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On his Instagram, Joey Chestnut posted a picture of a 11 pound burger in Phuket, Thailand, which he ate in less than 20 minutes.

Russian competitive eater/bodybuilder arrested in Thailand

The Daily Mail reports that Russian competitive eater/bodybuilder Sergey Medvedev was arrested in Thailand on February 2. He is the alleged co-founder of the cybercrime organization “Infraud”, which has defrauded $530 million from Americans since 2010 according to federal prosecutors. The arrest followed a two year probe by the US Justice Department and Medvedev is expected to be extradited to the USA in about a month. “The Bear” labeled himself “the first Russian competitive eater” on his Instagram and had a youtube channel devoted to food challenges and strength training. update The FBI claims that Medvedev possessed over $800 million worth of bitcoins at the time of his arrest. (Bangkok Post article about arrest)

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Joey Chestnut announces that he failed a 10kg (22 lbs.) curry rice challenge at Gold Curry in Bangkok, Thailand. The prize for finishing the challenge is 100,000 yen or about $950.
Woman's Day NZ has an interview of Nela Zisser in which she discusses being diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome. In her latest video, she takes on the 2kg curry challenge at Gold Curry in Bangkok.
Nela Zisser appeared Australia's Daily Edition to talk about her latest video where she ate 10 scorpions in Thailand. She hopes to surpass Yuka Kinoshita's mark of 62 McDonalds burgers in an upcoming video. (Daily Mirror article)
Gold Curry in Bangkok, Thailand reports that Nela Zisser finished the 2kg curry challenge in 8:37.
The Bangkok Post has an article about competitive eating in Thailand containing interviews with members of the Thai Pro Eater group.
Leah Shutkever finished the burger challenge in 7 minutes at Stacked Samui in Bophut, Thailand to set a house record.
A program titled The Battle of the Big Eaters - World Championships was recorded in New York City today near Times Square. A woman representing Japan and a man representing Thailand faced off in a spaghetti eating contest. update May 10 Today's filming will take place on Randall's Island update May 11 It appears Molly Schuyler is representing the USA according to this Instagram video., Tomoko Miyake, Ayari Sato and Takuya Yamamoto are Japanese competitors. update May 12 The finals - USA v Japan are recording in Times Square today. It appears Stephanie Torres is on team USA.
Kandy Hoa ate a 2.5 kg burger in 14 minutes to take the lead in Biggest Burger contest at 25 Degreesin Bangkok.
Vitthaya Morawong posted a picture of Joey Chestnut at Gold Curry in Bangkok, where he finished a 6kg (13.2 lb.) curry challenge in 27:30 on November 18, 2013 according to the restaurant's facebook. Joey says he intends to attempt the 10kg challenge in the future.
Kotaku has a blog entry about the curry challenges at Gold Curry in Japan (there is also a Bangkok location). The challenge meal sizes range from 2kg (4.4 lb) to 10kg (22.2 lb). The largest challenge awards 100000 Yen ($952) if finished (this is the heaviest single person eating challenge). (via @swoatt)
The Phuket News reports that Russian tourist Svetlana Makovskaya ate 12 pieces of cake to win the Royal Phuket City (Thailand) Hotel’s cake eating contest. Defending champion Kanit Yingpitpor ate 10 pieces.
Val Bromann has a blog entry about the hot dog eating contest she organized in Chiang Mai, Thailand.
Val Bromann has posted her report & gallery on the CP Biggest Eater finals in Thailand.
MyCPBrand has a video with footage of the Thailand qualifier and finals for CP Biggest Eater.

CP Biggest Eater Thailand qualifier links

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Razor TV has two videos recorded at the CP Biggest Eater finals: Interview w/ Joey Chestnut & Sonya Thomas, clip about Singaporean winners.

CP Biggest Eater Finals links

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Joey Chestnut sets record in 2012 CP Biggest Eater finals

update Feb 13 Full results | NineMSN video

update 7:30 pm has an article about the Australian competitors.

update 10:30 Official MLE results
1) Joey Chestnut 390, new record
2) Pat Bertoletti 321
3) Tim Janus 315
4) Sonya Thomas 231, women’s record
5) Juliet Lee 219

udpate 10:07 am CP Brand has a new facebook gallery of the contest site with no pictures of the competition.

update 9:50 am Pat Bertoletti announces he lost.

The contests for the qualifier winners have taken place. Korapin reports that Helen Tan won the women’s contest with 125 wontons and Ng Chin Sheng won the men’s contest with 161. Both winners are from Singapore. The MLE contest should be starting soon.

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Matt Stonie (Part 1 | Part 2) and Val Bromann have reports on Saturday's CP Biggest Eater qualifier in Thailand. update The CP facebook has a gallery.
True Inside produced a video of the Thailand qualifier for CP Biggest Eater held on Saturday. The results of the MLE exhibition were 1) Matt Stonie 255 2) Erik Denmark 202 3) Crazy Legs Conti 140. Matt Stonie has a gallery of his trip.
The facebook for CP Brand Thailand has a promo video for Saturday's Biggest Eater qualifier with a picture of Matt Stonie, Erik Denmark and Crazy Legs Conti.
The Nation reports that Hing Laichan, a 66 year old motorcycle taxi driver, died in a pad thai noodle eating contest in the Phetchaburi province of Thailand.
Crocodile Egg Eating contest in Pattaya, Thailand
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