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Darron Breeden finished the Gyro CHallenge at South Side Six in Bowling Green, OH to claim the challenge prize of $666.

2017 Nathan’s Fort Myers, FL qualifier

update Mar 26 Naples News has an article

Nate Figgs has a video

update News Press has a contest report and video

Results Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3
1) Pablo Martinez 25.5
2) Nate Figueroa 21.5
3) Crazy Legs Conti 19
4) Andrew Renfrow 13.5
Tom Riordan 6.5
Stewart Beck? 6.5

1W) Mary Bowers 10

The MLE facebook has a live video

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Darron Breeden announces that he finished the 10+ "Ye Olde 96er" burger challenge at Denny's Beer Barrel Pub in Clearfield, PA. I think he is the fourth person to finish the challenge (Lori Weiss, Kate Stelnick, Brad Sciullo) and the first person to do so since 2008.
Sparks Magazine has an interview with Nate Figueroa about his competitive eating hobby.
Nate Figueroa ate 41 tacos in 20 minutes on Taco Day Tuesday at Agave in Fort Lauderdale to win the first prize of a 32 inch TV.
Darron Breeden finished the challenge at Family Pizzeria in Staffod, VA intended for two diners without assistance yesterday.
Darron Breeden has uploaded a video of him finishing the Eagle's Deli burger and fries challenge in Boston, which was expanded to 13 pounds after "Furious" Pete Czerwinski finished it. (via Ali Abramson)
Darron Breeden, 3rd place finisher in Sunday's Nathan's qualifier in Norfolk, has a youtube channel with a video of that contest. In May, he was denied the $500 prize for Benny DeLuca's pizza challenge because the restaurant considered him a "professional" even though he had not previously done an eating contest.

2016 Norfolk Nathan’s qualifier

update June 14 Debbie has videos Part 1 | Part 2

update June 13 The Virginia-Pilot has a gallery and video
Robbie Hickman has a facebook gallery

1) Gideon Oji 33
2) Steve Hendry 31, new wild card leader update tied with Yasir Salem for wild card lead
3) Darron Breeden 28 (record for total unknown?)

1W) BeeJay Alexander 16.5

Steve Hendry, Gideon Oji and BeeJay Alexander are expected to compete.

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Yasir Salem wins Palm Beach Sweet Corn with 47 ears

update Nate Figueroa has a video of the contest. He blames his 7th place finish on “politics”.

The Palm Beach Post has a gallery

The Top 5:
1) Yasir Salem 47 ears in 12 minutes, new record
2) Gideon Oji 43.5 ears
3) Erik Denmark 37.5
4) Crazy Legs Conti 34.5
5) Nate Biller 25
6) Sean Brockert 24.5

Yasir Salem ate 47 ears at the Sweet Corn-Eating Championship in West Palm Beach, FL to break the previous record of 46 set by Joe LaRue in 2010. Additional results have yet to be posted.

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Nathan Figueroa ate 29 meatballs to win the first prize of $500 in tonight's contest at Fork & Balls in Fort Lauderdale.
Pedram Esmaeelzadeh and Nathan Figueroa were the first pair to finish the 10 pound burger challenge at Burger Craze in Deerfield Beach, FL. update March 9 A challenge video is available.
Nathan Figueroa has posted a video from Saturday's eating contest at the Key Lime Pie Festival in Port Canaveral, FL where he finished 3rd. He was handicapped by having to use a plastic hand clapper as his utensil. (via Stephanie Wu)
Michael Jenkins announces that Nathan Figueroa won the first prize of $500 in tonight's meatball eating contest at Fork and Balls in Fort Lauderdale.
Michael Jenkins announces he and Nate Figueroa ate 36 Krispy Kreme donuts over 4 minutes and agreed to a tie at the Taste of North Miami.
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