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Three random eating challenges
4 lb. bbq sandwich Man vs. Pig Rusty Jug El Dorado Springs, MO includes 1 lb. fries
30 inch pizza 30 inch pizza d'Bronx Kansas City, MO
big breakfast The Kitchen Sink & the Sink The Kitchen Sink St. Louis, MO includes "Kitchen Sink" shrimp & grits and "The Sink" biscuits & gravy
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2018 Hopcat Crack Fry qualifiers

Here are the results I have for yesterday’s Crack Fry eating qualifiers held at Hopcat locations in the Midwest. Sam Pohlen was the first female to win a crack fry contest. update Ethan Teske won the Minneapolis contest.

2018 Jan 20 1st 3.6 Pat “Deep Dish” Bertoletti Chicago, IL
2018 Jan 20 2nd 3.34 Brandon Clark Chicago, IL
2018 Jan 20 1st ? Kyle “The Hammer” Hanner Indianapolis, IN
2018 Jan 20 1st 1.8625 Sam Pohlen Grand Rapids, MI
2018 Jan 20 1st ? Rob Chopp Kalamazoo, MI
2018 Jan 20 1st ? Nick Adanczyk Kansas City, MO

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The Kansas City Star has an article about local burrito eating challenges which mentions Molly Schuyler's record of 1:37 for the 5 pound "747" burrito at Habanero's in Lees Summit, MO.
The Midwest Wingfest will hold wing eating contests in Fairview Heights, IL Saturday awarding $100/$50/$25 to the top 3 men & women.
Brandon "Da Garbage Disposal" Clark announces he ate 24 hot dogs in 10 minutes to win the first prize of $750 in yesterday's eating contest in Independence, MO sponsored by UpDog.
Up Dog in Independence, MO will hold an amateur only hot dog eating contest on July 20 awarding $750 to the winner and $250 to the runner up.
Brandon "Da Garbage Disposal" Clark, runner-up in the St. Louis Nathan's qualifier, has started a youtube channel.
A hot dog eating contest at the Route 66 Summerfest in Rolla, MO was terminated yesterday after an entrant needed emergency medical attention. The fate of the competitor is currently unknown. update The Rolla Daily News facebook reports that he is currently at Barnes Hospital in St. Louis and listed in stable condition. (via Greg comment)

2017 St. Louis Nathan’s qualifier

Sophia DeVita has a travelog video

Results from facebook video
1) Erik Denmark 28
2) Brandon Clark 26.5

1W) Sophia DeVita 16
2W) Marlene Wigginton 9.75
3W) Allison 4
4W) Valerie

In the women’s contest Sophia DeVita will face Marlene Wigginton, who took a year off for pregnancy. This could leave the Naperville, IL women’s qualifier wide open if Sophia DeVita wins.

Erik Denmark is the only male entrant who has been mentioned. George Shea mentioned the controversy from his last qualifier in Washington, DC where he was accused of putting a hot dog in his pocket.

Joey Chestnut will be in attendance and serve as the judge.

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Jax Fix House in Kansas City will hold an oyster eating contest on March 25 for four person teams awarding $1000 to the winning quartet. The registration fee is $400.
Registration is now open for two Nathan's qualifiers at MLB ballparks next month: Miami Marlins (April 15) & St. Louis Cardinals April 28.
DiGregorio's Market in St. Louis will hold a spaghetti eating contest tomorrow awarding $200 to the winner.
Molly Schuyler has uploaded a video of her eating the five pound "747" burrito at Habanero's in Lee's Summit, MO in 1:37, 13 seconds faster than Matt Stonie needed to finish the Burritozilla at Iguana's Tacqueria.
The St. Louis Cardinals produced a video of the April 16 Nathan's qualifier including interviews with Matt Stonie and Mary Bowers. The video lists the contest announcer's name as "George Shey".
The McDonald's in St. Joseph, MO (Kansas City area) will offer all you can eat french fries as part of its grand reopening celebration in July.

2016 Nathan’s St. Louis qualifier

update April 19 StLouis.CBSLocal.com has an article

update Juan Rodriguez and Mary Bowers won the contest. It appears their totals were 29 and 12. Taylor Coombs now has the women’s wild card lead.

Matt Stonie appeared on Fox2Now this morning.

Juan “More Bite” Rodriguez will face Matt Cohen, Matt Raible and Andrew Kogutkiewicz in his defense of his qualifier title.

Mary Bowers will seek her first victory in qualifier with multiple women when she faces off against Taylor Coombs. Marlene Wigginton will not attempt to threepeat the women’s qualifier due to her pregnancy.

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Matt Stonie will be present at Saturday's Nathan's qualifier in St. Louis but will not compete. Juan Rodriguez will look to defend his qualifier title while wearing Chicago Blackhawks gear.
Randy Santel reports that Molly Schuyler was the first person to finish the Pointersaurus challenge at Pointer's Pizza in St. Louis by herself, a 10+ pound pizza intended for pairs. Her time was 16 minutes. Molly is the third all female group to finish the challenge; Stephanie Wu & Stephanie Torres and sisters Pam & Jennifer Cooney did it previously.
NFL quarterback Josh Freeman was a member of the quartet that won a team oyster eating contest at Jax in Kansas City last month. The team wore Real Madrid soccer jerseys.
Registration will open tomorrow at noon Central for the Nathan's qualifier at the St. Louis Cardinals ballpark on April 16.
Nathan's Famous is a sponsor for the Cardinals bobblehead promotion on April 16, so that is the probable date for the Saint Louis qualifier.
Jax Fish House in Kansas City will hold an oyster eating contest for 4 person teams on February 27 awarding $1000 to the winning quartet. The entrance fee is $400.
TheOnion.com has an article about the Kansas City Chiefs head coach titled "Andy Reid Furious At Self For Poor Clock Management At End Of 72-Oz. Steak Challenge". (via Stephanie Wu & Randy Santel)
In University City, MO today, Market Pub House will hold a ghost pepper wing challenge and Racanelli's will hold a pizza eating contest. Both competitions will award Rams tickets.
Yasir Salem had the fastest time in the Tour de Donut in Staunton, IL on July 11 after receiving a time deduction of 250 minutes for eating 50 donuts while bicycling. His unadjusted time was 2:33 for the 32 mile course. (via Bucks County Courier)
Shaun Butterworth ate 18 bunless hot dogs in 5 minutes to win today's amateur eating contest at the St. Jo Frontier Casino in St. Joseph, MO.
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