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Three random Kansas City eating challenges
hot dogs House Record New York Dawg Pound Overland Park, KS
giant pancake The Winkinator Mary Jane's Cafe Warrensburg, MO includes 6 eggs, bacon & sausage and 2 cups of chocolate milk
5 lb. burrito 747 Burrito Challenge Habanero's Lee's Summit, MO
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Randy Santel announces that his four person team ate 125 oysters in 2 minutes to win the first prize of $1000 at today's eating contest at Jax Fish House in Kansas City. Kyle Hanner and Teddy Delacruz were two of his teammates.
Jax Fish House in Kansas City will hold an oyster eating contest for 4 person teams on March 29 awarding $1000 to the winning quartet.
The Pitch has a report on Jamie McDonald attempting the 10 pound "Sumo" breakfast challenge at Succotash in Kansas City before he competed in a hot dog eating contest at the KC Kosher BBQ Festival.
At the Kansas City Kosher BBQ Festival, Jamie McDonald ate 37 hot dogs in 8 minutes to outeat all the 3 person teams he was competing against.
Jamie McDonald will compete in the hot dog eating contest at the Kansas City Kosher BBQ Festival in Overland Park, KS on August 17.
Angela Lutz has a report for Pitch Kansas City on her attempt at the 9+ pound Sumo breakfast challenge at Succotash.
Pitch.com has an article about City Diner's pancake challenge in Kansas City mentioning Molly Schuyler's record (but not her name).
Jamie McDonald ate 60 tacos in under 30 minutes to set the house record at Fric N Frac in Kansas City.
Molly Schuyler won an eating contest held at BaconFestKC today. update August 25 KansasCity.com has an article where Molly announces her next contest will be the Fox & Hound finals in Chicago.
Molly Schuyler has uploaded videos of her finishing a 9 pound burrito in 4 minutes 4 seconds at Rudy's Tenampa in Kansas City in May: Part 1 | Part 2
Spencer Redmond reports a woman (possibly Molly Schuyler) won today's hot dog eating contest at Up Dog in Independence, MO with a total of 34 hot dogs.update The facebook page for the Mac, the Missouri Mavericks mascot confirms Molly's victory with a total of 34 hot dogs in 10 minutes. Gallery update July 13 KansasCity.com has a video of an interview with Molly recorded at the City Diner where she set the house record of 7 pancakes. update July 16 The Up Dog facebook has a gallery.
Up Dog will hold a hot dog eating contest in Independence, MO on July 11 awarding $300 to the winner.
Molly Schuyler ate a 9 pound burrito (and possibly the plastic wrapping) in 4:40 in a contest held at Rudy's Tenampa in Kansas City Saturday. update May 7 Contest runner-up Toby "Lowdown" Teeters has a gallery
Jamie McDonald ate 67 pancakes in 46 minutes in Kansas City this morning, which IHOP is recognizing as a chain record. (via Joseph McDonald)
Molly Schuyler finished the 75 ounce steak challenge at Jess & Jim's Steakhouse in Kansas City in 18:55. This could be a female record for 72+ ounce steak challenges. (Tracy Dalkin's time of 21:47 in Harrogate, England might be the previous record.)
Randy Santel's appearance on KCTV5 at Jess & Jim's Steakhouse where he attempted to eat a 75 ounce steak can be viewed online. update April 5 KCL has a video about RandyP

Sushi contest returns to RA Sushi

RA Sushi’s sushi eating tournament will return on April 7. A list of locations holding contests follows after the jump.
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KansasCity.com has an article about Randy Santel and his recent trip to the United Kingdom.
Big Bone BBQ reports that Jamie McDonald won the Burnt End Battle held in Kansas City. update Fox4KC has an article. Jamie McDonald ate 8.5 pounds in 10 minutes. update Oct 8 Randy Santel was the runner-up with 4 pounds.
Randy Santel set the record (32:59) for the Ultimate Destory challenge at Papa Bob's in Bonner Springs, Kansas yesterday, the first success for Randy in 5 attempts at the challenge.
Randy Santel won the "Beast" eating contest held at the Kansas Speedway today.
Yahoo! Screen has a video about August's Kansas City Bacon Festival with a segment about the eating contest won by Randy Santel.
FOX4KC and PrimeMagKC has previews of tomorrows qualifier for the Burnt Ends Battle to be held at Zarda BBQ in Lexena, KS
A burnt ends eating contest awarding $1000 ($600 to the winner) will be held at American Royal in Kansas City on October 6. A qualifier will take place at Zarda BBQ on September 20.
KSHB has a video and article about Randy Santel's victory at the Kansas City Bacon Fest yesterday where he ate two pound of bacon in five minutes.
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