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Nate Figueroa produced a video of him attempting the Stack Attack burger challenge at Shula Burger in Delray Beach, FL with Juan Neave and Darron Breeden, whose attempt at setting the house record was impeded by choking during the meal.

2018 Poteet Strawberry Festival Nathan’s qualifier

Winners according to Fink Beats the Stomach Official results
1) Juan Neave 24
2) Crazy Legs Conti 17
3) Nate Biller 15

1W) Kassie Zapata 10

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Randy Santel announces that he finished the 28 inch pizza challenge at Carmine's in Kerrville, TX and won $150. The restaurant opened solely for him to do the challenge. He did not win the announced $500 prize because Juan Neave claimed it on December 30.
The Liberty Hill Independent has an interview with Juan Neave about qualifying for the Nathan's finals.

2017 Nathan’s San Antonio qualifier

update KSAT and FoxSports Ohio have videos. KingCarb has a video breakdown.

Results Part 1 | Part 2

1) Juan Neave 22.5 (“Juanito wants Food” instagram)
2) Nate Biller 21
3) Steve Schuster 19

1W Kassie Zapata 11

Steve Schuster, Nate Biller and Kassie Zapata are expected to compete.

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