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2018 May 28Hot Dog Eating Contest Riverfest Green Cove Springs, FL
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32 oz. steak Tomahawk Ribeye Le Grand's Mandarin, FL
3.5 lb. prime rib Jack's Cut Clark's Fish Camp Jacksonville, FL
5 lb. sub sandwich Super Club Sub Blue Boys Sandwich Shop Jacksonville (3 sites), FL
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Sportswriter Jeff Pearlman has an blog entry about Yankee outfielder Ping Bodie competing against an ostrich in an eating contest in Jacksonville, FL which resulted in the bird's death. The post includes a scan of an article from 1919.
Ginormous Food will record at three Atlanta area restaurants next week from February 28 to March 2. update Columbia, Charleston and Jacksonville will also be visited.
Elite Journalist has a blog entry about the spaghetti eating contest between New York Yankees outfielder Ping Bodie and an ostrich in Jacksonville, FL in 1919.
VoidLive.com has an article about Jon Bello.  
FPD Jax has a video of Jon Bello competing in a wing eating contest at Filipino Pride Day Jacksonville.
Jon Bello will be the featured exhibition performer at Filipino Day Pride in Jacksonville on October 19.
Mellow Mushroom in Jacksonville Beach, FL will hold a pizza eating contest Friday awarding Jacksonville Jaguars tickets. Mariano "Mushmouth" Pacetti, who competed in pizza eating contests on local Cleveland TV (billed as "reigning pizza eating contest world champion") is expected to compete.
LiveLeak.com has a video of the end of a wing eating contest where the winner punches another competitor after being harassed. update The video appears to have been originally recorded in March 2011 in Jacksonville.
Several Woody’s Bar-B-Q locations in Florida will hold a spare rib eating contest on July 27.
Jon Bello will attempt to set a record for most German weiners eaten in five minutes later today in Jacksonville. The record will be sanctioned by RecordSetter.com, the same organization that oversaw the Crif Dog Classic. update July 9 News4Jax has an article about the record attempt.

Adrian Morgan wins Jacksonville Hooters wing qualifier, Bello 2nd, Eater X 3rd

update May 6 Kerry Speckman has a contest report with pictures.

The 10:36pm comment noticed that Jon Bello’s 125 wings almost doubled tripled 125 the 65 45 wings he was credited with in the Augusta qualifier in April. I am not aware of any equivalent quantum leaps during a qualifier circuit. (Sonya Thomas 2003 Nathan’s 18 HDB -> 25 HDB, Joey Chestnut 2005 Nathan’s 20.5 HDB -> 32 HDB)

Announced Results:
1) Adrian Morgan 150 wings, Hooters circuit record
2) Jon Bello 125 wings
3) Tim Janus 124.5 wings

Kerry Speckman is at the contest and posting updates on twitter.

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Tim Janus, Adrian Morgan, Yasir Salem and Jon Bello are listed as expected entrants in the Hooter's qualifier in Jacksonville, FL Saturday evening. (If Hall Hunt is bypassing contests in his hometown, it is probably time to assume he has retired.)
A 1919 spaghetti eating contest between Yankees outfielder Ping Bodie and an ostrich billed by the Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce as the world's greatest eater will appear in the upcoming book The Baseball Hall of Shame: The Best of Blooperstown book.
"The Fast and the Fullest" a competitive eating comedy by Drew Fogg, won the award for best screenplay at the Jax Film Fest.
Jacksonville.com reports qualifying has started for the Brucci's Pizza Bowl to be held January 29 in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL. The previous Pizza Bowl awarded $300.
Jacksonville.com has posted a press release about the discontinuation of the Krystal Square Off qualifier held at Jacksonville Landing Labor Day weekend.
StAugNews has a list of all the Woody's locations that will hold a rib eating contest on Saturday. Most of the locations are in Florida, but there are also sites in Georgia (Atlanta-area), North Carolina (Raleigh) and Ohio (Dayton-area).
Jacksonville.com announces that Woody's Bar-B-Q will hold rib eating contests July 24 at 13 locations in Jacksonville. The winning totals will be compared and the overall winner will receive $500.
Orange Tree Hot Dogs will hold an eating contest on October 29 that will award tickets to the Florida / Georgia football game on Halloween.

Hall Hunt repeats in Jacksonville qualifer

update #4 Sun-Sentinel has a blog entry

update #3 The KSO blog has a gallery and video and Kerry Speckman has a blog entry:

At first, my 12 point total doesn’t sound all that impressive until you consider I, a mere amateur in my very first eating competition, finished only one point behind The Hangman, who is currently the number two ranked eater on the Competitive Eating Senior Tour.

update #2 Full results are available

update Jacksonville.com has an article and the FirstCoastNews has a video (from the Hangman)

The Krystal Square off has the top 3 from today’s qualifier in Jacksonville

1) Hall Hunt 65 points
2) John Bello 36
3) RJ Frasca 35

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The Krystal Square Off blog has a post previewing Monday's qualifier in Jacksonville. Hall Hunt is expected to make three TV appearances to promote the contest.
JaxDailyRecord reports that bodybuilder Chuck Jensen, winner of a rib eating contest at Woody's, can eat 13 chickens when he gets the all you can eat chicken special.
EatJax reports that all Woody's BBQ locations will hold a rib eating contest on July 11 awarding a $130 Q-Card to the winner. Most Woody's are in Florida (7 in Jacksonville) but there are two Tennessee locations and a new Raleigh, NC restaurant.

Article about Hall Hunt’s Krystal HoF induction

Clay Today has an article about Hall “Hoover” Hunt being inducted into the Jacksonville Krystal Hall of Fame with more information about the boxes that Hall Hunt will appear on:

A total of 15 customers are being recognized and inducted to the Hall of Fame. Three of those are from the Jacksonville area and all of those individuals will have their faces stamped on Krystal boxes that surpass one million units per person present in the states where the fast food restaurant can be found– “from Texas to Virginia and everywhere in between”.

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