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Three random Edinburgh eating challenges
24 oz. burger Monster Burger Challenge Seven Kings Dunfermline, Scotland, UK
big burger Burger Challenge The Earl of Zetland Grangemouth, Scotland, UK
20 scoop sundae Titanic Ice Cream Sundae Afterz Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
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Kate Ovens attempted to eat 100 jaffa cakes on Captial Scotland radio in Glasgow this morning. She finished 57.
The Edinburgh News reports that a new restaurant opening on May 29 will be devoted to serving the Kismot Killer Curry challenge. In 2011 two customers attempting the challenge in a competition were hospitalized.
Hope Whitmore has a report for Vice.com about her attempt at the the Killer Curry challenge at Kismot in Ediburgh, Scotland. A 2011 Killer Curry contest resulted in several hospitalizations.
Challenge / contest listings have been set up for Glasgow and Edinburgh. (The unified listing for the United Kingdom has been added to the links in the blog header. Currently 575 eating challenges at UK restaurants are listed.)
A "Kismot Killer" curry challenge to benefit Sick Kids hospital in Edinburgh was cancelled due to health concerns and a poppadom eating event will replace it. A 2011 "Kismot Killer" contest resulted in hospitalization for two competitors.
The curry contest held at Kismot Restaurant in Edinburgh requiring hospitalization for two of the competitors is #3 in the London Independent's list of the 10 weirdest stories of 2011. (Susanne Eman's quest to become the world's fattest woman by reportedly eating 20,000 calories a day is #1 in the list)
The Daily Mail reports that a spicy curry contest held in Edinburgh, Scotland hospitalized two competitors.