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WDRB.com has an article about Randy Santel finishing the "Big Wick" challenge at Wick's Pizza Parlor in Louisville to start his Spring 2016 tour.
Randy Santel has uploaded a video recorded at the Pied Piper in Nashville in October where he and Olivia Ragni completed the breakfast challenge.
Randy Santel announces he has completed his tour of the eastern USA and Canada. During the trip, he successfully completed 78 restaurant eating challenges.
WBIR has a segment about Randy Santel's unsuccessful attempt at the Rocky Top ice cream challenge at It's All so Yummy Cafe in Knoxville. Randy mentions his upcoming team pizza challenge with Matt "Sweet Tooth" Cohen in the clip.
Randy Santel and Olivia Ragni finished the breakfast challenge at the Pied Piper Eatery in Nashville yesterday.
Randy Santel reports he finished the Vault Cracker Sundae Challenge at The Vault Sweet Shoppe in Port Huron, MI today for his 300th restaurant challenge completion.
Men's Health UK has an article about competitive eating focusing on Randy Santel's tour of the UK and Ireland earlier this year. Takeru Kobayashi is also interviewed. The Ionia Sentinel Standard has an account of Randy Santel and Mitch Dombrowksi finishing the 7 pound burrito at El Mariachi in Ionia, MI, part of a 78 day eating challenge tour of eastern North America.
Love Belfast has a request for participants in the World Oyster Eating Championship in Hillsborough, Northern Ireland on September 5 with quotes from Randy Santel.
Randy Santel ate 31 hot dogs in 10 minutes to win the hot dog eating contest at the Salute To America Festival in Jefferson City, MO.
Sam Rowe is doing a UK eating challenge every day this week with advice from Randy Santel. The experience will be chronicled in an upcoming article for Men's Health UK.
Munchies.vice.com has a video about Randy Santel's recent eating challenge tour of the UK. update April 8 BroBible also has an article about Randy.
Randy Santel announces that his four person team ate 125 oysters in 2 minutes to win the first prize of $1000 at today's eating contest at Jax Fish House in Kansas City. Kyle Hanner and Teddy Delacruz were two of his teammates.
The Daily Beast has a wrap-up on Randy Santel's eating challenge tour of the UK.
The Daily Star has an article about the conclusion of Randy Santel's eating challenge tour of the UK and England. During the trip, he successfully completed 42 restaurant challenges, which put his total challenge count to over 250.
LiveLeak.com has a video of Randy Santel becoming the first man (Emma Dalton was the first finisher) to complete the Hibernator breakfast challenge at Bear Grills in Congleton, England which concludes with a post-challenge reversal. LadBible has a blog entry about Randy's UK tour.
Irish Central has a report on the Irish section of Randy Santel's now complete European tour.
Randy Santel attempted the Balense reus burger challenge at Broodjeshoek in Balen, Belgium yesterday. He is not the first American to attempt the challenge, Joey Chestnut was the first person to complete the challenge last month, winning the jackpot of 785 euros ($1080) (he donated 350 euros ($480) to charity). (video | article 1 | article 2)
The Irish Times has a report on Randy Santel's attempt at the 64 ounce steak challenge at Judge Roy Beans Bar & Restaurant in Newbridge. Ireland.
Articles by the Irish Independent and Mid Ulster Mail both list Randy Santel as the star of the now cancelled program Man v Food. Randy is currently doing an eating challenge tour of Europe and was the second person to finish the breakfast challenge at Murphy's Law in Athlone, Ireland.
Randy Santel and Molly Schuyler appeared on Omaha Morning Blend today to attempt a 10+ pound Big Shot pizza from Godfather's Pizza. update More videos Part 2 | Part 3
Randy Santel produced a video of him eating 27 meals in 27 different Omaha-area restaurants on his 27th birthday. The total calorie count is estimated to be 16,353.
Randy Santel's appearance on KCTV5 at Jess & Jim's Steakhouse where he attempted to eat a 75 ounce steak can be viewed online. update April 5 KCL has a video about RandyP
The Huffington Post has an article about Randy Santel completing the Triple Double challenge at BadHappy Poutine in Chicago.
On Saturday, Randy Santel and Ramsey Hilton combined to eat a 15 pound 30 inch pizza in 22:55 to win a contest at Philly's Pizza in Marthasville, MO. Yesterday, they did the 29 inch challenge at Schiappa's Italian Grill in O'Fallon, IL in 13:03.
Jamie McDonald and Tom Cortina have been announced as a team in Bennison's Bakery's paczki eating contest on February 9 in Evanston, IL. update Jan 8 Eric Dahl and Randy Santel have been announced as another team.
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