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2020 Feb 22Spicy Taco Eating Contest Eatyard @ Jam Park Dublin, Ireland
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32 in pizza 32 Inch Pizza Pinhead's Pizza Dublin, Ireland billed as Ireland's largest
24 in pizza 24 Inch Challenge Four Star Pizza Ballsbridge Dublin, Ireland
burgers Great White Challenge Aussie BBQ Dublin, Ireland
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Dublin Institute of Technology cancelled its "Iron Stomach" eating competitions after advice from its liabilty insurance provider.
Pinheads pizza in Dublin, Ireland will award €500 to anyone who can finish its 32 inch pizza challenge and two milkshakes.
News UK Archives has an article about a 1846 eating contest held in Ballybrannon, Ireland. The crowd size was reportedly 3000.
Independent.ie has an article and video about the 32 inch pizza at Pinhead's Pizza in Dublin, billed as Ireland's largest.
Youtube has a video of a student at University College in Dublin, Ireland slipping and falling into a vomit trough after he competed in an "Iron Stomach" contest where participants ate and drank disgusting things. (via reddit.com)
Andy Manifold was the first person to finish the Mighty Murph burger challenge at Murphy's Law pub in Athlone, Ireland.  
Eddie Rockets in Dublin, Ireland will hold a hot dog eating contest on July 4 awarding a trip to New York City.
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