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The National Library of Israel has an post about an eating contest held in Tel Aviv in 1953 which took place during a time of austerity and food rationing.
Rons2003 has uploaded a screen capture of the Nathan's finals from an Israeli television channel.
The famous chili pepper eating contest at the Hornbill festival of Nagaland, India was held today. Israeli Netta Tdeclans won the tourist division of the contest. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the festival.
El Al Airlines will hold a hamantaschen eating contest awarding a trip to Israel. update Entrants will submit videos of eating feats and the top 10 vote receivers will compete in a contest in New York City on March 8. Professionals (defined as individuals who have participated in 2 or more eating contests) are not allowed. update Feb 11 Will Millender announces that he will be participating in the contest as a professional. If the amateur winner beats him, the prize will double.
H'aGov Bar in Jerusalem, Israel held a hot dog eating contest during the halftime of today's NY Giants vs. NY Jets game.
Hebrew Union College - Jewish Institute of Religion held a pair of latke eating contests in Los Angeles and Jerusalem. Marina Tecktiel had the best performance in both contests with a total of 25 latkes in 7 minutes.
Papagaio's in Jersualem, Isreal will hold a burger eating contest on October 10.

Tel Aviv pasta contest

Reuters blogs has an entry and a video about a hands free pasta eating contest held in Tel Aviv, Israel last Friday.

Though he won a year’s supply of pasta, it’s likely the winner will have to remove it from his house. The Jewish holiday of Passover is celebrated in just over two weeks time and those who celebrate the holiday are not allowed to have foods made from flour and bread in their homes.