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Upcoming Ireland eating contests
2017 Nov 21United Way Pumpkin Pie Eating Contest Clovis Community College Clovis, NM
$100 2017 Nov 22 4th Annual Pie Eating Contest Calico Jack's Glendale Glendale, AZ
2017 Nov 22Green Bean Casserole Eating Contest POP Bar Cincinnati, OH
2017 Nov 22Holiday Cream Pie Eating Contest Moose Loyal Order of Ketchikan, AK
2017 Nov 22Mexican Mashed Potato Eating Contest Vida Vida Charlotte, NC
2017 Nov 22Oyster Eating Contest Stella's Fish Cafe Minneapolis, MN
2017 Nov 22Papi's Taco Eating Contest- Thanksgiving Version Papi's Baltimore, MD
2017 Nov 22Pie eating Contest Mulligans Augusta, WI
2017 Nov 22Pizza Eating Contest! Arcanum Picnic's Pizza & Grille Arcanum, OH
($25)2017 Nov 22 Pumpkin Pie Eating Contest Timothy O'Tooles Chicago, IL
2017 Nov 22Turkey Testicle Festival Timothy O'Tooles Chicago, IL
2017 Nov 233 Mile Burger Eating Contest Three Mile Inn Newcastle upon Tyne, England, UK
2017 Nov 23Donut Eating Contest Glory Hole Doughnuts Toronto, ON, Canada
2017 Nov 241st Annual Sandwich Eating Contest Daughters Cafe of Hanover Hanover, PA
2017 Nov 24Chilli Eating Contest EATYARD Dublin, Ireland
2017 Nov 24Coco Friday: Mullen's Ice Cream Eating Contest! The Towne Cinema Watertown, WI
2017 Nov 24Pie Eating Contest Mutilator Screening Los Angeles, CA
2017 Nov 25Barbecue Eating Contest Jack Daniels Barbecue & Beats @ Hialeah Park Hialeah, FL
($25)2017 Nov 25 Middleswarth Chip Eating Contest Sabatini's Exeter, PA
2017 Nov 25Sunshine Coast Chilli Eating Championship 2017 Ignite Chilli Festival Caloundra Caloundra, QLD, Australia
2017 Nov 26Churro Eating Contest La Habra Tamale Festival La Habra, CA
2017 Nov 26Coats 4 Cocktails x Tennessee Tavern Pierogi Eating Contest Tennessee Tavern Toronto, ON, Canada
2017 Nov 28Pie Eating Contest 600 West Chicago, IL
2017 Dec 1Bratwurst Eating Contest Christmas Village in Baltimore Baltimore, MD
2017 Dec 2Chilli Eating Contest Chilli Fest UK Derby, England, UK
2017 Dec 2Chilli Eating Contest Mad Dog Brewing Co Penperlleni, Wales, UK
2017 Dec 2Chilli Pepper Eating Contest Punjabi Beijing, China
$50 2017 Dec 2Holiday Taco Eating Contest Container Bar Austin, TX
2017 Dec 2Tamale Eating Contest Indio International Tamale Festival Indio, CA
2017 Dec 2Wing Wings 6th Annual Chicken Wing Eating Contest - hella hot SPARK Social SF San Francisco, CA
2017 Dec 2Wing Wings 6th Annual Chicken Wing Eating Contest - timed SPARK Social SF San Francisco, CA
$3,000 2017 Dec 2I World Famous St. Elmo Shrimp Cocktail-Eating Championship The Meijer Tail Greater Party On Georgia St Indianapolis, IN
2017 Dec 3Can You Sink the Sub? 25th Anniversary Celebration @ Subs-N-Such Manhattan, KS
2017 Dec 3Walkabout's 1st Annual Hot Dog Eating Contest The Walkabout Sheboygan, WI
2017 Dec 3Wilder's Cherry Pie Eating Competition National Cherry Festival Young, NSW, Australia
2017 Dec 41st Annual Charity Chicken Wing Eating Contest! Bull & Swine New Haven Barbecue New Haven, CT
($300)2017 Dec 4 2nd Annual Arlington Taco Eating Contest! Don Tito Arlington, VA
2017 Dec 4Christmas Cracker Eating Competition The New Bridge Inn Derby, England, UK
2017 Dec 6Taco Eating Contest Los Candiles / El Fogon Davenport, IA
2017 Dec 8Bratwurst Eating Contest Christmas Village in Philadelphia Philadelphia, PA
2017 Dec 8Burger Eating Contest Greensboro Swarm game Greensboro, NC
$500 2017 Dec 9Canadian Grill Poutine Eating Contest FRI Poutinerie Clovis, CA
($270)2017 Dec 9 Oishi - Sushi Eating Contest Oishi Dothan Sushi Dothan, AL
2017 Dec 112nd Annual Taco Eating Contest Don Taco Alexandria, VA
2017 Dec 16Mommy's Little Piggy Mashed Potato Eating Contest A Christmas Story Comes Home Hammond, IN
$100 2017 Dec 16 Slider Eating Contest The Decemburger @ Hi-Dive Denver Denver, CO
2017 Dec 17Pizza Eating Contest Buona Vita Pizzeria Crescent Springs Crescent Springs, KY
($25)2018 Jan 13 141 Speedway's 1st Annual Wing Ding Eating Contest Left Turn Lounge Maribel, WI
2018 Jan 13Hot Pepper Eating Contest Hops & Hot Sauce Festival Houston, TX
2018 Jan 23Mac & Cheese Eating Contest Treasure Coast Mac and Cheese Festival Port St. Lucie, FL
2018 Jan 27Bacon Eating Contest Beer & Bourbon Festival Manhattan, NY
2018 Feb 17Jalapeno Eating Contest Chili Cook-Off @ Mancuso Crossroads Harley-Davidson Houston, TX
2018 Feb 17Twinkie Eating Contest Chili Cook-Off @ Mancuso Crossroads Harley-Davidson Houston, TX
$3,500 2018 Mar 11I World Championship Croqueta Eating Contest Carnival Miami Miami, FL
Three random Ireland eating challenges
1.5 kg steak Brontosaurus Challenge Man Vs Food London Hounslow, England, UK
6 lb. potato The Bomber Griff's Deli Bowling Green, KY contains 2 1/2 pounds of chicken, & bacon, cheese, onions, tomatoes, jalapenos, sour cream and butter
big breakfast Bloody Big Breakfast Hungry Man Challenge Bell Inn Taunton, England, UK
Irish bodybuilder Rob Lipsett produced a video of him attempting to eat 10,000 calories in one hour.
Men's Health UK has an article about competitive eating focusing on Randy Santel's tour of the UK and Ireland earlier this year. Takeru Kobayashi is also interviewed. The Ionia Sentinel Standard has an account of Randy Santel and Mitch Dombrowksi finishing the 7 pound burrito at El Mariachi in Ionia, MI, part of a 78 day eating challenge tour of eastern North America. has an article and video about the 32 inch pizza at Pinhead's Pizza in Dublin, billed as Ireland's largest.
The Daily Star has an article about the conclusion of Randy Santel's eating challenge tour of the UK and England. During the trip, he successfully completed 42 restaurant challenges, which put his total challenge count to over 250.
Youtube has a video of a student at University College in Dublin, Ireland slipping and falling into a vomit trough after he competed in an "Iron Stomach" contest where participants ate and drank disgusting things. (via
Niel Thomas has a blog entry in about founding the Irish Competitive Eating Association.
Andy Manifold was the first person to finish the Mighty Murph burger challenge at Murphy's Law pub in Athlone, Ireland.  
Irish Central has a report on the Irish section of Randy Santel's now complete European tour.
The Irish Times has a report on Randy Santel's attempt at the 64 ounce steak challenge at Judge Roy Beans Bar & Restaurant in Newbridge. Ireland.
Articles by the Irish Independent and Mid Ulster Mail both list Randy Santel as the star of the now cancelled program Man v Food. Randy is currently doing an eating challenge tour of Europe and was the second person to finish the breakfast challenge at Murphy's Law in Athlone, Ireland.
Eddie Rockets in Dublin, Ireland will hold a hot dog eating contest on July 4 awarding a trip to New York City.
New contest / challenge listings: Ireland | Dublin
The Gage restaurant in Chicago will hold an oyster eating contest on Tuesday, March 19 which might award a trip to the Galway Oyster Festival in Ireland.
The Ceili Cottage in Toronto will hold an oyster eating contest Saturday awarding a trip to Galway, Ireland.
Food Republic has a post about Pat Bertoletti's trip to Ireland in July. Bertoletti will be making a pizza tour in New York City.