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Upcoming Orlando eating contests
2018 May 25Hot Dog Eating Qualifier Florida Fire Frogs Baseball Kissimmee, FL
2018 Jun 14Hot Dog Eating Qualifier Florida Fire Frogs Baseball Kissimmee, FL
2018 Jun 28Hot Dog Eating Qualifier Florida Fire Frogs Baseball Kissimmee, FL
2018 Jul 4Hot Dog Eating Finals Florida Fire Frogs Baseball Kissimmee, FL
Three random Orlando eating challenges
28 in pizza The Beast Barducci's Italian Bistro & Pizzeria Winter Park, FL
1 lb. burger Double D Burger Challenge Beth's Burger Challenge Orlando, FL
28 in pizza 28 Inch Pizza Challenge I Love NY Pie Orlando, FL
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Orlando Food Guys have an Instagram video of Joey Chestnut finishing the challenge burger in 40 seconds at Beth's Burger Bar while he was in Orlando for the World Chili Eating Challenge.

2018 Orlando Chili Festival

Official results:

1st 9.75 Carmen Cincotti new record
2nd 8.75 Geoffrey Esper
3rd 8.5 Darron Breeden
4th 7.5 Joey “Jaws” Chestnut 2nd finish out of top 3 since 2005
5th 6.75 Gideon Oji
5th 6.75 Miki Sudo
7th 4 Eric “Badlands” Booker
8th 1.5 Silvia Tough

update Facebook Live contest video

The Orlando Sentinel has an interview with Joey Chestnut.

Darron Breeden practice video

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Defending champion Joey Chestnut, Carmen Cincotti, Geoff Esper, Miki Sudo, Gideon Oji, Darron Breeden and Eric "Badlands" Booker are expected to compete in the World Chili Eating Championship in Orlando on Saturday.
Registration will open Friday for the World Chili Eating Challenge in Orlando on February 17. Joey Chestnut and Miki Sudo have already been listed as expected entrants.
Nate Figueroa produced a video of his attempt at the 28 inch team challenge at Pizza Xtreme in Orlando with his German girlfriend Livia. (Livia's video)
Joey Fatone of NSYNC will be present in Orlando from 5 - 8 pm today for the launch of a hot dog eating challenge at his restaurant, Fat Ones Dogs.
The BBC World Service has a feature about Miki Sudo competing in the Orlando Chili Cookoff last month. She says that an injury hurt her training for that competition.

2017 Orlando Chili challenge

Joey Chestnut, Carmen Cincotti, Miki Sudo, Geoff Esper, Gideo Oji, Badlands Booker and Nate Biller are expected to compete in the World Chili Eating Challenge in Orlando Saturday.
MLE's contest page has been updated with the World Chili Eating Challenge in Orlando on February 18, 2017. Registration will open December 9. update There will also be a chili eating contest at the Spirit of Texas Fest in College Station, TX on March 4.
PizzeRizzo in Disney World's Hollywood Studios created a "hall of fame" for a fictional pizza eating contest.
LA Beast will be a guest at Playlist Live Orlando, a gathering of youtube stars, in April. "Furious" Pete Czerwinski is another guest.
Miki Sudo uploaded a video of Joey Chestnut and her both attempting the 5+ pound burger challenge at Teak Neighborhood Grill in Orlando. They both finished the challenge in 39 minutes.

Joey Chestnut four-peats Orlando Chili, Esper 2nd, Sudo 3rd

Full results Part 1 | Part 2
1) Joey Chestnut 7 32 oz bowls
2) Geoffrey Esper 6.25
3) Miki Sudo 6
4) Gideon Oji 5.75
5) Eric “Badlands” Booker 4.25
6) Nathan Biller 2.75
7) Tom Goes

update Joey Chestnut defended his title with 7 32 ounce bowls in 6 minutes.

Orlando Weekly has an interview with Joey Chestnut and Miki Sudo. Gideon Oji, Badlands Booker, Nate Biller and Geoff Esper are also expected to compete.

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Detroit Sports Nation reports University of Michigan football coach Jim Harbaugh stormed the stage after his team lost to the University of Florida in a controversial Oreo eating contest held during Citrus Bowl pregame festivities in Orlando.

2016 MLE schedule includes bacon & meat pies

Several 2016 contests are listed on the upcoming MLE schedule:

  • February 6, Chili, Orlando, FL $3500 purse – registration opens Dec 3
  • March 5, Meat Pies, Bay St. Louis MS $5000 purse – reg opens Jan 4
  • June 19 Bacon, Lathrop, CA $4000 purse – reg opens March 31
  • September 24, Tamales Lewisville, TX $3500 purse – reg opens July 22

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Kevin Bacon is competing in ice cream eating contests today vs the occupants of the Give Kids the World resort for terminally ill children in Orlando.

2015 Orlando Chili Challenge

update March 12 The Victory Formation has a report from competitor Treigh

The top 5:
1) Joey Chestnut 8.75 32oz bowls (2.1875 gallons), new record
2) Miki Sudo 7.25
3) Erik Denmark 5.5
4) Michelle Lesco 4.75
5) Eric “Badlands” Booker 4.5

740 The Game has a podcast of the interview of Joey Chestnut and Miki Sudo yesterday.

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AxisMag lists five expected entrants for the RP Funding World Chili Eating Challenge presented by Pepto Bismol in Orlando March7: Joey Chestnut, Miki Sudo, Erik Denmark, Adrian Morgan and Eric "Badlands" Booker.
Joey Chestnut and Miki Sudo along with three other top 10 MLE competitors are listed as expected entrants in the World Chili Eating Contest in Orlando on March 7.
The World Chili Eating Challenge will be held at the Orlando Chili Cookoff on March 7, 2015.
Jon Bello announces he won the first prize of $500 at today's pizza eating contest at Pap Joe's in Lake Mary, FL.
Papa Joe's Pizza in Lake Mary, FL will hold a pizza eating contest on November 1 awarding $500 to the winner. Entrants will need to eat a 16 inch pizza in under 12 minutes to qualify.
Emma Dalton announces that she was the first person to finish the 80 ounce steak challenge at the Duck Inn in Redditch, England. On a trip to Florida, she became the first woman to finish the Kitchen Sink Challenge at the Hard Rock Hotel in Orlando.
Orlando Weekly will hold a hot dog eating contest on April 30 awarding $200 to the winner.    
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