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2019 Oct 20Chilli Dumpling Eating Contest Chilli Fagara Hong Kong, China
Daily Mail has a report on a pepper eating contest held in Yichun, China where the competitors were immersed in a hot spring filled with the vegetable to be consumed. Yi Huan ate 20 peppers in a minute to win the contest and received a gold bar and title of "Chilli Queen".
Buzzfeed has an interview with television presenter An-Qi, from Zhejiang, China. A video of her quickly defeating her male co-host has received over 3 million views on twitter. has an article about female competitive eater Hu Tongton from Heilongjiang, China.
NDTV has an article about a chilli eating contest in Ningxiang, Hunan, China requiring participants to sit in giant tubs filled with peppers. A man named Su ate 15 peppers in 1 minute to win the contest.
Daily Motion has a video of a recent noodle eating contest in Wuhan, China where a 53 year old woman ate 400g (.88 pounds) of noodles in 8 seconds.
Shanghaiist reports that a 53 year old woman from Wuhan province surnamed Luo ate 400g of noodles (0.88 pounds) in 8 seconds to win a contest, a pace of 3kg (6.6 lbs) per minute. Emmanuel, a 21 year old from Tojo, was the runner up with a time of 24 seconds. (original Chinese article).
A woman billed as "Super Eater Mizijun" ate 4kg (9 pounds) of rice to win a contest in Hangzhou, China. update Shanghaiist has a blog entry and video with a link to her Chinese social media page with 500K subscribers. reports that some Chinese consider Yuka Kinoshita's recent video where she ate bananas as an insult to their country. One viewer theorized that the 137 bananas Yuka ate was intended to be a reference to the Chinese population of 1.37 billion.
Hangzhou, China held an eating contest where competitors ate hot peppers while sitting in ice buckets.
Daily Mail reports Chinese competitve eater Pan Yizhong ate 36 boiled eggs and a box of mealworms at Shiniuzhai Geopark in Hunan, China to promote the opening of a 984 foot glass-bottomed pedestrian suspension bridge, billed as the longest in the world.
The Daily Mail has an article about Li Yongzhi of Shawoli, China, who reportedly eats up to 5.5 pounds of chilli peppers daily.
Shanghaiist reports that Xiao Li ate 24 bowls of noodles in 2 minutes to win an eating contest in Xi'an, China.
The Global Times has an article about Chinese competitive eating focusing on Pan Yizhong, who claims he has finished a 1 meter (40 inch) pizza in Beijing.
TV Tokyo has a web page about Battle of the Big Eaters with pictures of the 4 person teams from the USA, Japan, China and Australia that faced off in Los Angeles last month. Molly Schuyler and Natsuko "Gal" Sone receive top billing. The program will be televised on January 1.
AFP has an article about Pan Yizhong, who ate 160 eggs (150 quail and 10 chicken) in Beijing to celebrate Christmas. He selected eggs since the Chinese word for Christmas Shengdanjie, has a character that sounds like the Chinese term for "egg".
DK's Donuts & Bakery has a gallery of Beverly (Hills) Gardens Park, where a team from the United States will face a Chinese team in a Maple Bacon Bliss bar eating contest for Battle of the Big Eaters 2, which will be televised by TV Tokyo on New Year's Day.
Claire List has a list of eating challenges offered by restaurants in Shanghai, China.
What's on Xiamen has a post about a 2kg burger available at Langham Placein Xiamen, China. reports that at least 10 Chinese tourists will attempt the 72 ounce steak at the Big Texan tomorrow live on a reality show. update July 25 reports none of the group finished the challenge.
The Beijinger lists Nathan's Famous as one of five USA restaurant chains to fail in China. Nathan's Chinese sites were closed in 2012 after a hot dog eating qualifier was held in 2011. has an article about Pan Yizhong, the most famous Chinese competitive eater who has the nickname "Big Stomach King". (video)
The Chicago Tribune has an article about the novel "POW!" by Chinese author Mo Yan. The protagonist of the book is a meat eating champion who ate five pounds of steak in an hour to win an eating contest at the age of 12.
RocketNews24 reports that a man in Wuhan, China was diagnosed with a hole in his stomach after he consumed a spicy "hot pot" soup. (via DailyMail)
"Furious" Pete Czerwinski has produced a vlog from The Great Wall of China recorded during a recent trip to China to produce an episode of Abenteuer Leben.
Lum Dim Sum has a gallery of Joey Chestnut's trip to China. Joey visited the Great Wall of China and the Compassion for Migrant Children (CMC)’s Pingxifu Center in addition to performing an exhibition at the Beijing Nathan's qualifier where he ate 39 hot dogs in 5 minutes.
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