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Three random Des Moines eating challenges
4 lb. burger Big Max Burger Grandma Max's Restaurant 4 Great Plains locations, NE locations in Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota & Kansas
multi-meat burger The Adam Emmenecker Jethro's BBQ Des Moines, IA contains 2008 MVC MVP favorite foods: tenderloin, burger patty, chicken tender, brisket & bacon
Monster Burrito Monster Burrito Challenge Mr. Burrito Ames, IA
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Examiner reports that the Des Moines Man vs. Food episode will be televised on October 6 and the restaurants featured in it will be the Highlife Lounge, Jethro's BBQ, and Black Market Pizza.
The Des Moines Register reports that Man vs. Food recorded in Iowa this weekend. The challenge was the Adam Emmencecker sandwich and the expected air date is October 6.

Bob Shoudt in Des Moines register

“Notorious” Bob Shoudt offers the Des Moines Register some of his competitive eating tips:

When you get to the contest (or the counter at B&B Deli), be confident and act like you know what you’re doing. Move your cups and plates around (in eating contests, there are usually a few cups of water for each competitor, and a couple of plates of food), and eat your food out of order. For example, if you and a friend are racing through the Combine at the Machine Shed, don’t eat the tenderloin, then the medallions, then the sausage. Work your way through all three at the same time, so your opponent can’t figure out exactly how much you’ve eaten. “Give as much misinformation as you can,” Shoudt said.

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MrBaconPants reports that Manni Balignasay has won the eating contest held at the Iowa Bacon Festival for the third year in a row.
A twitter update reports that Manni Balignasay has won the eating contest held at the Bacon Festival in Des Moines, Iowa for the second year in a row. Metromix Des Moines has an interview with Manny, who works as a personal trainer.

Link Buffet: January 17, 2009


Iowa bacon competitor hospitalized

Russ from the Ace of Spades blog, who sought tips on competitive bacon eating, has a report on the contest and his subsequent trip to the hospital where he was diagnosed as a type 2 diabetic. He does not blame his diabetes on the eating contest since bacon has no carbs and believes his high level of cholesterol is temporary.

I get multiple visits from the hospital’s chronic disease coordinator (diabetes is her biggest bag), the nutritionist, and even a doctor. Not the doctor who I saw on Tuesday (she left for a vacation in ….Belize…. on Tuesday night), but another doctor who I’ve seen in the past for a small ganglia cyst. He sits down to talk with me about my health, and proceeds to tell me that not only do I have high blood sugar, but my LDL reading are way high. I told him about the 2008 First Annual Blue Ribbon Bacon Fest, and he damn near falls out of his chair laughing. To quote him: “You know, I get a lot of stories from patients like “Doc, my readings are just high because I had a big breakfast”, but you’re probably the first patient who’s actually given me a plausible reason for high readings. He decided to re-check my blood in a month to see what it looks like out from under the shadow of bacon.


Link Buffet: March 5, 2008

Beautiful Brian has a new home for his music with a full version of “Black & White”
Domenico Alesi has his predictions for the upcoming IFOCE contests.
“Humble” Bob notes that it has been 8 months since IFOCE rankings were released
pro wrestler Ric Flair judges a wing eating contest the same night he has a match (go to Brian Yandel)
Video from the Des Moines bacon contest by Mr. BaconPants
Video of the “burgerettes” (see picture) at the Canadian 18 pound burger contest,

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Bacon contest advice wanted

Russ from the Ace of Spades blog is registering his dissatisfaction with the state of the world by entering the bacon eating contest to be held March 1 at the Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival in Des Moines, Iowa:

I’d like to think that by attending this event for all you morons, I’ll be doing my part to reunite the Republican Party under the banner of smaller government, sensible immigration laws, strong foreign policy, and mandatory consumption of bacon and other pork products on a daily basis. I could be the Barry Goldwater of the Pork Products Wing of the New Conservative Enlightenment, helping all my fellow Americans discover a world where wrapping bacon around hot dogs is not only legal, but mandatory.

(The quoted material refers to the banning of street vendors selling bacon wrapped hot dogs in Los Angeles.)

Today Russ asked his commenters for advice about preparing for an eating contest.

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Des Moines matzo ball eating contest.

The Des Moines Register has an article about the Jewish Food Festival which will feature the following event:

The festival will also hold its second matzo ball eating competition.

Last year, local challengers set out to break a New York City record of 21 baseball-sized matzo balls in five minutes, 25 seconds.

The local attempt fell five short, Goldstien said.


Des Moines Register LeFevres profile

The Des Moines Regsister has a very nice profile of Rich and Carlene LeFevre focusing on their appearance at the August 21 Smoked Pork Championships in Council Bluffs.


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