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Between Breads in Mumbai, India will hold a hot dog eating contest this month. Qualifiers will take place on May 10 & 11, the finals will be held on May 18.
The US Consulate held a Baskin Robbins ice cream eating contest in Chennai, India.  
The Hindu has an article about the Three Hungry Men, who conduct eating contests in Mangalore, India.  
Simply Potatoes in Mumbai, India held the "Ultimate Potato Eating Competition" today.
Australia Network News has a report on the Nagaland Chilli Eating Competition in India. Chetie Khiamnungyan ate 18.5 peppers to win the contest. (video)
Dale Boone is facing off against a Mongolian named Aagii in an eating contest at Foodies - India's Mega Food Festival in Bangalore.
The London Grill in New Delhi, India held a Big Ben Burger Challenge yesterday. (gallery)
The Times of India has an article about the "Mission ImPIZZAble" eating contest taking place today in Mangalore. The contest is being held in conjunction with the Islamic holiday of Eid which marks the end of Ramadan.
Business Standard reports that Anita Chaudhary ate 1.5 kg (3.3 lbs) of mango to win a contest held at the Delhi Mango Festival.
Smithsonian Magazine has a report on the Naga King Chili Pepper eating contest held in Kisama, India which includes information about the science of spicy food. also has an article about spicy food competitions.
The Times of India has an article about the "Hogathon" eating contest that will be held in Mangalore, India this weekend. update March 20 A gallery of the event
The Telegraph of Calcutta has an article about 13 year old schoolboy Bharat Sharma choking to death on idlis. He reportedly stuffed his mouth with three of the savory cakes after being bullied about sharing his lunch. (Times of India article)
MumbaiBoss has a list of five eating challenges in Mumbai, India.
The Hindu reports that Akin Emmanuel from Nigeria won a WLOCE laddoo eating contest held in Bangalore, India. (via WLOCE facebook).
ZoominUK has a mini-documentary about world competitive eating with footage from a mango eating contest in Inida, the Buffalo Wing Festival, the Nathan's finals and a nettle eating competition in England.
The Financial Times has an article about the hot dog eating contest held Saturday at The All American Diner in New Delhi, India.
The All American Diner in Delhi, India is holding a hot dog eating contest Saturday.
TV9Kannadnews has a video of Dale Boone's (pronounced "Delay Boone") victory in a burger eating contest in Bangalore last week.
The Brazilian website has pictures of Dale Boone competing in a 2kg burger eating contest in Bangalore, India. update Times of India has an article about the contest. update May 21 The Hindu also has an article.
Phoenix market city has a video of Dale Boone eating a 17 inch pizza from Sbarro in Bangalore, India in 2:51.
Violence leaving five injured erupted between Dalits and Hindus at a beef eating festival held at Osamania University in Hyderabad, India. The headline of an AFP wire service article says an eating competition was held at the festival, but there is no mention of a contest in the body of the article or a Times of India report.
The Hindu has an interview with Dale Boone.
TV9kannadanews has a video (not in English) recorded at the pizza eating contest held at the Sbarro in Bangalore, India won by Dale Boone.
News 9 did a segment about Dale Boone competing against four person teams in a "MOOZilla" eating contest held in Bangalore, India on April 1. (via Bella Mooz)
Dale Boone claimed a world record after finishing a 17 inch pizza in 2:51 at the Sbarro in Bangalore, India. (gallery)
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