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Kevin Love of the Cleveland Cavaliers is the most recent participant in First We Feast's Hot Ones wings of death challenge. has an article about Jermaine Eluemenor's victory in the 2015 hot chicken eating contest at the 2015 Music City Bowl that was motivated by a championship belt prize. The London-born Texas A & M offensive lineman hopes to be selected in this weekend's NFL draft. update Apr 29 Eluemenor was selected by the Baltimore Ravens
In a Ask Me Anything interview session, soccer player Christian Fuchs of Leicester City says he will be putting out a food challenge video sometime this week.
Wayne Shaw, former backup goalie for Sutton United, did the Tombstone BBQ challenge at Chimichanga in 17:30 and has challenged diners to beat his time. The 280 pound 45 year old lost his position with the club after eating a pie on the sidelines in the FA Cup game versus Arsenal. has a playlist of the "WwE's wildest eating contests".
Former Austalian soccer start Brendan Favola stopped breathing after attempting an on-radio hot sauce challenge. Paramedics were able to treat his condition.
ESPN has a report on how college football programs try to lure high school prospects with lavish meals during the recruitment process. During his visit to the University of Arizona in Tucson, offensive lineman Michael Eletise attempted the burger challenge at Lindy's on 4th and reversed following his completing the meal after he time limit expired.
Houston Astro Jeff Bagwell was just announced as a new member of the Baseball Hall of Fame. In 2007, the IFOCE website CompetitiveEatingNews posted an article falsely claiming that Bagwell would appear in a list of performance enhancing drug users in a report commissioned by MLB.
A podcast recorded at last week's BBQ eating contest held at Bear's BBQ in Hartford is available on youtube. MMA fighter Chael Sonnen and partner Brian Nichols combined to eat 4.7 pounds, which surpassed the 4.5 pounds eaten by restaurant owner Jamie McDonald. Will Millender offered advice to the winners and appears around the 32 minute mark of the podcast. (video recorded by Will Millender).
In a pregame event for the 2012 Music City Bowl, Vanderbilt lineman Adam Butler accused members of the NC State Wolfpack of cheating in a rib eating contest. Butler's combative attitude impressed the defensive coaching staff, which led to a position change to the defensive line. Today, those two teams will face off in the Camping World Independence Bowl in Shreveport, LA.
Jamie McDonald appeared on Chael Sonnen's podcast to discuss facing off against the MMA fighter in an eating contest at Bear's Smokehouse in Hartford on December 29. (competitive eating segment starts around 43 minutes). Spectators are welcome and there is no admission charge. The on how Bear's Smokehouse has raised the wage to at least $15 for most employees.
Yesterday, former Detroit Lions head coach Steve Mariucci talked about how Andy Reid finished a 40 ounce steak challenge at Prime Quarter in 19 minutes while they were Green Bay Packers assistant coaches. (Mariucci needed 30 minutes) (Wall of Fame picture). In January, The Onion wrote an article titled ("Andy Reid Furious At Self For Poor Clock Management At End Of 72-Oz. Steak Challenge").
In his latest podcast (competitive eating section starts at 17:00), MMA fighter Chael Sonnen announces that he will face Jamie McDonald in an eating contest at Bear's Smokehouse in Hartford on December 29.
Fox 29 has a video about Dave "US Male" Goldstein's plans to run the Philadelphia marathon while pushing his disabled son Josh this weekend.

Rib contest complaint results in football position change

The Tennessean has a report on how Vanderbilt lineman Adam Butler credits his grievances at a rib eating contest held at the 2012 Music City Bowl for his switch from offense to defense. His coaches thought his complaints about his opposition from North Carolina State cheating showed a combative nature.

“For some reason, the judge voted that we lost the rib-eating contest, and I stood up and argued with the judge,” Butler said. “(The judges) were counting the bones. But (North Carolina State players) had ribs on their plate that didn’t have a bone in it, which means they just took the bones out of the ribs and threw them in the tub.”


Outside has an article about the 13,000 calorie / day diet Pete Kostelnick ate while running from San Francisco to New York City. He completed the journey in a record 42 days and averaged 72 miles a day on foot.
The Norman Transcript The Norman Transcript has an article about the eating ability of Oklahoma City Thunder center Steven Adams. has an article about the competitive eating career of Dillan Gibbons, a high school offensive linemane who has committed to play football at Notre Dame.
The Morning Call has an article about Yasir Salem's defense of his Donut Derby title in Trexlertown, PA. The bicycle race deducts 3 minutes for every donut eaten during the race.
Nicki Chan Lam has an instagram devoted to her huge meals at Her fiance Marcus Ellis won a bronze medal in badminton for the United Kingdom in the Rio Olympics today.
Australian badminton player Sawan Serasinghe ordered a meal from McDonald's including a Big Mac, two McChickens, a Quarter Pounder with Cheese, two hamburgers, 40 Chicken McNuggets, six large fries, a smoothie and brownie after losing in the Olympics. McDonald's food is free to athletes in the Olympic Village with a limit of 20 items per person.
UFC President Dana White competed in a hot dog eating contest in Bangor, ME on August 5. The footage will appear in "Lookin for a Fight", an upcoming Netflix series about grassroots mixed martial arts.
Yahoo! announces that pro wrestler Ryback, famed for his big appetite, is no longer under contract with WWE and will participate on the independent circuit and do restaurant challenges. He will compete as "The Big Guy", having lost the rights to the Ryback name. has an article about Ryan Lochte's 6000-8000 calorie / day diet.
Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson will compete in a wing eating contest at Buffalo Wild Wings in Mankato, MN on Saturday August 6.
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