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2017 Jul 41st145 min Hot Dog Eating Contest Thousand Oaks, CA
2015 Nov 84th?1m43s Chatter Pizza Challenge Van Nuys, CA
2015 Oct 245th63 10 minGringo Bandito Taco Eating Challenge Redondo Beach, CA

Kevin Ross ate 14 hot dogs in 5 minutes to win the first prize of $500 in the July 4 hot dog eating contest at Janss Marketplace in Thousand Oaks, CA.
Kevin Ross has produced a video about last month's slider eating contest at the Dog Haus Biergarten in Pasadena, CA.
Kevin Ross ate 24 sliders to win yesterday's eating contest at Dog Haus Dogs in Pasadena. update Jan 13 LA Magazine has a contest report.
Naader Reda has produced a video of his attempt at a 13 pound holiday meal with Kevin Ross.
Kevin Ross won today's hot dog eating contest at Dog Haus in Pasadena, CA. update Jul 8 Kevin Ross has a GoPro first person video of the contest.
For Damon Wells' 100th video, he attempted to eat 100 tacos from Del Taco with Kevin Ross.
Kevin Ross has produced a video of him competing against three other "cloned" Kevin Rosses in a Taco Bell breakfast eating contest.    
Kevin Ross reports that Joshua Hockett edged him out to win the Pancake Monster eating contest in San Diego Thursday.  
Kevin Ross appeared in a ghost pepper eating contest on tonight's rerun of Guinness World Records Unleashed on Tru TV. (video)
Kevin Ross has produced a video about his trip to Lodi, CA to attempt a giant chicken fried steak eating challenge.
Kevin Ross has started a facebook fan page at
Webvideo crew has an interview with Jamie McDonald, Kevin Ross, Naader Reda and members of Wreckless Eating about YouTube video marketing.
Kevin Ross won the first place prize of $200 by eating two "Big Jess" burritos in 6:05 at Taco Hut in Riverside, CA on Saturday. (video)
A six person team including Jamie McDonald, Naader Reda, Kevin Ross and Damon Wells will attempt the 54 inch pizza challenge at Big Mama's & Papa's Pizzeria in Burbank, CA on January 13. Big Mama's & Papa's has also started a blog about its pizza challenge at update Jan 14 The team did not complete the pizza. has an article about the burger challenge at Landre's Sports Bar & Grill in Santee, CA, which was featured on a Norwegian television program. Kevin Ross holds the challenge record of 19:01 and renamed the challenge "Kevin Ross Rules Wacky Waffle Jewpacabra Gnarwhal Baron Whole 9 Yards Challenge Burger".
Johnnie Excel, Naader Reda and Kevin Ross have started State of the Plate: a competitive eating video podcast discussing topics in competitive eating.
Kevin Ross has uploaded a video of himself eating a burrito while running on a trampoline treadmill. The video might be an audition for America's Got Talent.
Naader Reda has a blog entry about attempting three Los Angeles area challenge on the same day in December: a pho challenge, a Japanese challenge and a 7 pound burrito challenge that Kevin Ross and "The Spicialist" also attempted.
On March 26, Kevin Ross became the third person to complete the 6 pound calzone challenge at Mannie & Bo's Pizzeria in Golden, CO and claim a $500 prize.
Frank "The Tank" Paulin emails that Kevin Ross won $200 at a bangers eating contest at Dillon's Irish Pub in Chino Hills, CA. Frank Paulin was the runner up.
The CompetitiveEat twitter announces the field for the National Spring Break Eating Championship on March 24 in Lake Havasu City, AZ: Ian Hickman, Will Millender, John Rivera, Kevin Ross and Stephanie Torres.
FamousMixerDude has a video of a sushi eating contest held at the Japanese Food & Sake Collection in Los Angeles won by Kevin Ross.
Naader Reda reports that Kevin Ross won a wing eating contest held at Bub's Dive Bar in San Diego with a record total of 74 wings in 15 minutes.
Jessica "Queen of Cuisine" has resumed eating challenges after a year's hiatus and has posted videos of two recent successful challenges: The Real Meal Deal at The Original Pancake House in Roseville, CA and the Super Challenge Roll at Miyozen and Emeryville, CA. update Jan 16 Jessica has also uploaded a video of a team pizza challenge she attempted with Kevin Ross at Graziano's in Corona, CA.
Naader Reda reports that Kevin Ross won Mr Dash's burger eating contest last night in San Diego with a total of 14.75 burgers.
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