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Three random Staffordshire eating challenges
64 oz. steak 64 oz. Steak The Plogh and Harrow Hednesford, England, UK
spicy pizza The Hector Klay Pizzeria & Bar Stoke-on-Trent, England, UK water not allowed
big sundae Bathtub The Bear Grill Stafford, England, UK
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Digesting England by the pound / eatfeats region

Citizens of Hope & Glory,
Time goes by – it’s “the time of your life”.
Easy now, sit you down.
Chewing through your Wimpey[*] dreams,
They eat without a sound;
Digesting england by the pound.

Young man says “you are what you eat” – eat well.
Old man says “you are what you wear” – wear well.
You know what you are, you don’t give a damn;
Bursting your belt that is your homemade sham.

Genesis, “Dancing with the Moonlit Knight” (1973) (That is Phil Collins on drums)

The English eating challenges (currently totaling 309) and contests in the database have been parceled out into 34 regions which are listed after the jump (all-England list of eating challenges and contests)
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