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2018 Aug 181st15 8 minHot Dog Eating Contest Spanish Fork, UT
2014 Jan 181st1? Key Lime Pie Eating Contest Merritt Island, FL
2013 Jun 29??12 min Mo's Big Weiner Eating Contest Morganfield, KY

The University of Wisconsin's student paper lists Don "Moses" Lerman, "Jammin" Joe LaRue and Chris "The Mad Greek" Abatsas along with defending champion Ian Hickman as expected entrants in Saturday's National Food Court Eating Championship in Madison, WI. update The Daily Page has a longer preview and The Onion's AV Club has a youtube guide to competitive eating.
Metromix has a list of 12 Cincinnati / Northern Kentucky eating challenges. update The article has a gallery of Joe LaRue attempting to eat the challenge burger at Joe's Diner.
"Jammin" Joe LaRue, Don "Moses" Lerman and Chris "The Mad Greek" Abatsas are listed as expected entrants in National Food Court Championship in Madison, Wisconsin on February 5.
Joe LaRue was the first person to finish the Zuzies Burger TRY-athlon Challenge in Astoria, Queens last week.
Joe LaRue attempted the gyro challenge at South Side 6 in Bowling Green, Ohio and believes he was given larger than normal gyros to make it impossible for him to win the $666 prize. Will Millender also attempted the challenge.
The facebook page for By Golly's Bar & Grill announces that Joe LaRue set a record for the 2 pound burger challenge with a time of 7:26. The previous record was 18:36.
Joe La Rue won the eating contest at Fountain Square in Cincinnati today by eating 12 coneys in 3 minutes. (contest video)
Joe LaRue has emailed that he has been suspended from IFOCE contests. "2010 Spaghetti Eating Champion is Joe LaRue!! 7Lbs of spaghetti and marinara in 10 MINUTES!! Congrats Joe!!" update The Padrino facebook has a gallery

Gravy Brown edges Joe LaRue in Atlanta

update May 16 Dan Sheldon has a video of the contest with interviews of Paul Barlow and Steve “Pi Guy” Martin

update Damien Boykin has a gallery

The MLE facebook reports that Tim “Gravy” Brown edged Joe LaRue by one hot dog in the Atlanta area qualifier, 28 HDB to 27.

The eating contest twitpics have a photo of Gravy Brown with the trophy, who ate 28 hot dogs.

The qualifier in Newnan Georgia should start at 1pm. The eatingcontest twitpic has started posting pictures.

Comments (13) has an article about Joe LaRue and his new record at the Sweet Corn Festival.
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