Wayne “Wayney Wonder” Algenio category

Joe Menchetti & Wayne Algenio win East Islip, NY contests

Results from today’s contests in East Islip, NY

Royal Caribbean Bakery National Bun & Cheese Eating Championship:

1 Joe Menchetti
2 Dan Kennedy
3 Wayne Algenio

Caribbean Food Delights National Beef Patty Eating Championship:

1 Wayne Algenio
2 Dan Kennedy
3 Joe Menchetti

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Doug Sakmann posted a clip from an upcoming Troma film of Badlands Booker, Wayne Algenio, Crazy Legs Conti, Tim "Gravy" Brown and adult actress Nadia White competing in an eating contest.
Wayne Algenio won today's EastMeetEast Singles Ramen Eating Competition held at the Gotham West Market. Takeru Kobayashi was the judge. update Extra Crispy has an interview about the event with Kobayashi who ate three bowls of ramen in 19.6 seconds before the contest. update Apr 30 Wayne Algenio has a video
Wayne Algenio & Darron Breeden interview Bob Shoudt in the latest episode of their Wonderful Eats video podcast.
Darron Breeden and Wayne Algenio have started a video podcast series. Adam "Beard Meats Food" Moran is the guest on the first episode.
Bob Shoudt & Wayne Algenio teamed up to eat a bucket of meatballs in 32 seconds at the Meatball Shop in Williamsburg, NY and win the first prize of a 10 person food and drink party on Daniel's Chicken Bus. Bob Shoudt also ate 48 meatballs at That Meatball Place in Patchogue, NY to win $1000. update Wayne Algenio video
Wayne Algenio announces that he will appear on the Action Bronson show tomorrow on the Viceland televison channel.
The first episode of the 2017 season of Man v Food with new host Casey Webb can be viewed on the travel channel website. Wayne Algenio makes an appearance around minute 14.
Wayne Algenio announces that he won yesterday's clam eating contest at Peter's Clam Bar in Island Park, NY. Itiel Ginzburg was the runner-up. Takeru Kobayashi and Ed "Cookie" Jarvis did a one minute contest during the event.
Top 3 from yesterday's burger eating contest held at the Dromedary Bar in Brooklyn: 1) Wayne Algenio 2) Joe Menchetti 3) Tim "Gravy" Brown. Jeremiah "El Toro" Jimenez also competed.
Mic.com has a report on Wayne Algenio's victory over Guinness record holder Greg Holder in the Carolina Reaper pepper eating contest at the New York City Hot Sauce Expo Sunday.
Wayne Algenio ate 33 meatballs in 4 minutes to win the first prize of $1000 in tonight's eating contest at That Meetball Place in Patchogue, NY. update Dave Brunelli won the Farmingdale, NY contest with 34 meatballs.
The Villager has an article about Wayne Algenio's win in Friday's cannoli eating contest at the Feast of San Gennaro which includes an incorrect claim by contest sponsor Adeline Sessa that he set the all time record (Marcos Owens: 34 2014). (contest video)
Wayne Algenio ate 21 cannolis in 6 minutes to win today's eating contest at the Feast of San Gennaro in New York City today.
Wayne Algenio ate 22 hot dogs in 5 minutes to win Monday's hot dog eating contest held at Janss Marketplace in Thousand Oaks, CA. Jon Bello was runner up.
Wayne Algenio has a video with the results of Rocco's Pizza eating contest Friday in Brooklyn: 1) Dave Brunelli 24.75 slices $2000 2) Wayne Algenio 23.5 $1000 3) Itiel Ginzburg 18.5 slices $500. After the contest (around 11 minute mark), Joe Menchetti compared himself to Brian Seiken after a disappointing performance.
ABC News has an article and video about the Carolina Reaper pepper mentioning Wayne Algenio's record set at the NYC Hot Sauce Expo in April.
Wayne Algenio produced a video of him facing off against Thomasina Owch of Singapore in a race to finish the curry challenge at Kenka in New York City.
The Wall Street Journal has an article about New York City eating challenges and a video of Randy Santel and Wayne Algenio attempting the burger challenge at Clinton Hall in Manhattan last month.
Vice.com's new documentary "How American Men Are Redefining Masculinity" opens with Wayne Algenio attempting the MotherLoad Sloppy Joe challenge at Lunch Box in Staten Island with host Gavin Haynes.
The team of Wayne Algenio, Dave Brunelli and Dave Wood won the first prize of $1500 in today's pizza eating contest at Zoi's Pizza in Seymour, CT. update April 22 WPLR has a gallery
Randy Santel and Wayne Algenio will attempt the burger challenge at Clinton Hall in New York City tonight. The Wall Street Journal will cover the attempt. update Randy & Wayne both finished with a time of 10:16
Wayne Algenio and Carmen Cincotti became the first pair to finish the 36 inch pizza challenge at Champs Pizza in Glen Burnie, MD and claim the $1000 prize.
DNA Info has an article about Wayne Algenio, billing him as a competitive eater from Jamaica.
Borough President of Brooklyn Eric Adams reports Wayne Algenio won today's Jamaican beef patty eating contest. update Sept 7 Gothamist gallery | Brooklyn Paper article
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