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An entrant in a spicy chilli pepper eating contest was hospitalized Saturday in a competition in Canberra, ACT, Australia. Despite the incident, a second contest was held today.
Randy Santel announces that he just succeeded at a restaurant eating challenge for the 500th time: the burger challenge at Bare Grill on Bourke in Surry Hills, NSW, Australia.
Isaac Harding Davis won the first prize of $2000 at a contest held at Wassup Dog in Perth, Australia.
Wassup Dog in Perth, WA, Australia will hold a hot dog eating contest on June 3 awarding $2000 to the winner.
Figure competitor hj_jonesy ate a 1 metre pizza to win a contest at Criniti's in Woolloomooloo, NSW Australia on Tuesday.
Wanneroo Markets in Wangara, WA, Australia will hold a 1.5 kg megadog eating contest on April 29 awarding $500 to the winner.
Mina Luna defended her title in the Melbourne Chilli Eating Championship to claim the first prize of $500.
Isaac Harding Davis ate 51 pieces of sushi in 1:44 at Niji Sushi Bar in Kingsford, NSW to win a trip to Japan.
The Melbourne Chilli Eating Championship will award $500 to the winner on April 8. Registration closes tomorrow. has a top 12 list for Australian competitive eaters.
A Woopi Monster Burger eating contest awarding $300 to the winner will be held March 3 in Woolgoolga, NSW, Australia.
Former Austalian soccer start Brendan Favola stopped breathing after attempting an on-radio hot sauce challenge. Paramedics were able to treat his condition.
Alana8What ate a six patty burger to set the house record at Maribyrnong, VIC then she ate another similar-sized sandwich because she was still hungry. has an article about Ollie "The Ressler" Ressom from Pascoe Vale, VIC, Australia. He hopes to compete in the Nathan's Finals
Australian competitive eater "Hulk Smash Food" announces that he has exceeded 100,000 followers for his Instagram account. I think this is the most for an active competitive eater; Furious Pete has 400K+, but has not done an official contest in almost 3 years.
In time for Australia Day on Thursday, a calendar of Australian eating contests has been started at
The Lunar New Year Festival in Richmond, VIC (Melbourne area) will hold a pho eating contest on January 22 awarding $1000 to the winner.

Battle of Big Eaters 4 videos

Oogui 2016 has videos of the entire broadcast of Battle of Big Eaters 4 on TV Tokyo today (Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3). Molly Schuyler did not compete in the final match of the program; Bob Shoudt faced off against Moeno Azuki. has a page (translated) about the competition.

update Jan 4 Whole broadcast in one video

update Jan 11 Previous video removed. Here is one that is still available

Program guide
0 Previous contest highlights & Japanese qualifiers
3 “Defeat Molly” title shown on screen
8 USA qualifier, Joe Menchetti & Wayne Algenio compete
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The Glen Hotel in Eight Mile Plains, QLD, Australia will hold a meat pie eating contest on Australia Day, January 26 awarding $500 to the winner.
TV Tokyo has a page about Battle of the Big Eaters 4 that will be televised on New Years Day with pictures of all 4 competing quartets. Team Canada and Australian pro wrestler Shazza Mackenzie do not appear.
Hulk Smash Food's instagram has a video of a mannequin challenge performed at Grand Trailer Park Taverna in Melbourne. (video link)
Daily Telegraph has a profile of Australian competitive eater Erik Lee. has an article about Issac "Sir Eats-A-Lot" Martin which includes a report on his attempt at the sandwich challenge at Charc in Sydney.
Cafe 51 in Melbourne, Australia will hold a burger eating contest on November 19 awarding $500 to the winner. has an article about Goodtime Burgers. Competitive eater Issac "Eats a Lot" Martin is a chef and produces a weekly burger challenge.
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