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Three random Tampa eating challenges
12 lb. gyro Hercules Challenge Gyro King Palm Harbor, FL for 2 person teams, available after 4pm except on Wednesday
2 lb. burger Eats Ultimate Burger Challenge Eats American Grill Tampa, FL includes 1 lb. fries
4 lb. burrito The Chupacabra Burrito Challenge Chico's Wood Fired Grill Tampa, FL
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The 2015 Hooters Wing Eating Championship will take place in Clearwater, FL on July 25 and award $17500. Qualifiers in Long Beach on June 27 and Knoxville on July 12 will award 3 spots in the finals.
The Daily Meal has a post about the Inferno Soup at Nitally's in St. Petersburg, FL calling it the "spiciest dish in America'. The blog entry makes the interesting claim that the restaurant pays $65 after failed challenges.
On Saturday, high school offensive lineman Dillan Gibbon ate 14 Coney dogs in 12 minutes to win a contest at Skyline Chili in Clearwater, FL. This week he is making recruiting visits to Ohio State and Notre Dame.
Michael Jenkins announces he ate 4.16 pounds of ribs in 15 minutes to win today's eating contest at PJ's Sports Bar and Grill in Tampa.
PJ's Sports Bar in Tampa will hold a rib eating contest on March 28 awarding $500 to the winner.

2015 Florida Strawberry Festival Nathan’s qualifier

update March 3 #2 Crazy Legs Conti has a preview for the Huffington Post.

update March 3 Plant City Observer has a contest report

Frankie has an instagram video

update TampaBay.com has a contest report claiming that Conti received an unspecified deduction for debris.

Full men’s results part 1 | part 2
1) Nate Biller 23
2) Crazy Legs Conti 22.75
3) Jose Azua 12
4) Jerry Whited 11
5) Mark Trombetta 8.5
6T) Yariel Vignau 8
6T) Yadiel Vignau 8
8) Matthew Germuth 6
9) Thomas Brown 3

Nate Biller has been announced as the male winner with a total of 23

Crazy Legs Conti had at least 21 according to this picture. Dave Wood has the men’s wild card lead with 27.5

Mary Bowers was the top female with 10

Crazy Legs Conti, Nate Biller and Mary Bowers are expected to compete.

TampaBay.com has a contest preview. The contest is expected to start at 6pm.

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www.floridaicecreamfestival.org/ announces that the next edition of the Lakeland, FL event will not take place until 2016. MLE contests were held at the festival in 2013 and 2014.
John Green finished the 8 pound "What the Pho?" challenge at Tasty Phở in Pinellas Park, FL. He is a member of the Seaford High School class of 1964, which would put his age around 70. IFBB Figure Competitor Sashli announced she was the first woman to finish the pho challenge at the Bamboo Cafe in Simi Valley, CA.
Personal trainer Skye Alexis finished a 28 inch pizza challenge at Sam's NY Pizza in Tampa with partner to win a 4 day cruise.
SBNation.com has a review of the "Fan vs. Food" burger weighing four pounds that is available at Tampa Bay Rays home games.

Joey Chestnut sets record at Florida Ice Cream Festival

Update April 15 – The Ledger has a contest report

Ronnie Hartman and Danielle Klein have contest videos

Miki Sudo has a contest report

Results  Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

1 Joey Chestnut 15 pints
2 Miki Sudo 13.5
3T Ronnie Hartman 10.5
3T Michelle Lesco 10.5
5 Brian Dudzinski 9.25
6T Mike Jenkins 7.5
6T Bryan Weller 7.5
8 Daniella Gioia 7.25
9 Jason Smith 6
10 Sean Brokerct 4.5

5:14 pm Joey Chestnut has set a record with 15 pints in 6 minutes

Joey Chestnut, Miki Sudo, Michelle Lesco, Ronnie Hartman and Brian Dudzinski are expected to compete.

A podcast of Joey Chestnut’s appearance on AMTB yesterday is available.

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Registration is now open for the Creek Indian Taco Eating Contest at Wind Creek Casino in Atmore, AL on March 29. The oyster eating competition held at last year's event does not appear to be returning.  update Feb 11 Registration for The Magnify Credit Union World Ice Cream Eating Championship  in Lakeland, FL on April 12 will open today at noon eastern.
Ditlo has a gallery of Miki Sudo at the 2013 Hooters Wing finals in Clearwater, FL with several behind the scenes pictures. There is also an interview section where she claims that the LeFevres are the most inspiring competitive eaters.
IllPumpYouUp.com has produced a video of three bodybuilders attempting an 8 pound burger challenge at Shack's Island & Grill in Clearwater, FL.
VeggiePowered has posted a video of restaurant employees disposing the contents of several huge bowls into a dumpster. According to the video caption, the bowls contained the food uneaten by the finalists in the Hooters wing finals last month.

2013 Hooters Wing Finals

update July 26 Bay News 9 has an article and behind the scenes video

TampaBay.com has an article about cooking the wings

Veggie Powered has a video of the entire contest

MyFoxTampaBay has a interview with Miki Sudo recorded before the contest billing her as the Rookie of the Year.

WTSP has a gallery

Results | Part 2 | Part 3
1) Joey Chestnut 179 wings
2) Miki Sudo 155
3) Adrian Morgan 149
4) Michelle Lesco 131
5) Sonya Thomas 128
6) Sean Gordon 113
7) Marcos Owens 109
8) Juliet Lee 108
9) Brian Subich 85
10) Erik Denmark 82
11T) Eric Badlands Booker 78
11T) Damien Boykin 78
13) Bam Martinez 72
14) Jon Bello 68
15) Neil Sebree 60
16) Alex Perez 49

Joey Chestnut has defended his title with a total of 179 wings

8:03 The contest has finished

7:52 The contest has started

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TampaBay.com has an interview with Miki Sudo about competing in the Hooters World Wing-Eating Championship tomorrow (her missing the Nathan's finals is not mentioned).

Sean Gordon receives Hooters finals spot

The field for Thursday’s Hooters World Wing Eating Championship has been announced. Sean Gordon has apparently received a wild-card berth after eating 94 wings to finish fourth in the Panama City, FL qualifier. 94 wings was not the most by someone finishing outside the top 3: Jeff Butler, Steve Hendry, Juan Rodriguez, Andrew Kogutkiewicz and Corey Fanguy all ate more(94+ results after jump)

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Sunstar Scheduling is looking for an EMT for a chicken eating contest on July 25 (the phone number corresponds to the Tampa Bay area)
Clearwater.patch.com has a preview of Thursday's Hooters World Wing-Eating Championship listing Joey Chestnut, Miki Sudo and Michelle "Cardboard Shell" as expected entrants.
Patch reports that the site of the Hooters finals in Clearwater, FL was damaged by a driver Sunday, but will be repaired by July 25, date of the contest. This is the second MLE contest site to be damaged; the Nathan's finals site was closed for several months following Hurricane Sandy.
TampaBay.com reports that Parker East finished the Inferno Soup challenge at Nitally's in St. Petersburg, FL to claim a bounty that had increased to $1500.
The Tampa Wing Bowl has been moved to July and the first qualifier will take place on July 10. The finals will award $5000.
Tampa.CBSLocal.com has a web page about the Tampa Wing Bowl. The finals on June 8 will award $1,000 and Wednesday qualifiers will begin on May 15. All contests will take place in Clearwater, FL.
The Patio in Tampa will hold a pepper eating contest on May 5 awarding $1,000 in prizes.
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