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Three random Oklahoma City eating challenges
big burger Paw Paw's Big Burger Challenge Paw Paw's Hamburgers Chickasha, OK customer chooses number of patties, must have at least 5
7 lb. sandwich Big Fat Ugly Challenge Fat Sandwich Company Champaign, IL also Norman, OK & Madison, WI sites contains 2 rolls, 4 cheeseburgers, a double cheesesteak, a chicken cheesesteak, gyro meat, grilled chicken, bacon, sausage, moz. sticks, chicken fingers, chicken nuggets, mac n cheese bites, fried mushrooms & more
3 lb. burger Jumbo Big Ed Burger Big Ed's Burgers Oklahoma City, OK last remaining site of former chain, also have 1 & 2 lb. burgers
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Sonya Thomas wins Oklahoma Okra contest

(From newsok.com & IFOCE.com)

1. Sonya Thomas, 9.75 lb.
2. Pat Bertoletti, 9.5 lb.
3. Erik “the Red” Denmark, 5 lb.
4. Miles Karpe 4.5 lb.
5. Jason McCormack 2 lb.

Tim Janus & Larry McNeil missed the contest due to bad East Coast weather

Updated 9/17 5:03 pm newsok.com has an article & gallery of the contest. The article links to beautifulbrian.com for the video of Pat Bertoletti’s ice cream record. The okra was in bite sized chunks, which probably plays to Sonya’s strengths since a lot of chewing was not required.

Updated 9/18 9:05 am Lahunta has some pictures, a video and a contest report in her myspace blog

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Expected fried okra / pulled pork / Knoxville Krystal entrants

The OK Gazette reports that Patrick Bertoletti, Tim Janus and Larry McNeil are expected at the goldenpalace.net Fried Okra Eating Championship at the Oklahoma State Fair.

The Reader reports that Joey Chestnut, Chip Simpson and defending champion Rich LeFevre are expected at the World Pulled Pork-Eating Contest at Harrah’s Horseshoe Casino in Council Bluffs, Iowa.

zerobxu will also compete in the pulled pork contest. zerobxu competed in the kolache eating contest and has a blog entry and gallery about that contest.

KrystalSquareOff lists Pat Bertoletti, Juris Shibayama, Arturo Rios, Larry McNeil as expected competitors in the Knoxville qualifier.

Updated 9/15 4:28 pm (Thanks Brian Cooley) The U of Tenn student paper has an article about the Knoxville qualifier. Pat Bertoletti says he hopes to break 60.

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September 17-18 contest results

September 17 GoldenPalace.com grilled cheese qualifier, Oklahoma State Fair, Oklahoma City

From newsok.com: (video available and registration required)

  1. Crazy Legs Conti, NYC, 17.5 sandwiches
  2. Ryan Delano, Oklahoma City,17 sandwiches
  3. Levi Oliver, Austin, TX 14 sandwiches

September 18 Krystal Square Off, Gwinnett County Fair, North Atlanta, GA

From ajc.com:

  1. Tim “Eater X” Janus, NYC, 39 Krystals
  2. Loren “Bubba” Yarbrough, 27 Krystals
  3. Shaun Kessler, 26 Krystals

September 18 GoldenPalace.com grilled cheese qualifier, Salt Lake City, UT
(updated 9/19 10:51 pm) (from ifoce.com and bigbrian.org) Ron Koch wins with 18.5 sandwiches. (No other finishers are listed) “Big” Brian Subich misses the contest due to a missed connecting flight in Phoenix.

I have been unable to find an article about the contest in the Salt Lake City papers, but I have found a polygamy news section

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