerwinski produced a video where he commented on the recent competitive eating fatalities and talked about his own incidents. He described choking during a Guinness record attempt on live British television, which can be viewed online.
"The Real Food Savage" has started a youtube channel for his London eating challenges.
"Furious" Pete Czerwinski just passed 4 million subscribers on youtube.
A casting call has been placed for the upcoming UK-based youtube channel Girl vs. Food TV. Their first video will be released soon.
Charlene Sunny Williams has started a food challenge youtube channel. Her first video is the 28 inch pizza at Big Guy's in Charlotte.
Youtube has a video of Molly Schuyler's appearance on Omaha Morning Blend today. (link fixed)
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