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Molly Schuyler ate a 5 pound Burritozilla in 1:25 to defend her title at Iguana's in San Jose and win $1000. After winning the contest, she ate a 2nd Burritozilla in 2:20 to win a $100 bonus.

2017 Tulsa Bratwurst contest

Matt Dutton has the top 3
1) Carmen Cincotti 90.5
2) Darron Breeden 76.5
3) Gideon Oji 66.5

Carmen Cincotti won today’s bratwurst eating contest at Linde Oktoberfest in Tulsa with a total of 90.5 sausages in 10 minutes. (from Facebook Live video)

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Kosherfest will hold a A&H Kosher Hot Dog Eating Contest in Secaucus, NJ on November 14 awarding $400/$200/$100.
Molly Schuyler will attempt to defend her Burritozilla eating title and claim a $1000 prize at Iguana's in San Jose on Saturday. Her competition will be Edward Chin, Justin and Steve.
The second part of BBC's World Service Food Chain podcast about competitive eating is available online. This program focuses on the health aspects of competitive eating with Erik Lamkin discussing his history with eating disorders. Andrei Sidorov also attempts the Iron Pig Challenge at Porky's BBQ.
"Furious" Pete Czerwinski appeared on Dragons' Den (the Canadian equivalent of ABC's Shark Tank) with a team seeking investment for New Age Performance's line of performance enhancing mouthpieces. Brian Shaw "The World's Strongest Man" was another member of the team. (video)
Dave "US Male" Goldstein completed an Ironman Triathlon (26.2 mile run, 2.4 mile swim & 112 mile bike ride) in Louisville on Sunday. (result page) reports that defending champion Molly Schuyler will miss Saturday's bratwurst eating contest at Bierhaus NYC. The contest will award $750/$500/$250 to the top 3.
The Elk Grove Citizen has a report on the contest for local amateurs held during the World Pumpkin Pie-Eating Contest in Elk Grove, CA on October 8. In her first ever eating competition, Elk Grove Crime Prevention Officer Kristina Ramirez not only bested the amateur field with a total of 3.5 pounds, she also finished ahead of two ranked MLE eaters (Mary Bowers #47 & Alex Perez #50).
The top 3 for yesterday's burger eating contest at Lumpy's Diner in Antioch, CA: 1 Edward Chin $1000 prize 2 Sergio Reyes Raya $250 3 Gim Chu $100 (via Sergio Reyes Raya) Contest video

Molly Schuyler defends Great Pumpkin Farm title

update Oct 16 WGRZ and Democrat and Chronicle articles
Stephanie Wu video

Stephanie Wu has the top 4 from today’s pie eating contest at the Great Pumpkin Farm in Clarence, NY

update Full Results Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

1st 48 Molly Schuyler $500 bonus for breaking record
2nd 33 Bob “The Notorious B.O.B.” Shoudt
3rd 30 Dan “killer” Kennedy ate 2 in eatoff to win 3rd
4th 30 David “Tiger Wings and Things” Brunelli ate 1 in eatoff
5th 20 Adam “Beard Meats Food” Moran
6th 13 Jack “Snack Jack” Diamond
7th 12 Dave “Big Dave” Werick
8th 11 Stephanie Wu
9th 9 Adam “Crusty Crab” Williams
10th 8 Jason “Pizza Boy” LeFrois
11th 7 Curtis “Jedi” Mott

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Carmen Cincotti wins Toronto poutine

2017 Memphis Moon Pies

update Oct 17 Ivan Mendoza has a video

update Matt Hazzard has a video

Results from Facebook Live video
1) Matt Stonie 73 in 8 minutes, defends title
2) Geoff Esper 69
3) Ivan Mendoza 33.5
4) Michael Whities 32.5
5) Derek Jacobs 30
6) Matt Hazzard 29 originally announced 5th
? Nate Biller
? Brett Healey

The contest is expected to be streamed on Facebook Live at noon Central on Defending champion Matt Stonie, Geoff Esper, Nate Biller, Michael Whities and Ivan Mendoza are expected to compete.

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Dan Kennedy announces that he will compete in the Great Pumpkin Farm Pie Championship in Clarence, NY Sunday along with defending champion Molly Schuyler, Bob Shoudt, Dave Brunelli, Adam "Beard Meats Food" Moran, Stephanie Wu, Dave Werick and Jack Diamond.
Australian Jesse "Food Coma" Freeman produced a video of him finishing the "Impossible Big Mac Challenge" in a faster time than Matt Stonie did.
Von Garcon says he will award $200 to someone who can finish a 7 pound burrito in Chicago in under an hour. At least three challengers must attempt the meal.
Kate Ovens, Yasir Salem and Takeru Kobayashi will appear on BBC's Food Chain program tonight. The program will also visit an eating contest in Singapore. update The podcast is now available online (mp3 file)

2017 Nashville Nathan’s qualifier

Official results men | women

1 Ronnie Hartman 28.75
2 Michael “Big Eater Mike” whities 23
3 Brian Dudzinski 19

1W Bryn Szeles 8.75
2W Rene Rovtar 8.5

Facebook Live video from NewsChannel 5

Fox Nashville has a live stream of the contest.

Brian Dudzinski, Ronnie Hartman, Michael “Big Eater Mike” Whities and Rene Rovtar are expected to compete.

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Buffalo Wild Wings in Richmond will hold a qualifier Friday for a wing eating contest on Sunday awarding $200 to the winner.
Tin Roof in Charlotte, NC will hold a hot dog eating contest on October 27 awarding $200 to the winner.

2017 Elk Grove Pumpkin Pie Contest

update Oct 16 Elk Grove Citizen has a report on the contest held for local amateurs. It was the first eating competition for victor Kristina Ramirez.

update Oct 11 Jon Davis video

update Oct 9 Videos: Elk Grove News | corralesderabago | Jeremy Flint | Doc Souza article

Facebook Live video

Results from scoresheet

1st 15.75 Geoffrey Esper
2nd 9.5 Gideon Oji
3rd 9 Miki Sudo
4th 8 Steve Hendry
5th 6.875 Pablo Martinez
6th 4.5 Ryan Buicko
7th 4.25 Sergio Reyes-Raya
8th 3.75 Jon Davis
9th 3.5 Kristina Ramirez Elk Grove police department
10th 3.25 Dan Davis Laguna Creek High School football coach
11th 3 Rod Brewer Consumes CSD board president
12th 2.5 Mary “I Love ‘em HOT!” Bowers current MLE #47, finished behind 6 unranked eaters
13th 2 Alex “Moose” Perez current MLE #50, finished behind 6 unranked eaters
14th 1.75 Nick Flores Consumes Fire Dept
15th 1.5 Joel Steinberg

Picture of the entire contest field

Sam Barclay appeared on Good Day Sacramento this morning to promote the contest.

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The Local: Clintonville in Columbus, will hold a taco eating contest on October 19 awarding $200 to the winner.
Brandon "Da Disposal" Clark announces he ate 30 bratwurst in 10 minutes to set the contest record for the Seymour, IN Oktoberfest and take the first prize of $500.
The Watering Bowl in Denver will offer a 36 inch pizza challenge that will award $500 if it is finished during one half of a Denver Broncos game. has an article about Leon "Justice" Feingold being forced out of a leadership role in Open Love New York, a "sex positive" group advocating polyamory, after he did not eject a member accused of physically abusing women from the association. Feingold competed in the Nathan's finals three times, but has not been active in Major League Eating since 2005. He also was a pitcher in the Israeli baseball league.
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