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Upcoming Switzerland eating contests
$150 ($30)2019 Dec 14 "Feast of Flames" Ghost Pepper Hot Dog Eating Contest Steve's Hot Dogs on the Hill St. Louis, MO
2019 Dec 14Cookie Eating Contest Winter Fete Alexandria, LA
2019 Dec 14Fruitcake Eating Contest Santa Ball Kansas City, MO
2019 Dec 14Pie Eating Contest Rentsch Brewery Georgetown, TX
2019 Dec 14Tomahawk Challenge - amateurs Smoky Sue's Barbecue Neutral Bay, NSW, Australia
2019 Dec 14Tomahawk Challenge - pros Smoky Sue's Barbecue Neutral Bay, NSW, Australia
2019 Dec 15Bratwurst Eating Contest Christmas Village in Philadelphia Philadelphia, PA
($100)2019 Dec 16 Hot Wing Eating Contest Odds Bar Hamilton, ON, Canada
2019 Dec 19Wing Eating Contest Salud Bar & Grill Brooklyn, NY
2019 Dec 21Mommy's Little Piggy Mashed Potato Eating Contest A Christmas Story Comes Home Hammond, IN
$100 ($300)2019 Dec 21 Slider Eating Contest The Decemburger @ Hi-Dive Denver Denver, CO
$200 2019 Dec 23 Hot Dog Eating Contest The Hotdog Man Vicksburg, MS
2019 Dec 23Mince Pie Eating Contest The Poets Ale And Smoke House Hove, England, UK
2020 Jan 18Bacon Eating Contest Beer & Bourbon Festival Brooklyn, NY
$100 2020 Jan 18 Mini Cupcake Eating Contest The Bakery Bus Joplin, MO
2020 Jan 18Tamale Eating Contest Tamale Festival Atascadero, CA
$4,150 2020 Jan 31 Wing Pole 2300 Arena Philadelphia, PA
2020 Feb 29Wings for Wishes Sports Grill South Miami Miami, FL
2020 Mar 7Pie Eating Contest Strawberry Festival Ocala, FL
Three random Switzerland eating challenges
12 oz. burger The Bad-Ass Burrito Rio Grande Newton Abbot, England, UK
5 lb. stromboli Stromboli Challenge Papa Piccione's Pizzeria Kent City, MI
4 sushi rolls Suki Sushi Challenge Suki Sushi Sacramento, CA reservation is required, total weight is four pounds
Radim Dvoracek ate 15 veggie burgers in 30 minutes to win the first prize of 1000 Swiss Francs (about $1010) in today's eating contest at the Grand Casino in Basel, Switzerland.
The Grand Casino in Basel, Switzerland will hold a veggie burger eating contest on November 16 awaring 1000 / 500 / 250 Swiss Francs (about $1000/$500/$250).