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2019 May 251st46 ?Burger Eating Contest Sao Paolo, Brazil
2018 Oct 143rd34 10 minGreat Pumpkin Farm World hands-Free Pumpkin Pie Eating Championship Clarence, NY
2018 Sep 233rd63 2 minChef One Dumpling Eating Contest - men Brooklyn, NY

Richmond.com reports that Bob Shoudt ate $552 of stadium menu items during a Richmond Squirrels baseball game Saturday. His items were 10 pork BBQ sandwiches, 10 crabcake sandwiches, 20 ice cream cups, 10 cookies, 10 sliders, a pizza slice, a chicken sandwich and 60 small Diet Cokes.
Results from Fish Tales hot dog eating contest in Ocean City, MD: 1) Bob Shoudt 32 (wins $1200) prize 2) Dave Brunelli 31 3) Stephen Hillegass 12
Bob Shoudt produced a video of his appearance at "Gluttony Night" at a Reading Phillies game last week. He reports he ate 37 pounds of food over 4 hours.
The Reading Eagle has a report on Bob "Notorious B.O.B" Shoudt's appearance at the Reading Fightin Phils game Tuesday night. His final tally was 20 hot dogs, 11 slices of pizza, 23 sodas and 40 cups of ice cream.
Bob Shoudt will attend the Reading Fightins minor league baseball "Gluttony Night" on June 6. Fans will have the opportunity to purchase unlimited food and can also face off against "Notorious B.O.B" in eating contests that will be held throughout the evening.

Fastest finishers of 70+ oz steak challenges

Bob Shoudt finished the Great Steak Challenge at Steak and Main in North East, MD in 12 minutes yesterday to set the men’s record. Here are the fastest times for finishing an official restaurant steak challenge with a precooked meat weight of 70 or more ounces that I have been able to find. Please let me know if I am missing any document challenges with a time of 12 minutes or less.

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Bob Shoudt ate a large spicy pizza in 2:11 to win the first prize of $500 in yesterday's contest at Rams Pizza Tavern in Clifton Heights, PA.

Battle of Big Eaters 4 videos

Oogui 2016 has videos of the entire broadcast of Battle of Big Eaters 4 on TV Tokyo today (Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3). Molly Schuyler did not compete in the final match of the program; Bob Shoudt faced off against Moeno Azuki.

Excite.co.jp has a page (translated) about the competition.

update Jan 4 Whole broadcast in one video

update Jan 11 Previous video removed. Here is one that is still available

Program guide
0 Previous contest highlights & Japanese qualifiers
3 “Defeat Molly” title shown on screen
8 USA qualifier, Joe Menchetti & Wayne Algenio compete
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Bob Shoudt won the first prize at today's eating contest held at Philly's Cheesesteak & Food Fest.

Bob Shoudt wins Arni’s pizza

Results from today’s pizza eating contest at Arni’s in Lafayette, IN

1st 11 $1,000.00 Bob “The Notorious B.O.B.” Shoudt Royersford, PA 1 large pizza & 10 small ones
2nd ? $500.00 Teddy Delacruz Wood Dale, IL
3rd ? $300.00 Eric Dreifuerst
4th ? $200.00 Raymond Maas
5th ? $100.00 Steve Lancette
6th ? Derek Jacobs

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Bob Shoudt won the first prize of $500 in yesterday's Tavern Burger eating contest in West Reading, PA.
Bob Shoudt ate 10.5 burgers to win the first prize of $750 in yesterday's contest at taste of Hamburg-er in Hamburg, PA. David Brunelli was runner up and Dave Wood was third.
Bob Shoudt produced a video about his collaboration project where eaters will consume a unit of food for every medal won by team USA at the Olympics. Molly Schuyler, Nate Figueroa, Wayne Algenio and the "Ukraine Train" will also participate and others are welcome to join.
The top 3 for the Philly's BBQ Fest rib fest contest: 1 Bob Shoudt 15 pounds 2 Dave Brunelli 14 pounds 3 Kevin Ambs 12 pounds.
Bob Shoudt ate 70 pierogies yesterday at a contest in Ferndale, PA in an attempt to break the record of 165 pierogies in 8 minutes. Brian Subich was also present.
John "Oink Oink" Bradley reports that Bob Shoudt won the first prize of $1000 in tonight's crabfries eating contest at Chickie's and Pete's in Philadelphia. Dave Brunelli was the runner up.
Bob Shoudt won the first prize of $1000 in yesterday's hot dog eating contest held at Fish Tales in Ocean City, MD. update Bob Shoudt's total was 52 hot dogs, making him the 6th person I am aware of to have eaten 50+ hot dogs in a 10 minute hot dog contest (Kobayashi, Chestnut, Stonie, Janus, Bertoletti).
Friday night, Molly Schuyler did a pizza challenge in Virginia, then she did the Champs Pizza challenge in Glen Burnie, MD with Bob Shoudt.
Dave "US Male" Goldstein reports he was the runner-up in todays Zac's Pack eating contest at Zac's Hamburgers in Folsom, PA and that Bob Shoudt won the first prize of $500. update Philadelphia.CBSlocal.com has an video

Molly Schuyler wins Wing Bowl 24

9:42 Top 5 from philly.com
1 429 Molly Schuyler
2 408 Pat Bertoletti
3 306 Bob Shoudt
4 234 US Male
5 191 Skin & Bones

9:01 The final top 2
1 429 Molly Schuyler
2 408 Pat Bertoletti
3 306 Bob Shoudt

8:57 The Wing Bowl twitter announces Molly Schuyler has won. Results have yet to be announced on the radio streaming.
8:52 The final 2 minute round is over

8:48 Top 5 at end of 2nd half
1 394 Molly Schuyler
2 374 Pat Bertoletti
3 291 Notorious B.O.B.
4 228 US Male
5 189 Skin & Bones

8:44 Penelope won Wingette of the year
8:41 Uncle Rico has been disqualified for reversing near Molly
8:35 Dave Brunelli has been disqualfied
8:30 Quazy has been disqualified


8:24 First Half Top 10
1 193 Molly Schuyler
2 191 Pat bertoletti
3 179 brunelli
4 163 Uncle Rico
5 153 Notorious B.O.B
6 143 US male
7 131 Quazy
8 125 Dave “Termite” Wood
9 121 Skin & Bones
10 118 Oink Oink

8:21 Danny the Marine has won best entourage. “Gravy” Brown was escorted from the stage by security. There has been a 4th disqualification disqualification. Blonde Mamba won the college division with 85 wings
8:11 The first half is over. LA Beast has been ejected.
8:09 “Anonymous” has reversed and been disqualified
8:06 WIP says Tim “Gravy” Brown has been disqualified for mixing plates of wings
8:05 Tim “Gravy” Brown has reversed and been disqualified
7:56 The contest has started
7:51 Pat Bertoletti has his eating contest trophies on his float
7:50 Molly Schuyler is riding on a rocket for her float
7:49 Bob Shoudt has entered his float is a giant replica of himself
7:47 Dennis Rodman has entered
7:36 Tim “Gravy” Brown is dressed as the Ppe and his float is a gravy boat
7:34 Dave Brunelli’s enters to “My Heart Will Go On” on a damaged ship float
7:31 US Male enters dressed as former Eagles coach Chip Kelly
7:17 Dave “The Termite” Wood is dressed as Hulk Hogan and has a wrestling ring in his float
7:08 Danny the Marine has a Humvee in her procession
7:07 LA Beast ate a cactus when he entered the arena

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The official odds for Wing Bowl 24 have been posted. Defending winner Pat Bertoletti is the favorite at 2-1, Molly Schuyler is at 3-1. The article contains an interview with Bob “The Notorious B.O.B.” Shoudt.
ValleyForge.org has an interview with Bob Shoudt where he describes the origin of his nickname change from Humble Bob to Notorious B.O.B.
Patch.com has an article about Bob Shoudt's training session for Wing Bowl 24 tomorrow at Phamous Phil's BBQ in Collegeville Lower Providence, PA. update Jan 29 PottsMerc.com has an article and video about the session.
TV.Yahoo.co.jp has a page about the 2016 edition of "Battle of the Big" Eaters that will be televised on TV Tokyo on New Year's Day. Molly Schuyler, Pat Bertoletti and more will compete. (preview video) (Via Tom L)
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