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2019 Jun 22INathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest Qualifier - men Giant National Capital BBQ Battle, Washington, DC
2019 Jun 22INathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest Qualifier - women Giant National Capital BBQ Battle, Washington, DC
Three random eating challenges
4 lb. burrito El Toro Burrito Challenge Pica Taco Washington, DC held once a month, check facebook for date
big sandwich Li'l Petey Bub and Pops Washington, DC
2 1 lb. cheeseburgers The Fat Boy Challenge Hamilton's Bar & Grill Washington, DC includes a pound of fries, current record is 12 minutes
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A Washington, DC qualifier on June 22 has been added to the 2019 Nathan's circuit.
A yesterday's MLB All Star Game Fanfest in Washington, DC, the team representing the American League consisting of Joey Chestnut, Miki Sudo, Geoff Esper and Kevin Millar ate more Nathan's Famous hot dogs than the National League team composed of Matt Stonie, Carmen Cincotti, Michelle Lesco and Cliff Floyd. (video)

Molly Schuyler defends Z-Burger title

update The top 3
1) Molly Schuyler 27 burgers
2) Dan Kennedy 24
3) Dave Brunelli 18

Jennifer Munoz reports that Molly Schuyler ate 27 burgers to defend her Z-burger title in Washington, DC today.

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2018 Washington, DC Nathan’s qualifier

Official results

1st 21 Gideon Oji late to contest, started with 4:20 remaining
2nd 15 Gregory Price
3rd 13.5 William “Wild Bill” Myers
4th 11 Jack Caldwell
5th 7 Shawn Redwine
1st 7 Brittany Powell
2nd 4 Amanda Kulick

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Z-Burger’s 9th Annual Independence Burger Eating Championship in Washington, DC on July 3 will award $1500/$850/$500/$400 to the top 4. Molly Schuyler is expected to defend her title.
10 Tavern in Washington, DC will hold a 4 round wing eating contest starting tomorrow. The final round on March 31 will award a viewing party for the NCAA Championship basketball game on April 2.
10 Tavern in Washington, DC will hold a wing eating contest on January 21 awarding a Super Bowl viewing party. Qualifiers on January 6, 7, 13 and 14 will award the winners a spot in the finals along with $100/$50/$25 bar tabs to the top three finishers.
Ben’s Chili Bowl’s World Chili Eating Championship will take place at Taste of DC October 7.

2017 Z Burger eating contest

Unofficial results
1) Molly Schuyler 21 burgers
2) Dave Brunelli 19
3) Pat Bertoletti 16
4) Bob Shoudt 15

WUSA 9 has a Facebook Live video of today’s Z Burger eating contest in Washington, DC.

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The Washington Post has a report on Juliet Lee qualifying for the women's Nathan's finals Saturday in Washington, DC.

2017 Washington, DC Nathan’s qualifier

update June 29 WTOP has a longer report and video

WTOP has an article

Full results Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

1st 37 Gideon Oji
2nd 22 Kevin “Qwazy” Ambs
3rd 20 George Chiger
4th 15 William “Wild Bill” Myers
5th 14 Peyton Laramore
6th 11 Michael Patschak
7th 7 Jon Anderson
7th 7 Aaron Brooks

1W) Juliet Lee 28
2W) Van Tran 5

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ZBurger will hold its burger eating contest in Washington, DC on July 3. The top 4 places will win $1,500/$850/$500/$400. Molly Schuyler is expected to defend her title.
Exiles in Washington, DC will hold a wing eating contest on June 8 awarding $250 to the winner.
Registration is now open for the last two Nathhan's qualifiers: in Washington, DC June 224 and Naperville, IL July 1 (date changed from June 30).

Clickhole.com presidental burrito challenge

Clickhole.com has a post titled “Leaving A Legacy: Barack Obama Just Became The First President Since Gerald Ford To Complete The White House Monster Burger Challenge”

Upon inauguration, all presidents are challenged by the White House executive chef to conquer the 5 pounds of ground beef featuring 20 slices of Monterey Jack cheese, avocado, and a pound of fries on the side. And on top of all that, it has to be done in under an hour with no bathroom breaks nor any help from the vice president or first lady. Success means a free T-shirt, comped bill, and a plaque on the wall of the Oval Office, but considering the sheer amount of angus beef one has to conquer, success is far from a given.

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2016 Taste of DC Chili

Defending champion Joey Chestnut and Sonya Thomas are expected at Ben's World Chili Eating Championship at Taste of DC Saturday.
Joe Menchetti won the first prize of $500 in Tuesday night's wing eating at Smoke & Barrel in Washington, DC.
Smoke & Barrel in Washington, DC will hold a wing eating contest on September 27 awarding $500 to the winner.
The package of emails released by WikiLeaks today showing the Democratic National Committee allegedly conspiring against the Bernie Sanders campaign also include plans for a hot dog eating contest between staffers Kate Houghton and Geoff Burgan at the Washington Nationals Dollar Dog night on May 10. (via @DetInspector)
Travel and Leisure has an interview with Hilary Andrews, the female winner of the final Nathan's qualifier held in Washington, DC.

Juan Rodriguez accuses Erik Denmark of “Pocket Dog Gate”

On twitter, Juan “More Bite” Rodriguez accuses Erik “The Red Denmark” of “Pocket Dog Gate”. While Carmen Cincotti’s video shows Erik Denmark inserting his hand in his pocket immediately following the Nathan’s Washington, DC qualifier (around the 14:20 mark), it is not 100% clear if he had a hot dog in his hand. Denmark was credited with 32 hot dogs for the contest, which edged out Steve Hendry by one hot dog for the wild card.

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The Washington Post's DC Sports Bog has a report on Saturday's Nathan's qualifier in Washington, DC containing an interview with Joey Chestnut.

2016 Z-Burger eating contest

update WTOP has a contest report

Fox5 has a video

WJLA has a contest report

Mike Longo has the top 5:
1) Molly Schuyler 28 burgers
2) Dave Brunelli 19
3) Joe Menchetti 13
4) Mike Longo 11
5) Kyle Hanner 10

WTOP has a facebook live video of the contest.


Molly Schuyler is expected to compete in the Z-Burger eating contest in Washington DC Friday.
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