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The most recent episode of the Fink Beats the Stomach podcast starts with a recap of the "Finkie" competitive eating awards, then interviews Nate Biller (minute 36) and closes with coverage from January's bacon eating contest at Beer Bourbon and BBQ festival.

Miki Sudo wins Lewisville tamales

update Sep 28 The Dallas Morning News has a gallery. Contest preview containing interview with Nate Biller.

Official results Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

1st 61 Miki Sudo
2nd 53 Adrian “The Rabbit” Morgan
3rd 49 Michelle “Cardboard Shell” Lesco
4th 45 Erik “The Red” Denmark
5th 34 “Nasty” Nathan Biller
6th 27 Andy Chu
7th 26 Brent Ricord
8th 16.5 Tony “Bam” Martinez
9th 16 Wade Peck
10th 14 Alex “Moose” Perez
11th 10 Mark Poland

Brandon Cooper reports that Miki Sudo won today’s tamale eating contest in Lewisville, TX with a total of 61 tamales, her first victory in a mixed-gender contest since the Chicago Ribfest in June 2014.

Comments (4) has a profile of "Nasty Nate" Biller.

2015 Florida Strawberry Festival Nathan’s qualifier

update March 3 #2 Crazy Legs Conti has a preview for the Huffington Post.

update March 3 Plant City Observer has a contest report

Frankie has an instagram video

update has a contest report claiming that Conti received an unspecified deduction for debris.

Full men’s results part 1 | part 2
1) Nate Biller 23
2) Crazy Legs Conti 22.75
3) Jose Azua 12
4) Jerry Whited 11
5) Mark Trombetta 8.5
6T) Yariel Vignau 8
6T) Yadiel Vignau 8
8) Matthew Germuth 6
9) Thomas Brown 3

Nate Biller has been announced as the male winner with a total of 23

Crazy Legs Conti had at least 21 according to this picture. Dave Wood has the men’s wild card lead with 27.5

Mary Bowers was the top female with 10

Crazy Legs Conti, Nate Biller and Mary Bowers are expected to compete. has a contest preview. The contest is expected to start at 6pm.

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BehindBoxScores has a blog entry about Saturday's spicy donut eating contest in Dallas announcing that Nate Biller will appear at the Lewisville tamale eating contest later this month.
Nate Biller ate 26 corn dogs in 15 minutes to win a contest held at the Libertine Bar in Dallas yesterday.

B for Banishment: Bertoletti, Brown, Biller out of MLE top 50, Miki Sudo #7

update May 10 Rake & Herald has a post about the new rankings containing an interview with Pat Bertoletti who says he declined to extend his MLE contract due to issues it was causing with the Glutton Force Five food truck and his “Stuffed” youtube series. He says he might have competed in his last eating contest.

Flashback: November GQ article where Pat Bertoletti says he is contemplating retirement. ( Joey Chestnut also says he is considering retiring after the 2013 Nathan’s finals)

update May 9 Flashback to the Spring 2010 top 10 Half are apparently no longer with MLE ( Kobayashi (#3) Pat Bertoletti (#4) Ben Monson (#7) Hall Hunt (#9) Tim Brown (#10) )

Miki Sudo noticed that the MLE top 50 was updated today. The new top 10:
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2013 RA Sushi Showdown results

RA Sushi results will be listed here as they come in:

Baltimore: 1) Peter Jackson 2) Michael Longo 3) Jay Gorman
Miami: 1) Dave “The Big Librarian” H
Houston: 1) Teddy Guy
Las Vegas: 1) Miki Sudo 2) Tom Gilbert
San Diego: Justin Mih

update April 8
Dallas, TX 1) Nate Biller 2) Jimmy Chi 3) Spencer Phillips
Tustin, CA (via email) 1) Reza Assar 2) Frank “The Tank” Paulin 3) David Owh 4) Chris Olson
Phoenix, AZ (via comment) 1) Jeff “The Beastman” Butler
Leawood, KS (gallery) 1) Molly Schuyler

update April 10
Corona, CA 1) Kevin Ross 2) Justin Shafer

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2012 World Tamale Eating Championship

update Oct 1 Blue Ribbon News has a contest report

update Sept 30 Lewisville Texan has an article
Ok Sure has videos
The Rake and Herald has a contest report

Results from MLE facebook Part 1 | Part 2

1 Joey Chestnut 102 tamales new record
2 Tim Janus 87
3 Adrian Morgan 68
4 Juan RoDriguez 60.5
5 Nate Biller 50.5
6 Yasir Salem 42
7 Brent Ricord 34
8 Gary Klucken 27
9 Cole Ellis 24
10 Timothy Morris 22
11 Alex Perez 21
12 Steve Harrell 17

Nate Biller appered on Fox 7 to promote the contest, which is expected to start at 1:15 central.

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Nate Biller has been reported as the winner of tonight's Hooters wing eating qualifier in Oklahoma City with a total of 118 wings. update The rest of the results are available. Bryan Beard was the runner up with 44. update #2 News 9 has a video
Patrick Michels has a preview of Sunday's Nathan's qualifier at the Winstar Casino in Thackerville, OK. Probably the most interesting thing about the preview are quotes from George Shea saying television plans for the women's July 4 contest have not been finalized.
Times Record News has an article about Nate Biller and "Hurricane" Katrina Klein competing in Sunday's Nathan's qualifier at the Winstar Casino in Thackerville, Oklahoma. has an article about Nate Biller's tips for Thanksgiving.
Nate Biller appears on the current cover page of the current Dallas Observer.

7 part Patrick Michels article in the Dallas Observer

In a seven-part article for the Dallas Observer, Patrick Michels uses Nathan Biller’s career as a starting point to explore the history of the IFOCE/MLE and competitive eating in general. While quite thorough, the article does not mention the cancellation of the Krystal Square Off or the admission by Mortimer Matz, Nathan’s promoter in the 1970′s, that the 1916 “origin story” of the Coney Island contest was a fabrication.

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Nate Biller wins Plano qualifer in OT

Results from & “results”

1. “Nasty” Nate Biller 25 HDB (20 at end of regulation, 5 in 2 minute eatoff)
2. Kevin Ross 24 (20 at end of regulation, 4 in 2 minute eatoff)
3. Ken Mansfield 18 (from Florida)
4. Timm Dilling 15
4. Chris Floyd 15

update TexasStumps has a blog entry about the contest with pictures. has an article about the qualifier with a video

update #2 The blog for the Dallas Observer has an entry about the qualifier with videos which reports that Kevin Ross had a post contest reversal. (from Daniel Rodrigue)

WFAA has an article about the contest

Youtube also has a video

update #3 D Magazine’s Sidedish blog has an entry about the contest

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Dallas Observer interviews Nathan Biller

The Dallas Observer continues its series about entrants in the Plano, TX Nathan’s qualifier with an interview with “Nasty” Nathan Biller, who is getting a master’s degree in sports business at New York University.

update The Fort Worth Star Telegram has a short preview. Walter Duke is one of the expected entrants

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