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tower burger Tower Burger The Banc London, England, UK
20 oz. burger The Empire State Challenge Burger Tinseltown London, England, UK 9 England locations
big burger Terry Tucker Burger Challenge The Pride of Paddington London, England, UK
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In the new Girl vs Food video, Leah Shutkever attempts to eat 12 pancakes in under 12 minutes at Crepes and Cones in Croydon (south London).
Girl vs Food TV announces that Leah Shutkever will take on the challenge at Crepes and Cones in Croydon (south London) in an upcoming video.
The Sunderland Echo has an article about "Kyle V Food" completing the Belly Buster Burger challenge at the Man vs. Food restaurant in London and winning £250. (video)
Daily Record has an article about Kate Ovens completing a 3kg doner kebab at German Doner Kebab in London. (video)
Nicki Chan Lam announces she finshed the Easter pancake challenge at Polo Bar in London, which is topped with a Cadbury egg.
The Independent and the London Economic have articles about Kate Ovens attempting a three foot long sausage roll at the Red Lion in London.
Greg Roberts has posted a drawing of a Hasty Pudding eating contest from 1794 that awarded a gold laced hat to the winner.
Kate Ovens and Beard Meats Food produced videos of the Thanksgiving dining event held yesterday at Pickle & Rye in London to promote NFL UK.
Radim Dvořáček finished the 7 pound Big ol’ Belly Buster Burger Challenge at Man vs Food in London in 27:45 to win £250.
Stephanie Joshi of has started a food challenge youtube channel with a Q & A session. She says that her favorite channels include Beard Meats Food, Erik the Electric and Matt Stonie.
"Chilli Queen" Shahina Waseem has started her youtube channel with a video of her victory in the chilli eating contest at the Alexandra Palace Foodies Festival in London Saturday, her 19th straight win in a spicy eating contest. has an article about Jermaine Eluemenor's victory in the 2015 hot chicken eating contest at the 2015 Music City Bowl that was motivated by a championship belt prize. The London-born Texas A & M offensive lineman hopes to be selected in this weekend's NFL draft. update Apr 29 Eluemenor was selected by the Baltimore Ravens
Sophie Healey, a finalist in the British reality show Coach Trip: Road to Marbs did the Devastator burger challenge at the Red Dog in London and was awarded the T-shirt got a T shirt.
Wayne Shaw, former backup goalie for Sutton United, did the Tombstone BBQ challenge at Chimichanga in 17:30 and has challenged diners to beat his time. The 280 pound 45 year old lost his position with the club after eating a pie on the sidelines in the FA Cup game versus Arsenal.
"The Real Food Savage" has started a youtube channel for his London eating challenges.
Rachel Hosie has a report in the Independent on eating Christmas lunch specials offered by six fast food chains in England without a break between them. She estimated her total calories at 5,500.
Kate Ovens attended yesterday's NFL UK event to promote todays NY Giants vs. LA Rams game at Wembley Stadium in London. Man vs. Food host Adam Richman was another guest. The LAD Bible has a Facebook Live video of the challenge. reports their was an attack near the Man vs. Food eating challenge retsaurant on Tuesday night in Hounslow High Street that resulted in three hospitalizations. None of the injuries are life threatening.
Ben Sumadiwiria, owner of the Awesome Eats youtube channel, claims he lost his hearing for two minutes after eating the Indomie Abang Adek, billed as the spiciest noodle dish in the world.
In her latest video, Kate Ovens attempted to eat a 28 ounce "Glam Burger" covered in gold leaf and milkshake from Honky Tonk in London. has a report on My Slice Fest held in London Saturday where a shortage required festival goers to compete in the pizza eating contest if they wanted any pizza.
17 pubs in n England will hold Wing It 2016 Thursday. The overall national winner of the hot wing eating contest will receive a year's worth of beer.
The Guardian has an excerpt from former Arsenal midfielder Ray Parlour's autobiography about an eating contest held on a 6 hour bus trip from Newcastle to London. Steve Bould ate 9 dinners to win the competition, which resulted in several players reversing.
The instagram for Man vs Food London reports that an ambulance has been required for restaurant customers 17 times.
Soccer AM has a video of Adebayo "Beast Mode" Akinfenwa, striker for AFC Wimbledon who has been named FIFA's strongest player by Guinness World Records, doing a chicken wing challenge at the Man vs. Food restaurant in London.
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