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2019 Nov 16Oyster Eating Contest OyFest @ Union Craft Brewing Baltimore, MD
Three random eating challenges
5 steaks (74 oz. total) Great Steak Challenge Steak & Main North East, MD 26oz delmonico 12oz NY strip 8oz filet mignon 12oz veal chop 16oz flat iron potato and veg $140 cost
5 decker sandwich The Bender Schmender Roy's Place Gaithersburg, MD "Corn beef, turkey, roast pork, chicken liver pate & golden brisket with lettuce, tomato, golden sauce & a psychiatric appointment"
3 lb. burger Waterfront Triple Threat Waterfront Hotel Bar Baltimore, MD available Thursdays
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The Starboard in Dewey Beach, DE will hold a "suicide" wing eating contest on July 24 where liquids will not be allowed. The overall victor will receive $500 and the top person of the opposite gender of the winner will receive $200.
Bob Shoudt won the first prize of $1000 in yesterday's hot dog eating contest held at Fish Tales in Ocean City, MD. update Bob Shoudt's total was 52 hot dogs, making him the 6th person I am aware of to have eaten 50+ hot dogs in a 10 minute hot dog contest (Kobayashi, Chestnut, Stonie, Janus, Bertoletti).
Fish Tales in Ocean City will hold a hot dog eating contest July 4 awarding $1000 to the winner. Entrants will need to qualify.
Friday night, Molly Schuyler did a pizza challenge in Virginia, then she did the Champs Pizza challenge in Glen Burnie, MD with Bob Shoudt.
Wayne Algenio and Carmen Cincotti became the first pair to finish the 36 inch pizza challenge at Champs Pizza in Glen Burnie, MD and claim the $1000 prize.

2016 National Harbor Peeps

update April 4 Jen Eats has a spectator video

update Washington Post gallery | NBC Washington article & video | ABC7 article & gallery | Periscope video

Results: Part 1 | Part 2

1) Matt Stonie 200 in 5 minutes
2) Geoffrey Esper 160
3) Juliet Lee 140
4) Michelle Lesco 135
5) Brian Dudzinski 116
6) Gideon Oji 110
7) Crazy Legs Conti 75
8) Larell Marie Mele 58
9) “Wild” Bill Myers 51
10) John Gonzalez 40
11) Nick Ricci 17

Juliet Lee appeared on WJLA yesterday with John Gonzalez, who will be the celebrity entrant.

The Joey Chestnut / Matt Stonie non-compete streak will reach 6 months tomorrow (last meeting October 3, 2016 in Toronto poutine)

Comments (4) has the roster of the ranked eaters in the April 2 peeeps contest in National Harbor, MD: Matt Stonie, Cardboard Shell, Juliet Lee, Geoffrey Esper, Gideon Oji, Brian Dudzinski, Crazy Legs Conti and Bill Myers. One spot will be determined in a qualifier for amateurs before the main event.
Champs Pizza in Glen Burnie, MD has a 36 inch pizza challenge awarding $1000 to a pair that can finish it in under an hour (picture). (via stilez) lists Matt Stonie, Michelle Lesco, Juliet Lee, Geoffrey Esper, Yasir Salem, Gideon Oji, Crazy Legs Conti, and Bill Myers as expected entrants in the April 2 peeps eating contest. Sonya Thomas is not listed despite the competition taking place in National Harbor, MD across the river from her hometown of Alexandria, VA.
Registration is now open for the National Harbor World Peeps Eating Championship in suburban Washington, DC on April 2. The purse is $3500.
Baltimore Magazine's report on Pete's Grille's pancake eating contest mentions Stephanie Wu's disqualification for being a "professional" from last year's competition.
Pete's Grille in Baltimore will hold its amateur-only pancake eating contest on November 20. Previous contests have awarded $500 to the top male and female.
Kislings Tavern in Baltimore will hold a wing eating contest Sunday awarding Ravens tickets, Orioles tickets and a bat signed by Oriole Chris Davis.
The Maryland State Fair will hold Roma sausage eating contests in Timonium, MD on August 29 and September 6, both awarding $200 ($15 to the winner).
Dave Brunelli ate 25 hot dogs Saturday to defend his title at Fish Tales in Ocean City, MD. Jed Donahue ate 19.5 hot dogs to take runner up.
Fish Tales in Ocean City, MD will hold a hot dog eating contest on July 4. Entrants need to eat 5 hot dogs to qualify; the fastest 20 times will get a spot.
Uncustomary Art has a galleryie from muffin eating contests held last week in Baltimore on the day of the Freddie Gray funeral. Muffins not used in the contest were donated to the homeless.
The Federal Hill Fiesta & taco eating contest that was to have been held in Baltimore on May 3 has been cancelled.
The Federal Hill Hospitality Foundation announced it plans to relocate its Cinco Sunday Fiesta from the downtown Baltimore neighborhood. A taco eating contest is planned for the event.
The Federal Hill Fiesta will hold a taco eating contest in Baltimore on May 3 awarding $300 ($200 to the winner). Three qualifiers will be held starting on Saturday.
The website for Pork in the Park in Salisbury, MD has no mention of a 2015 eating contest. The only competition listed on the Eastern Shore Wing War page is a taste test for restauraunts wings.
Zag Magazine has an interview with Juliet Lee. One of the events mentioned is a 2009 competition against elephants from Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey, which will not happen in the future as the circus is retiring its pachyderms by 2018. (via email)

2014 Pete’s Grille pancake contest

update Nov 22 Baltimore Magazine has a contest report. Facebook and City Paper have galleries.

Stephanie Wu reports that she would have set an all-time record for this morning’s pancake eating contest at Pete’s Grille in Baltimore, but was disqualified for being a “professional”. The official winners are Matthew Ullman (13.5 pancakes) and Mallory Heinke (9.75).

Stephanie has been doing a competitive eating tour of the northeastern USA which can be followed on her facebook and includes new overall records for King Leonidas’ calzone at Jimmy the Greek’s in Maine and the hot wiener record at Olneyville NY System in Providence.


The University of Maryland student paper reports that Ian Hickman won a french fry eating contest held in College Park, MD on Friday.
Pete's Grille in Baltimore will hold its pancake eating contest awarding $500 to the top man and woman on November 21. The contest is amateur only; entrants will be required to certify amateur status.
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